The X-Factor 3- The Chairs Of Doom, Episode 3- Live Blog and Discussion

Join me here at 8PM EST for some twerking. Or singing. I forget what this show is about.

We’re starting with the boys tonight. Major drama ahead. Be warned.

1) Al Calderon- Call Me Maybe
Sings Happy Birthday at his restaurant. Weak vocal. Poor beginning. Odd song choice. They definitely remixed this song to try and make it sound like a boy’s song. As the song picks up, he starts to get more in the pocket. He does have the benefit of being the first singer, which means he’s basically guaranteed at least a temporary seat. Kelly calls him on his shaky start. Demi says he had a great energy, but it might be too much, and says he was pitchy, but says it was a great performance. Simon says he’s not the best singer in the competition, but has a lot of charisma and energy. Paulina loves his look and stage presence, but wonders if he is unique enough to be a solo male artist. Al is taking a seat (for now at least). I have a feeling he’ll lose it by the end of the episode.

2) Isaiah Alston- The Greatest Love Of All
He has a huge family. He sings mostly at church. He’s a little flat in the beginning. This is awful. I wouldn’t even let him warm a seat. When he stands up it gets a little better. But the beginning? Simon is covering his ears. lol. What a bizarre song choice for a contemporary male artist. This is all over the place. I’d vote no, even though there are three open seats. That’s how bad I thought it was. Kelly says he looks adorable, and says he wasn’t on the level of his audition. Demi says he’s not ready for the competition. Simon says the song didn’t work, old fashioned, out of tune. Paulina says he has a powerful voice in a small package, but is he special enough? Isaiah says God gave him a gift to share with the world. The crowd seems to oddly like him, but Paulina is sending him home. He was so bad, he’s not even sitting in an empty seat.

3) Issac Tauefa- Bubbly
Former football player. Why is every guy doing a song originally done by a girl tonight? Issac is good until he tries to do a run, and he doesn’t nail the high note. I think he can sit down… for now, but he’s just a placeholder. Kelly says he’s karaoke, and looks uncomfortable. Simon was disappointed. Paulina thinks he has a great voice, but she also agrees with Kelly and Simon. Paulina is sending him home. Wow. Paulina does not mess around.

4) Carlos Guevara- Ain’t No Sunshine
He’s the kid that has tourettes. Best vocal of the night, easily. This kid is definitely getting a spot. I’m not sure he’s a star, but he’s definitely deserving of a seat right now. He’s not comfortable on stage, which will hurt him in the long run. Kelly says he nailed it. Simon likes the tone in his voice, but says he loses control sometimes. Simon loves his story too. Paulina says he has a vocally unique sound. Paulina tells him to take a seat.

5) Stone Martin- Torn
I didn’t think this kid was ready for this when he auditioned. He loves One Direction. LOL. He should be in a boyband, not a solo act. The sad thing is I think girls might vote for him. I like this better than his audition, vocally. Performance wise, he needs help. Also, what a bizarre song choice for a 14 year old boy. Someone needs to explain to him what that song is about. Demi thought it was better than his audition. Paulina tells him to take a seat.

6) Chase Goehring- Airplanes
He sang an original in his audition. He also goes to Sonic with his family. He sings/raps. I think this kid needs some charisma, but I like the fact he’s actually fairly relevant. He performs a current song, it suits him well. Kelly says she prefers originals for him. Demi calls it unnatural. Simon wishes he’d never heard it. I don’t know why they’re hating on him. He’s the most current boy that’s performed. Aren’t you looking for a pop star? Paulina lets Chase take a seat. I have a feeling that’s short lived.

7) Tim Olstad- The Climb
He plays a bit of piano. Oh lord. This song? He’s a good singer, but is he a pop star? He’s arguably the best male singer (at least in his category). I’d swap him for Al Calderon. I don’t know if Paulina needs BOTH Tim and Carlos. Kelly can hear him on the radio. She says it was a wonderful moment. Demi doesn’t think he can be let go. Simon asks him who he looks up to. He thinks he appeals to people much older than him. Paulina doesn’t know if it’s special enough. Paulina is giving him a seat. I have a feeling Chase is gone, but Al wasn’t good enough. The audience seems to want Chase gone. Paulina is letting Stone go. That’s a surprise.

8) Carlito Olivero-Dreaming Of You Tonight
Works at a coffee shop. He could be a pop star with the right coaching. He’s doing a Selena song? Were the boys legally prohibited from doing songs sung by male artists tonight? At least Airplanes is rapped by a dude, and Ain’t No Sunshine is Bill Withers. But everything else? Come on guys. The vocals are good, not amazing. He deserves to tell Al Calderon to stand up. Kelly says he’s making the girls dream. Kelly loves his humility, but thought the vocal was shaky. Simon thought his audition was better, and he was more relevant. Simon also likes that he embraced his spanish roots here, and says there’s great potenial with him. Paulina loves his attitude. I have a feeling Chase is gone. Paulina is keeping Carlito. The boy going home is: Chase Goehring.

9) Timmy Thames- New Girl In Town
He wants to provide for his family, that lives in a mobile home park. The audience seems to love him. They clap along. He has a thin voice, but he’s on pitch. He’s more current than some of the boys sitting down. Kelly thinks he’s cute, but liked his audition better than his performance today. Demi wasn’t blown away. Simon says Timmy is the one he’d remember, and thinks it’s crazy that Timmy would leave the competition. Simon says he’s the one. I’d cut Al Calderon. Timmy in in the final four. Paulina is cutting Tim Olstad. WOW. Kelly is shocked. The audience is booing. Crazy booing. What will Paulina do? The flash forward preview promises some serious drama ahead. Al Calderon has to go. Come on now.

We return to the audience booing Paulina, and she says that she doesn’t care what the audience thinks, but she wants Tim back. LOL. Tim is blown away. Please cut Al Calderon. Call Me Maybe? Really? I see lots of 1’s and 4’s, and some 3’s. Seems like Carlos is the most save at this moment. Paulina is cutting Al Calderon. The audience is now gently booing her, but they seem happy that Tim is back at least.

10) Josh Levi- I Can’t Make You Love Me
Josh, who was on Friday Night Lights, is up next. Terrible song choice. He should have gone more current. It turns into a remixed version, and he dances a bit. It seems really desperate. I think he’s still got potential. I fully believe Tim and Carlos are NOT popstars. And while Paulina can’t cut Tim again, and there’s no way that Carlos (I have tourettes) is going home, it mean Josh is taking either Timmy or Carlito’s seat. Demi says they can’t let him go. Simon thinks the song was wrong, but they’re looking at a future star. Paulina says it was perfect. I think Timmy is gone. Simon was the only one who liked him. Josh is in the final four. I see a lot of 3’s being held up. Paulina can’t even bother to say Timmy’s last name right as she sends him home.

FINAL FOUR BOYS: Tim Olstad, Carlos Guevera, Josh Levi, and Carlito Olivero. Tim and Carlito are crying.

The groups are next!

1) Girls United- Tonight is The Night
Simon wasn’t impressed with their audition. Three very pretty girls, who can sort of sing, but have charisma, and can perform and dance. The audience seems to enjoy them. These are three girls who worked really hard to get here, with only mediocre talent. Kelly thinks they have a good look, and loves that they are finally doing harmonies. Demi thinks it was a little young, but thinks they’ve grown a lot. Simon thinks they are well rehearsed, but he’s heard better vocally, yet he thinks they are commercial. Demi starts a “keep them” chant. Simon is keeping them.

2) Wild Thingz- Party Rock Anthem
Simon called them Beavis and Butthead. They want to be like Jay Z. They are incredibly annoying. The one kid is wearing nail polish. They run all over the stage. Full coverage. I’m pretty certain the kid said Cock, and they edited it out. If Vote For The Worst was still around, they’d be rooting for these kids. That was batshit crazy. The audience didn’t hate it. Kelly says they’re running a marathon. Paulina liked it. Demi wonders if they can stand still. Simon doesn’t think it’s music, he thinks its comedy. Simon thinks a 3 year old would like them. Paulina says she’d keep them. Simon is keeping them.

3) Glamour- Cups (When I’m Gone)
Three best friends from Georgia. They sang the national anthem for their audition. It’s Cups… if The Supremes were around to cover it. Bizarre arrangement. Shaky vocals. I don’t think they’re current. I think this arrangement just killed them. Demi doesn’t think they’re ready. Simon thinks their first audition was really good, but didn’t like this. Simon tells them to take a seat.

4) Restless Road- Love Somebody Like You
Three solo artists who are country singers, and were put together. I didn’t think there was anything special about these guys as solo artists. Simon was right. This is really cool. These boys all need some training though, because the solo parts are weak. They do best when harmonizing. Kelly is standing up and dancing. They get a standing O from all four judges. I think that’s a first this season (at this stage). Kelly says it was a brilliant idea. Demi got chills and says Simon is a genius for putting them together. They’re taking a seat.

All four seats are currently filled, but six groups perform tomorrow night.

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