Survivor Blood Vs. Water Week 4 Discussion and Recap *Updated with Videos and Poll*

Another busy Wednesday night. Thanks for stopping by for the recap and discussion of what is turning into an entertaining season.

It’s Husband vs. Wife at the Redemption Island dual (Marissa is also there but who really cares for her). Based on previews Candice will also go off on Culpepper so that should be interesting.

I will be back later with my recap and as always feel free to discuss the show below!


Time for another big episode of Survivor in what is turning into a great season of Survivor. We get the recap of the season so far with John being voted out at the last Tribal Council.

John walks into Redemption Island to the shocked reaction of his wife. John is unsure of what happened since he thought he could have trusted Culpepper. Back at Tadhana Culpepper is talking about how John was a horrible liar and how he hooked John in with trust.

Caleb is worried that not having a loved one on the other side will hurt his game since he has no connection.

As the Redemption Island players walk in Candice instantly gives Brad Culpepper the finger and says she was hoping to face someone that she hated and who Marissa and herself could work together to beat. Someone like Brad Culpepper.

There is a stare down between Candice and Culpepper which is kinda awkward. It turns into a shouting match between Monica and Candice while Culpepper sneaks in how it was a tribe decision. John gets in that every person voted out has been Brad’s decision and people should think twice because trusting him.

Culpepper follows this up by saying one of the worst things you can say on Survivor: “You made a mistake trusting me.” Total boneheaded thing to say at a point in the game where trust really needs to be built.

The Redemption Island challenge has the players walking a bridge while bring a key through ropes. They will unlock a bag of puzzle pieces and must put together a puzzle to stay alive. First two stay alive while the loser is the next person is eliminated.

John and Marissa get the puzzle pieces and get started as Candice catches up. John is pulling away while Candice is taking it nice and slow.  Culpepper takes the time to give some puzzle advise to John which he uses and finishes the puzzle first.

Marissa is falling apart as Candice is close to finishing with her slow approach. She finishes to stay alive while Marissa is out of the game. She gets to burn her buff as John gets to give a clue to any player. Candice tells him to give it to Monica so they can put a target on her back. Culpepper tells Monica to burn the clue which Monica does and seems to impress Aras. Jeff is amazed that someone actually burnt the clue.

Monica says she doesn’t think she needs the clue so why keep it but she is worried that every player who leaves continues to target her husband.

We get some more Redemption Island footage since John and Candice basically get to have a vacation there just hanging out.

Over at Galang Monica is upset that Culpepper keeps getting all the attention on the other side. She says that she will be surprised if her husband makes the merge since he is so strong.  Gervase counters that she may just not be aware of the fact that her husband is a ruthless player in Survivor. He says kudos for Brad for playing the game but someone is running the show and it appears to be Brad. He does also give her props for keeping her cool for so long when her husband was being attacked.

Back at Tadhana they are discussing how Culpepper gets all the blame for what happens. Culpepper is thinking of targeting Caleb since his connection is gone from the game and it might take some heat off him.

Unknown to Brad is the fact that Caleb, Hayden, and Vytas are forming a solid three person alliance and planning on only keeping Brad until the merge to take heat off them.

The biggest thing I notice about Tadhana is that they are always planning who goes next rather than planning to actually win a challenge. I don’t think the loser mentality is benefitting them at all.

Tyson is playing up the hurt shoulder a little to do less work at camp. We are also treated to Gervase and Tyson’s agreement to open coconuts a different way to drink them without sharing with the rest of the tribe. They are punching holes into them instead of cutting them open. The plan is a good one until Laura B. finds them and brings them back. Gervase is worried their cover was blown and they would need to explain when Monica says it must have been crabs which overjoys Gervase as he jumps on that idea.

It seems like Gervase and Tyson are building a strong alliance since they both lost their loved one and Aras still has Vytas who could be a tough duo if they rejoin together at the merge.

It is time for the Immunity Challenge and it looks like a water challenge. Teams will need to paddle out to get five crates and bring them back to shore. They will then need to build a staircase and two members will climb up to solve a puzzle which will reveal the location of key to free a tribe flag and win. The winning tribe stays alive and gets a reward of Tea and Coffee with assorted baked goods or they can trade for fishing gear. Losers go to Tribal Council who someone will go to Redemption Island.

Tyson opts to compete with his shoulder so Tina and Kat sit out. Tadhana jumps out to an early lead since Galang can’t paddle straight.

Hayden jumps in and gets the first crate for Tadhana. Laura quickly gets the first for Galang as Culpepper score two crates for Tadhana.

Culpepper jumps again for Tadhana and gets the third as Galang gets their second. Laura B is exceling at this challenge as she gets another for Galang.

Culpepper gets the fifth crate for Tadhana as Laura jumps in to get Galang’s fifth. But Tadhana dumps out two crates as Galang takes the lead. Both tribes are working on the staircases as the sides must spell out Blood forces water.

Tadhana finishes the stairs first but Galang is right behind so it is virtually a tie as Laura and Tyson take on Vytas and Ciera at the puzzle. Galang is exceling at the puzzle again as Tadhana is falling behind. Galang finishes the puzzle and uses the key to raise the flag to win the flag.

Laura is having trouble with beating her daughter but knows there is a tribe that needs her to excel. She knew she could beat Ciera but is now worried Ciera will go home. I am really regretting picking Ciera to win the season.

Hayden is feeling bad since they are clearly the stronger team but they lost today to a one armed guy and three moms. Back at camp the regular ritual of the guys going to get water to plan who goes home while the girls wait and try to figure out a way to stay alive starts. But this time Culpepper decides to stick behind and to tell the girls that he will vote for Caleb. He tells the girls that he has never lied to them and that is his plan.

Caleb is worried since Brad just turned on John and since Culpepper didn’t follow right away Caleb knows he was working something and is not sure he can trust him but he does trust that Hayden and Vytas have his back.

At Tribal Council Culpepper points out how bad Ciera played at the puzzles. Ciera says she will not throw in the towel and bitch about the challenge. Brad then says that sometimes you need to think about doing something to not get heat at Redemption Island since he is getting all the heat and the returning players are getting the wrong idea about his game play.

Jeff then asks him if he is saying they should vote out someone who doesn’t have a loved one on the other side he thinks about it and I think he is finally smarting up to how to talk in the game. He then destroys that by saying that yes it would be best to remove someone with no connection. Since Caleb is the only one who fits that bill at the moment this makes him think.

Caleb says that he now has a bad taste in his mouth especially coming off the last blindside. He loves a blindside but doesn’t want to be the victim of one. He calls Culpepper for campaigning against him but Culpepper says there was only conversations. Once again Culpepper is horrible at talking at Tribal.

Jeff asks Caleb how the tribe can get his trust back and he says he trusts Vytas and Hayden but feels that Brad is on the fence. He then drops the huge bomb that he will be voting for Brad and tells the girls to do whatever they need to do.

Caleb lays it all down and everything seems confused and unsure of what to do. Brad tells Caleb that he will not be writing down Caleb’s name. Caleb is dedicated to voting out Brad and the line is drawn in the sand as it is time to vote.

Caleb does indeed vote for Brad while Brad votes for Ciera. Hayden seems to take the longest to decide. As the votes are revealed we get a tie at 3 between Brad and Ciera. That brings it to a revote for everyone but Brad and Ciera. They can only vote for Brad or Ciera.

In the second vote Caleb and Katie stick with Brad while Hayden starts Ciera and crosses it out as he takes forever again to vote. Finally he decides and it is the moment of truth again.

In the second vote Brad is voted out 3 votes to 1 as Vytas switched votes. Brad says he is not mad about the move and knows he played it badly so he holds nothing against anyone as he heads to hang out with Candice and John. That should be fun for everyone.

I was worried about the Blood vs. Water twist before the season but the way it has all played out has been amazing. That Tribal was crazy. Usually crazy Tribals involve hidden immunities but this was done by Caleb feeling threatened by Brad and his horrible answers to Jeff’s questions. It’s the perfect example of how talking too much can kill your game. They are still a strong tribe over all so if they can get the mental aspects of challenges down they might actually win one.

I am really looking forward to the Redemption Island duel next week.

And Next Week Caleb seems to be getting a big head after his big move and at the duel Monica looks to be willing to switch with Brad which would put him with Galang and seems to really worry Tadhana. I cannot wait to see what happens.