X-Factor 3- The Chairs Of Death- Live Blog and Discussion

Join me tonight for THE CHAIRS PART 1. X-Factor. Now.


“I was literally born to do this.”

Really? You were manufactured for the sole purpose of competing on a reality show? That’s amazingly specific.

First category: Over 25’s.

1) Victoria Carriger- To Make You Feel My Love
She’s the single mom of 8 kids. She’s struggling. I remember her having terrible diction in her initial audition, but an interesting tone. Can she overcome the diction? Will she get a chair… and keep it? I like this more than her audition, actually. It’s a little much, in parts, with her odd body movements. But, vocally, much better. The crowd loved it. Demi thought the energy was low, but loved the passion. Paulina was captivated. Simon wouldn’t put her through. Huge boo from the audience. Kelly disagrees with Simon. She says Victoria is ready, and Victoria takes a seat.

2) Kristine Mirelle- Oops I Did It Again
She sells chips and salsa for a living. What an oddly specific job. Simon didn’t love her audition. She does LOOK like a pop star though, at least. Kristine’s brother is crying. He knows this isn’t good enough. It’s bizarre. Off pitch. How did she make the Top 10? Her brother is SOBBING, lol. This is painful. She wouldn’t have made it past the audition with this. Kelly looks scared. Demi looks sad. This girl is getting CUT. She won’t even be keeping a seat warm. Demi says she likes Kristine’s stage presence, but thought it was pitchy. Paulina agrees with Demi, and says Kristine isn’t ready. Simon says the arrangement was confusing, but he would keep her. REALLY? WTF. Kelly keeps Kristine around (as a seat warmer, obviously).

3) Jeff Gutt- Amazing Grace
So bizarre to hear this song in his really aggressive vocal tone. That aside, this is the best vocal so far tonight. So if anyone is going to keep a chair tonight, it’ll be Jeff. Kristine should be very worried, come the 5th singer tonight. Simon thinks it was the best performance of the night. Both Kristine and Victoria look worried. LOL. Kelly is keeping him. No shock there.

“I have one more chair. UGH!” let’s be honest… Kristine is just keeping one warm at this point.

4) Rachel Potter
My Orlando girl, who has a MASSIVE background she refuses to talk about, is up next. Youtube her trio “Animazement”. She does a killer Pocahontas. Wow. She’s not doing a country song, but it actually sounds country. A few pitch problems during the chorus. This sounds more country than her audition did. That scream… and her coming out of it? Damn. That wasn’t good. Rachel says she was sick (and gets booed by the audience). Demi thinks she is better than that, but it was rough. Simon thinks it was a brave choice. Kelly thought Rachel would blow everyone away today. Demi tells Kelly not to send her home. Kelly keeps Rachel.

5) Lorie Moore- I’ll Make Love To You
Lorie Moore is a retired football player, and is also probably the reason Kristine will lose her seat. It’s very old fashioned. It’s not mind blowingly amazing, but the vocals are better than Kristine or Rachel’s. Those two girls should be worried. Demi felt the passion and felt like Lorie was fighting for the chair, but she doesn’t think Lorie is a superstar. Paulina doesn’t know where Lorie fits in the music industry. Simon says “if you’re good you’re good.” He didn’t like the version of the song, but thinks Lorie can really sing. Kelly says she loves Lorie’s voice. Kelly isn’t sure if she’s ready for the competition. Lorie tells Kelly that she’s ready for hard work, and thinks it beats a cutesie image, and makes no excuses. She literally attacks both Kristine and Rachel, knowing they are vulnerable. Kelly respects her, and says she’s getting a seat. Who is losing their seat? Kelly sends home Kristine Mirelle. Lorie Moore takes her seat.

6) Allison Davis- Tik Tok
She actually got a no from Simon on her audition. She’s actually getting booed from the audience. She’s awful. The whole thing is off pitch. She stole someone’s Top 10 spot. Demi says she can’t take her seriously. Simon calls her a wannabe, and tells her she’s lazy, predictable, and annoying. Kelly says she has to be authentic. Allison tells Kelly her first concert was Destiny’s Child, Kelly is still sending Allison home.

7) Jeff Brinkman- Without You
Stripped down version. He has a cool voice, kinda. His mom is SOBBING. LOL. He has no stage presence, this isn’t a star. This is karaoke. I’d cut him, and keep the four in the chairs. Totally forgettable. If he did that in a voting round, I’m not sure he’d go through. Demi says it was the wrong song. She was bored. Simon says it was a ridiculous song choice, but thinks Jeff has a great voice. Kelly says remember the first time they heard him sing. Will that be enough? Who would lose their seat? Rachel? Victoria? Lorie? Kelly is giving him a seat. Oh shit. Everyone is holding up a 4. Everyone wants Rachel gone. She’s a better singer, but her song choice was terrible. Kelly is sending home Victoria Carriger. Simon is SHOCKED. lol. Rachel Potter survives.

8) Denny Smith- Wait Till The Midnight Hour
Santa Claus! He’s got a tremendous voice, but is he a pop star? He’s a pastor. He’s been pursuing his dream for 55 years. Not the right song choice. He comes off a bit as a joke contestant, like the cute grandpa who sings at family reunions. Not a recording star. He should have done something like Georgia On My Mind. He shouldn’t take a seat, but who knows what’ll happen. Kelly has made some silly choices tonight. Paulina says she loves him. Simon says Santa just rocked the house. Simon asks if Kelly is going to send Santa Claus home? Denny says he’s the hardest worker here. Kelly is sending Denny home. The audience is booing her, but it’s the right choice. He’s a likable guy, but he can’t win.

9) James Kenney- Lean On Me
James compares this to the Hunger Games. lol. It feels like that, a little bit. Best vocal of the night so far? Yup. That’s not saying a lot, but he manages to leap frog the four people in the chairs. Someone is giving up a chair. I’m gonna bet Brinkman gives up his chair. Is Kelly really gonna put through 3 boys? Nope. Paulina says she was into it. Simon thinks he couldn’t have done anything else, and gives him his total respect. Kelly is keeping James. Everyone is holding up 4’s in the audience. They HATE Rachel Potter. lol. Everyone screams when her name is called. Kelly says “Oh My God.” Kelly is sending home Jeff Brinkman, the audience is shocked. Rachel Potter survives again. Brinkman’s mom is crying, so hard. It’s like someone died.

10) Lillie McCloud- A House Is Not A Home
She’s definitely taking a seat. Best vocal of the night. Beautiful. She’s a contender. Demi calls her a superstar, without even singing. She’s honored just to be on the panel for Lillie. lol. Paulina thanks Lillie, and says she’s a goddess. Simon says he loves Lillie. Simon says Lillie is a star and has the X-Factor. Rachel looks terrified. lol. I think Lorie is going home. Kelly says she trusts her gut, and she’s sending home Lorie Moore. Lorie looks pissed. Rachel Potter survives! WOW. The audience is booing Kelly. Even Paulina comments on how lucky Rachel is.

Up next… the girls and Demi Lovato.

1) Bree Randall- Glad You Came
She was LITERALLY born to do this. LITERALLY. Demi doesn’t look happy already. It’s flat. The vocals… not good enough. I wouldn’t have chosen this song. Most of the song isn’t on pitch. I wouldn’t even bother letting her warm a chair. I’d just cut her. Kelly says there was no growth. Paulina agrees. Simon thought Bree looks good, but her voice wasn’t good enough. He calls her forgettable. Demi says there can only be one winner, and she doesn’t think Bree can beat any of the Over 25’s. Bree says her emotions got the best of her. She was LITERALLY BORN TO DO THIS. I don’t think that word means what she thinks it means. Demi says she has a lot of work to do, but she’s going to give her a seat. Mainly because all four chairs are currently empty. lol.

2) Khaya Cohen- Locked Out Of Heaven
Well, it didn’t take much, but this is the best “girl” so far. LOL. Bree looks worried, like Khaya is going to take her seat… even though there are 3 empty chairs. lol. Khaya gets a little screechy, but she’s really talented. Demi just needs to work with her. She could really do something with this girl. Kelly tells her she has incredible instinct. Simon says there are producers who want to work with her right now. He says she has massive potential. Demi says the entire competition needs to watch out for her. Kelly says it’s not a difficult question, lol. Demi tells Khaya to take a seat.

3) Jamie Pineda- Don’t Speak
She has 8 brothers and sisters. She sings for old people in wheelchairs who can’t get away. lol. That was unfair. She’s not bad. She’s just not a star. Compare it to Gwen Stefani, and you’re reminded that this girl is not ready. She does a little bit in Spanish. Girl, Paulina isn’t your judge. That won’t work on Demi. lol. Still, 2 chairs are open. Kelly says she sometimes looks a little uncomfortable, but she loves her voice, and loved the Spanish. Simon says there’s nothing special about her voice in English, but thinks she sounds good in Spanish. Demi is impressed by her crossover, and thinks she looks like a star. Jamie is getting a seat.

4) Ashly Williams- I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing
Her mother was murdered. Ashly had a good audition. She got to sing the entire I Will Always Love You song. I think people are rooting for this girl. I hope she’s good. Terrible song choice. I like this girl, for the most part. A few bum notes, but better than Bree and Jamie (and Rachel Potter). She deserves a chair (and to keep it for a while). Kelly tells her that she’s so talented. Paulina tells her music is for her. Simon tells Ashly that he loved her first audition. Simon didn’t like the song, and says there were some tuning issues. He thinks there are better singers in the competition. Wow. There were better singers than Kristine, but you would have kept her? Pfft. Demi says Ashly can take a seat.

Demi has all 4 seats filled. Tomorrow night, Demi will finish her seats off. Who will stay? Who will go home?

Thanks for joining me here tonight. I loved blogging this. Bizarre format. Join me tomorrow!

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