X-Factor 2/The Voice 3- SirMac’s final Power Lists

I literally couldn’t think of anything shorter to write about than doing a column entirely on The Voice’s power rankings. It’s so obvious who is going to win, it’s not even fun to write about. At least with The X-Factor, Carly and Tate have both hit #1, and since no rankings were revealed this week, there’s at least a sense of mystery about who will take home the prize. But, let’s get The Voice out of the way, shall we?

3) Terry McDermott– He’s a very nice guy. He seems like he’s a really great dad, and he should be very proud that he made it this far. That being said, there’s a greater chance of the Mayan Apocalypse happening than there is of Terry winning The Voice. He basically stole the finale spot from Amanda, who at least would have given Cassadee a run for her money. Chance of Winning: 1%

2) Nicholas David– There’s a slightly greater chance for Nicholas to “upset” this competition and take home the prize. America could very well embrace the insanity and choose Nicholas over Cassadee because of the quirk factor. However, if this finale was Amanda involved, Nicholas wouldn’t even register on the radar. Chance of Winning: 14%

1) Cassadee Pope– The Voice is looking at finally churning out a winner who is commercially viable and is actually topping the Itunes chart. I’m not sure if Jermaine Paul’s album will ever actually come out. At this point, he’ll be lucky to move 10K in his first week, and chart in the top 200, let alone the top 20. Cassadee has been proving herself constantly with the Itunes chart, and shoved down our throats by the producers and Blake. This really is the easiest finale since Jordin vs Blake. Chance of Winning: 85%

And now on to the X-Factor:

3) Fifth Harmony- It’s cute that they made the finals. It’ll give Simon an excuse to sign them along with Emblem3, and the two groups can tour together and stuff. It’s also very true that Fifth Harmony is peaking at the right time. However, I would say Emblem3 was an easy target to eliminate as they were 3rd previously, and didn’t really have a stellar week last week. Did anyone REALLY love their cover of Hey Jude? Still, there’s a chance that they are the ultimate dark horse, but I think it’s a relatively small one considering this whole competition has been dominated by Tate and Carly. Chance of Winning: 10%

2) Carly Rose Sonenclair- Yup. I’m predicting a Tate Stevens win. Here’s why: Carly has proven she’s a great vocalist, but she hasn’t proven herself as a viable artist. What kind of record would she make? What other artists is she like? What would her voice do on an uptempo song? Is she R&B or is she Pop? Carly hasn’t had to answer any of those questions because the judges have lapped praise upon her simply for staying on pitch in every song. However, those weeks at #1 can’t be ignored. She can still win this thing, I’m just betting she won’t. Chance of Winning: 30%

1) Tate Stevens– He’s endearing when he stands on stage and cries over missing his wife. He’s played as being literally the nicest guy on the face of the planet. He used to lay concrete for a living, and he’s trying to support his family by winning this competition. On top of that, yes, he is a White Guy With Guitar, and yes he does have a few extra votes coming from VFTW. But really, it’s the fact that he’s proven exactly what kind of album he’ll make, and the fact that he’s 100% ready to go and doesn’t need any further coaching to get there. In six months time, he’ll top the country charts. Believe that. Carly put up a strong fight, but she doesn’t have a wife and kids to mention every chance she gets. Tate has been given an exceptional storyline and edit by the producers, and it will absolutely carry him across the finish line. Chance of Winning: 60%

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