World of Dance 4 Qualifiers 4 Recap and Live Blog (VIDEO)

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Welcome back to another episode of World of Dance. Tonight, the qualifiers conclude as the final acts step up to the plate hoping to dance their way to the duels. Judges Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough will decide who makes it, who doesn’t, and who has to dance again with a callback.

Speaking of, next week will be our callback episode featuring all the acts that were told to prove they belong in the competition. Remember, this season, the duels will be done blind for the contestants, and they could be facing anyone from any category. It’s time to stand out not only in your division but overall. Who will impress tonight? Let’s find out…

First up tonight is Geometrie Variable, a tutting crew from France with the upper division. Three ordinary guys who gave up the day to day work they were doing to chase their dreams of dancing. The leader of the group told his wife to give him two years to see if this works out. Tutting is a very hard thing to do on a reality show. It is hand and arm movements, which on the surface, doesn’t sound very thrilling. But you watch and are mesmerized when it is done properly. The music choice really helped to add dimensions to the routine and while I have seen better tutting before, this was different and unique enough for me to want to see more.

Jennifer says it looks tiring. She calls it interesting. Ne-Yo calls it cinematic. They show the judges how to properly do a move. Jennifer felt the song was coming through in the movement. Derek loved that the whole routine was based around creating shapes and visuals. Ne-Yo says yes. Derek also says yes. As does Jennifer. They make it to the duels.

Up next are the Gigabots, a popping crew from the junior division. This crew is made up of two former crews who appeared on the show. They came together to bring real street dance to the stage. Very entertaining and fun to watch. I would caution this group to tighten things up if they move forward. At times, a little on the messy side. They have the talent and the ideas to put together something special but perhaps they haven’t been dancing together long enough to really find a chemistry yet. This is a tricky one.

Derek says it was so much fun. Jennifer enjoyed the stand out moments. Ne-Yo says they hit hard but they groove too. He wants it to be slightly stronger. Jennifer agrees and doesn’t think they are strong as last season. She says no. Ne-Yo gives them a callback. Derek, as the deciding vote, says no. So, it is a NO for the gigabots.

Maddy Penney is next. She is a ballet dancer with the juniors. She says she isn’t like the typical ballet dancer. She isn’t quiet and is actually loud. LOL. She is trying to show the world not everything is so boring in ballet. Sweet. A contemporary ballet piece. Which takes quite the athleticism mixed with the ability to tell an emotional story. She’s good- not great. We’ve seen stronger in both categories- ballet and contemporary. But with some work and better choreography, she has a lot of potential.

Jennifer enjoyed the fusion of the styles. She warns that she needs to see more with the emotion. Ne-Yo sees a problem in that she is all technique. He also wants more emotion. Derek feels it was very safe. They call it safe emotionally. Ne-Yo gives a callback. Derek says no. Jennifer says yes. So, since majority rules, they decide to go with saying yes and Maddy is going to the duels.

CBAction are up now. They are from Argentina and are a street dance group with the upper division. One of their friends broke his knee (yesterday). During rehearsal, the injured dancer suffered a fracture. They had to rework the routine. They are frustrated and tired. Aww. They are crying as they say they will do the dance for Federico. So fun! At first, I was confused by the song choice but it totally worked. They are the kind of dancers you look forward to because you know the routine is going to be surprising and pure entertainment. They are also really strong street dancers and perhaps didn’t show enough of that off during this.

Jennifer calls it funny and entertaining. Derek didn’t like the song but loved what they did with the song. Ne-Yo says they wouldn’t have known about the last minute changes had the group not said it. Jennifer warns that they are going to be competing against very tough dancers. Ne-Yo gives them a callback. Derek says callback as well. So, CBAction will be back with a callback.

Next are The Difference, and we get very little of their audition. Just about nothing. They get a callback. Jennifer notes she got five callbacks for Selena. Another group, Itty Bitty Crew gets told to come back next season. Again, we see next to nothing of the actual audition. Amari Smith auditions next and is also given a no. We continue with this racing past the auditions montage with Pumpfidence (yes, that’s the name) and they also are told to come back- with lower shoes. But it isn’t a no. They get a callback instead. Willis, a young dancer gets to perform with Ne-Yo before they tell him he isn’t ready for the show.

Project 21 are out next and we get to see a little bit more from them. They have some interesting steps as they fuse a few styles together. They have more maturity and technique than their ages. Ne-Yo loved the contrast between soft and strong. Jennifer enjoyed the energy but isn’t sure about the choreography. The judges give them a callback. They want to see a stronger routine.

Kurtis Sprung is up now, a contemporary dancer with the uppers. He grew up in a very small town. LOL. His town didn’t get cell phone service until he was 18. Growing up as a male dancer was not very good for him- he was bullied a whole lot. Wow. He would actually get choked out until he passed out the bus. He says dance was the escape from the bullying. VERY GOOD. He reminds me of Michael Dameski from a couple of seasons ago. Now he isn’t as talented as Michael but he has that same fire in his contemporary dancing that draws you in. Very strong dancer with lots of technical merit. A solid audition.

Derek calls it beautiful. He says the dancing is kind of awkward in a good way. He has some circus background. Derek wants to be more drawn in. Jennifer tells him he’s amazing but cutting himself short in some of the movements. They tell him to get out of his head. Ne-Yo agrees. He wants to feel it more when Kurtis dances. Okay- the judges are being a little hard on him. Ne-Yo gives him a yes. Jennifer says callback. Derek, on the fence, gives him a……….. COMMERCIAL. DUN DUN DUN. And we are back. So, what’s the answer? Kurtis gets a yes. Because of course. Clever commercial edition show.

The CALLBACKS are next. Host Scott Evans welcome all the callback audition people. Jennifer wants to see how everyone improved and stepped up. There are TEN ACTS and only FOUR spots available. So, six of these ten acts are going home.

Up first are The Rise. They had a little slip up in the audition. They realize they need to turn it up. They want to show the judges they can do more than just hard hitting hip-hop and tricks and flips.

…but if you thought you were seeing them tonight, you are NOT. The callbacks officially begin next Tuesday. Thanks so much for watching with me and have a great week everyone. :)