World of Dance 2018 Recap – Qualifiers 8 Live Blog and Videos

WORLD OF DANCE -- "Qualifiers" -- Pictured: L&J -- (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

World of Dance season 2 Qualifiers auditions come to an end tonight. Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and NE-YO are back on the judges panel, while Jenna Dewan serves as host.

In the end, there will be only one million dollar winner. That’s right–the last act standing wins $1 million dollars.

A total of 72 acts compete this season in four age-based categories: Junior (17 years old and under, 1-4 dancers), Junior Team (17 years old and under, 5-15 dancers), Upper (18 years old and older, 1-4 dancers), and Upper Team (18 years old and older, 5-15 dancers).

The acts need 80 or above scores from the judges to advance to the Duels.

TOMORROW night (Wed July 25), it’s a NEW day and time as the two hour DUELS begin.

Victoria Caban – Junior – Flamenco – She’s a 14 year old Flamenco dancer. She gravitated to the style, because it allows her to be fierce and represent her Puerto Rican culture. She mentions the devastating hurricane that wrecked PR. If she won the money, she’d donate some to the cause. “There’s a grown woman in there!” says Jlo when she learns her age. “Your lines are exquisite.” Ne-Yo applauds her for mixing in some contemporary. Derek calls it a “Misty Copeland Flamenco.” Ne-Yo – 89 Jennifer – 93 Derek – 90 – Total – 90.7

Pursuit – Upper Team – Contemporary – The group has to struggle to make it in LA. They all have day jobs. Their style is a mixture of urban and contemporary. “It gave me goosies” says Jlo. THE RETURN OF THE GOOSIES. Ne-Yo calls it an elevated contemporary style, with the added hip-hop. Derek notes the counter rhythms, and how they can be tricky. Ne-Yo – 86 Jennifer – 89 Derek – 86 – Total – 87.0

L&J – Upper – Contemporary – This couple perform a very intricate and passionate routine. And they aren’t a couple in real life! The guy is actually gay, so… Still, he calls his partner his “soulmate.” They are obviously very close. Derek compliments them for performing “in the moment.” Ne-Yo – 94 Jennifer – 89 Derek – 88 – Total – 90.3

The Pulse – Junior Team – Ballroom – A group of clean cut kids from Orem Utah (Mormon, no doubt. Derek and Julianne grew up Mormon in Utah).  They study at a famous studio, center stage. Derek studied there as well. After their routine, Derek joins them on stage to show them a bit of technique. He thought they had both great and erratic moments. He gives them a demonstration, and they geek out. Jlo feels there is stuff they need to work on. Ne-Yo sees potential, but believes they aren’t quite there yet. Ne-Yo – 78 Jennifer – 84 Derek – 79 – Total – 80.3 They barely squeak by and are very emotional when they advance.

Avery & Marcus – Junior – Contemporary & Ballet – She grew up on a farm, he grew up on a beach in California. Marcus started out break dancing, which he definitely incorporates here. Jlo calls them “super talented, strong dancers.” But she felt their nerves. “Know how great you are,” she tells them. Ne-Yo also could feel their nerves. Derek loves their edgy fusion, song choice, and energy. The transitions were shaky, he says. Nevertheless, they receive solid scores. Ne-Yo – 85 Jennifer – 83 Derek – 84 – Total – 84.0

Funkywunks – Upper Team – Hip Hop – The members come from all walks of life. “We aren’t afraid to be ourselves,” the leader says. They perform a fun, colorful and energetic routine, full of surprises. Jlo calls them a standout. “That was dope,” says Derek. “Fun start to finish, clean,” says Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo – 89 Jennifer – 87 Derek – 85 – Total – 87.0

Ooh. We’re near the end. Here come the montages. Videos are up on the Youtube page, I’ll link them here: Iowa Girlz – Junior Team – 87.3; Dem Raider Boyz – Junior Team – 84.0; Girlcool – Junior Team – 81.7; Second to None – Junior –  82.7; Lil Killaz Crew – Junior Team – 83.0; Opus Dance Collective – Upper Team – 80.7; 3 XTreme – Junior – 83.3; Angyil – Upper – 85.3; Tribe Unleashed – Junior Team – 83.0.

Morning of Owl – Upper – Street Fusion – The trio is from South Korea. They’ve been dancing together for 18 years. In 2009, the choreographer had a knee injury and had to stop dancing. INSANE MOVES. “What am I watching right now!” says Jlo. Ne-Yo loves the incorporation of martial arts. Derek thought it started slow, but then kicked into gear. Ne-Yo – 82 Jennifer – 86 Derek – 84 – Total – 84.0

That’s it for World of Dance on Tuesdays! The competition moves to 8 pm on Wednesdays starting TOMORROW (That’s right, 3 hours of WOD this week!) And the show will move AGAIN to 9 pm when America’s Got Talent Live Results begin at 8 pm. We’ll see if the ratings stay steady with all that moving around.

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