The Masked Singer 3 Finale Results – Live Blog (Videos)

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Who will win The Masked Singer? Tonight, Night Angel, Turtle and Frog will compete for the Golden Mask. THREE celebrities will be UNMASKED including the winner. 

Ken JeongJenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon serves as host.

Nick Cannon is rocking a sparkly turban tonight. Ken enters the stage dressed as a king, complete with a crown, scepter and ermine  cape. He’s bragging that he guessed the Rhino was Barry Zito last week


Clues: He felt lost on the Masked singer stage at first because he doesn’t dance or sing. He was filled with doubt. But now, Frog loves proving himself as a rapper. 

Performance: Bad Boy for Life – Can Frog sing at all? Busting out a big ballad would be the thing to do now, but rapping and dancing may be the extent of his talent. It’s still pretty entertaining, though. There’s a doggo in the audience wearing a costume. Cute. Frog swears he’s never done choreography in his life. Now, that’s surprising. Jenny almost guesses Bow Bow. She switches to Lil Romeo. You almost had it, Jenny! Ken guesses Kid Cudi. Nicole guesses MC Hammer. Nick disagrees, noting that Hammer has been dancing all his life.


Clues: Turtle has had a ton of “almost” moments in his career, and it’s been heartbreaking. He drops a big clue, mentioning  a new Mrs Turtle. 

Performance: Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi – Turtle performs like a pop pro. He always stays on pitch even while moving around stage in a cumbersome costume. He’s down on his knees singing a passionate ballad. It’s smart song choice at this stage of the game. Nicole is crying again! She  thinks maybe Turtle is  Jesse McCartney. CORRECT. Ken guesses Nick Jonas. AGAIN NICK IS A COACH ON A DIRECT COMPETITOR THE VOICE. CONTRACT SAYS NO WAY. Jenny guesses Nick Carter.

Night Angel

Clues: She didn’t find success as a solo artist, so she turned to other businesses and built an empire. She also mentions being a mother.   

Performance: – River Deep, Mountain High by Tina Turner – I never noticed before, but her vibrato is very wobbly. She performs with energy and creative phrasing. It’s not a Tina knockoff. She adds a growl at the end for good measure. Night Angel is close to tears as she describes her insecurity st the beginning of her Masked Singer journey. Nicole guesses Taraji P. Henson. Jenny guesses Kandi Burruss and Robin agrees. He mentions her wobbly vibrato. It was so distinct.


The audience VOTES! AND IN THIRD PLACE IS THE FROG! I thought he could win! Dang. Final guesses: Ken: Kid Cudi Jenny: Lil Romeo Robin: Bow Wow Nicole: Bow Wow.

And the Frog is rapper and acBOW WOW!!!! Nick totally knew it. He decided early to emphasize his rapping skills and swagger. Bow Wow’s daughter is going to be mad that he did not win, he jokes.

Now, it’s time to announce the Golden Mask winner! The winner of this season’s Golden Mask is…Night Angel! Turtle is the Runner up! OMG. I would have predicted 3rd place for her. She’s the first woman to win the Masked Singer. And she’s the third black entertainer to win in three seasons. And there is nothing wrong with that. 

Now it’s time for the Turtle to unmask. Last guesses: Ken: Nick Jonas Nicole: Jesse McCartney Robin is changing his mind from Jesse McCartney and guessing Adam Lambert. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR EARS ROBIN. Jenny: Jesse McCartney

Turtle is pop singer and actor Jesse McCartney! He says it’s an experience he’ll never forget. Jesse reiterates his love for Robin Thicke The singer has a new single “Friends” out now.

Finally, it’s time for the Night Angel to unmask. Last guesses: Nicole: Taraji P. Henson Ken: Tisha Campbell Jenny: Kandi Burruss Robin agrees with Jenny: Kandi Burruss

Night Angel is Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss! Nick says he knew it when he heard her iconic tone. Robin is so impressed with her songwriting credits. She wrote a bunch of 90s hits such as “Bills Bills Bills” and “No Scrubs.”


Frog – Bow Wow – Third Place
Turtle – Jesse McCartney – Runner Up
Night Angel – Kandi Burruss – WINNER


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