The Voice UK 2019 Recap – The Finale Live Blog (VIDEO)

It’s the LIVE The Voice UK finale, as the four remaining singers– Deana Walmsley and Bethzienna Williams from Team Tom Jones and Jimmy Balito and Molly Hocking from Team Olly Murs-compete for the crown. Team Jennifer Hudson and Team are sitting this one out.

At stake for the winner? A Polydor Records deal. The finalists will be performing twice, starting with a new solo cover and a duet with their coach.

The show opens with a performance from all four coaches. They sing the old 60’s classic “Gimme Some Lovin” by the Spencer Davis Group. Olly’s yellow shoes! Are something. 

Jimmy Balito – Team Olly Murs – The Best by Tina Turner – Jimmy’s father passed away from cancer shortly after the Battles were filmed. Back home, Jimmy visited his local pubs where friends wished him good luck. Well, this is an odd song choice, but the arrangement suits him. His voice sounds strong tonight, however his belting interpretation is missing the passion of prior performances. “You’re the best!” gushes Olly, who reminds the audience that he didn’t even get a turn last season. Will calls him a “fantabulous” human being for having prevailed through many challenges. Tom says he was a fool to let him go in the Battles. ‘You’ve already won,” says Jennifer. 

Bethzienna Williams – Team Tom Jones – Call Out My Name by The Weeknd – Bethzienna was eliminated at the Knockouts, only to make her way back into the semis via the LifeLine vote. It’s a good song choice for her. Ooh. She smashes through a glass mirror. HOW DRAMATIC. She ends the performance smooching a male dancer. Her performances leave me cold. She hits the notes–but her theatrics overpower any real emotion. Tom was a little shocked by the breaking glass. “It was great, honestly.” Hm. His phrase is a bit faint. That’s right–she was originally on Team Jennifer. “You got your own lane, your own vibe. You should have never left the competition in the first place,” says Olly.

Deana Walmsley – Team Tom Jones –  Hometown Glory by Adele – Tom explains that the song “Falling Leaves” which Deana sang in the Knockouts, reminds him of his late wife. For a boost, Deana visited her students back home in Wales. This feels like a safe song choice, but having said that, Deana always delivers a strong performance. Her delivery is effortless. Pet peeve: Singers who replace s sounds with zzzhhhh. It’s distracting. FYI: The backward hat is back. “This girl is so fantastic, such a natural girl,” says Tom, “And she can sing!” Hm. I think Deana is Tom’s favorite. “This is the finale of all finales,” says Jennifer, “You’re a natural. In a league of your own.” Will confesses, “I teared up. I see the person that you are.” 

Molly Hocking – Team Olly – Someone You Loved by Louis Capaldi – For 18 year old Molly, it’s been hard to be away from home. Out of all the contestants, Molly is the most improved. Kudos to Olly for helping the young singer find her confidence. She was so tentative initially, now she’s hitting those big notes, delivering dynamic performances.  She masters a few high notes in her head voice as well. She’s a favorite to win. I think she’ll do it. Aw Molly is crying. “I’m just speechless to be here,” she says. Olly thanks her for auditioning  this year. “I truly believe you can win,” he says. “Ten years from now, I can’t even imagine how awesome you’ll be,” says Will. “It’s a pleasure to be able to sit here and watch true stars on this stage,” says Jennifer. “Your name will be in lights.” Hm. Probably not, Jennifer.

THE VOTE IS OPEN for folks in the UK. By phone or phone app.

Jimmy Balito and Olly Murs – All Right Now by Free – Oh wait. Olly tells Jimmy HE deserves to win. Who is it? (I think he prefers Molly, to be honest). All Right Now was a favorite of Jimmy’s late dad. It’s a fun performance. A change for Jimmy who usually performs ballads. “It’s been an absolute dream,” Olly says about coaching Jimmy. Jimmy’s drive reminds Olly of himself back in 2009 on the X Factor.

Bethzienna Williams and Tom Jones – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood by the Animals – Bethzienna has been through a lot. Tom stole her in the Battles. Then, the singer was saved by the LifeLine in the Knockouts. Tom is singing rings around Bethzienna. It’s not their first duet. They sang together after he did not turn for her in the Blinds. 

Deana Walmsley – I Believe by Frankie Laine – UGH this song choice. Yuck to the old-fashioned, corny religiosity. Tom sings modern songs. If he is at all interested in Deana winning this thing, he would have chosen a hipper song. Tom has covered plenty of cool songs. He knows what they are.  “This girl is so fantastic, easy to work with,” he says. Tom insists they couldn’t sing a love song because she’s so young. OK then. He hopes all of her fellow Liverpudlians will vote for her.

Molly Hocking – Team Olly Murs – Stars by Simply Red – Look at her. Just a kid with silver braces. And she’s probably going to win. It’s a pretty rendition. “It’s always been a dream,” says Molly. Olly says he just knew her voice could go bigger. He watched her voice grow week by week. “She deserves to win it,” he says. 

Next, it’s a montage of all the performances.  And the VOTE IS FROZEN.  A final two will be facing off against each other for the win. 

Next, The Voice UK 2018 winner, Ruti performs her new single “Racing Cars.” She competed as a member of  Team Tom last year. The song reminds me why I was a fan last year. Beautiful, ethereal pop. I like it! Her EP Racing Cars was released yesterday.

RESULTS:  The Final Four take the stage. In no particular order, Deana Walmsley will sing again! And the second and final act to sing again is…Molly Hocking! Jimmy Balito and Bethzienna Williams are ELIMINATED.

Top 2

Deana Walmsley
Molly Hocking

The Vote has REOPENED. The two will reprise a “Song of the Series.”

Dana Walmsley – Falling Leaves – It’s not my personal favorite of the season. But it’s probably a smart choice as a competition song.  She’s ditched the backwards cap like she did last week–for such a serious song. Ohh. her voice cracked a little. Deana has been my favorite in the competition, but I don’t like this turn to the old-fashioned that she’s taken. 

Molly Hocking – I’ll Never Love Again – It’s a powerful performance from Molly. She really sold that rendition. And I think we found our winner. Poor girl looks like a deer in the headlights. Such a nervous gal. 

THE VOTE IS NOW CLOSED. Oh. Did that give fans enough time to vote for Molly? Hm. 

After the break, Deana and Molly take the stage. Video packages featuring the finalists sharing their thoughts on possibly winning The Voice play first ahead of the results. And now… THE RESULTS ARE IN. The WINNER OF THE VOICE UK 2019 IS….MOLLY HOCKING! As predicted…

Molly Hocking of Team Olly Murs has WON The Voice UK 2019. Her version of “I’ll Never Love Again” will be available to download and stream after the show. 

Last year for Olly was kind of a disaster. He picked a couple of joke contestants–it was hard to take him seriously as a coach. But this year, he seems to have found his footing. He chose Molly, an 18 year old diamond in the rough who was afraid to use her voice. By the end of the series, she had come out of her shell, fearlessly belting those big notes. Congratulations to both!


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