When Teens Discover Teen Choice is Rigged Twitter Explodes

Apparently, some teens were not happy with last night’s Teen Choice Awards results–especially after they discovered that the winners are notified ahead of time. Days ahead of time. While the voting window is still open. And that in the end FOX determines the winner anyway, even after they vote their little fingers off for their favs.

Winners HAVE to be told ahead of time. The truth is, unless assured they will come away with a trophy in hand, most celebrities can’t be bothered with manufactured fan-driven awards shows.

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For instance, when FOX announced last week that Glee star, Lea Michele, had been added to the lineup, I knew she had won “Best Actress-Comedy.” It would be better publicity for Lea to go shopping at that West Hollywood Whole Foods store where the paps hang out, than to attend Teen Choice and come away empty handed.

I also understand why FOX continues the voting even after the winners have been determined  It’s good publicity for the show to keep the polls open until the very last minute. Of course, you run the risk of fans finding out and raising holy hell.

Which is exactly what happened when FOX added a slew of social media categories this year. That pissed off sixteen year old Vine star, isn’t going to keep the network’s secrets. I doubt he even has a publicist around to caution him to play it cool.

Here’s how Cameron Dallas, who had already won “Best Viner” reacted when he lost the “Web Star” category to You Tube star, Tyler Oakley. He deleted his tweets afterward. OOPS.


There’s also that little matter of the disclaimer FOX runs during the credits, which a pissed off Dallas fan helpfully screen grabbed for her followers.

Most of us who have been watching these awards for years are hardly surprised. But, oh, the innocence lost! Will teens ever muster up the energy to passionately vote for their favs, now that they know the competition is rigged? There were plenty of teens on twitter who swore to never tweet again. That hashtag, #TeensDontHaveAChoiceAwards trended worldwide last night.

I wonder what if any changes FOX will make to their voting procedures for next year. FOX did not respond to The Washington Post, who covered this story, with a reaction.

Via The Washington Post

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