The Voice Ratings Fall in Double Digits Vs Last Week

While Monday’s The Voice ratings jumped over 6% vs the week before, the Tuesday edition did not fair as well. Last night’s episode earned a 2.8, down 15 percent from last week’s 3.3 adults 18-49 rating.

UPDATE: The final numbers: The Voice rose to 2.9 while the World Series rose to 3.5.


Via TVByTheNumbers


FOX World Series Game 6 – Live 3.1/9 11.92
NBC The Voice 2.8/9 10.84
CBS NCIS 2.5/8 17.20
CW The Flash 1.3/4 3.37
ABC The Great Halloween Fright Fight 1.1/4 3.75


CBS NCIS: New Orleans 2.3/6 15.74
ABC Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.7/5 4.46
NBC Marry Me 1.6/5 5.60
CW Supernatural 0.8/2 2.01


NBC About a Boy 1.2/3 4.41


NBC Chicago Fire 1.7/5 7.22
CBS Person Of Interest 1.6/5 9.70
ABC Forever 1.1/3 4.95

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  1. they pretty much swapped places in the overnights from last week… 3.1 TV and 2.9 WS turned into 2.8 TV and 3.1 WS

  2. Probably because of The World Series. Same for the shows on tonight..

  3. Now we know Taylor Swift’s kryptonite–America’s favorite pastime.

    BTw, who sang the NA last night?

  4. “BTw, who sang the NA last night?”

    Amy Beth, nobody sang last night except the fans – so that didn’t affect the ratings. And the Royals won the game in the 2nd inning – it was all over but the shouting at that point. People could have changed channels and missed nothing – IMO.

    KCTV5: Major League Baseball won’t have to worry about a vocalist messing up the lyrics to The Star-Spangled Banner two games in a row.

    The Kansas City Symphony announced Monday afternoon that it has been asked to perform the national anthem before Game 6 of the World Series, which will be held Tuesday night at Kauffman Stadium.

    MLB announced that Kansas City native and opera star Joyce DiDonato will perform before Game 7 if the Royals win Tuesday night and force a seventh game. There had been a campaign on social media called #letjoycesing to get DiDonato to perform.

    Country superstar Trisha Yearwood, who is married to Royals fan Garth Brooks, and American Idol winner Phillip Phillips performed before Game 1 and Game 2 respectively. Neither have a direct tie to Kansas City, drawing the ire of many area residents.

  5. Phillip and Trisha, “Neither have a direct tie to Kansa City, drawing the ire of many area residents.” When did having a tie to an area become a reason to pick a singer for the N/A? Glad P2 did not say he was pulling for the Giants before he sang in Kansas City. It could have been ugly.

  6. I don’t think the Voice is going to have great ratings this season, World Series or something else.

    Like the other singing shows, The Voice ratings are down, but comparatively speaking, they are holding up. I’m sure NBC and advertisers are still pleased.

    I mean, just look at the numbers for the rest of the night. TV still came in second behind the World Series.

  7. I agree. What I meant was they are probably going to go down in the ratings as the season moves along, like they did last year. And I think the same will happen with Idol. But they are still getting better ratings than a lot of other shows so I don’t think they have to worry about cancelation.

  8. yea.. I mentioned overnights because I only deal in overnights since comparing this weeks overnight with last week’s adjusted makes no sense to me

  9. Historically, the SSB and ATB is performed by local artists or artists who have ties to the area for the World Series home games. FOX and Major League Baseball ignored that for this series (as some games in recent series). It started to change in the late 2000’s.

    For example, in 2004 the first game of the WS was held in Boston and Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith (a band that was started in Boston) performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” and Red Sox legend Carl Yastrzemski threw the ceremonial first pitch.

    Having Aaron Lewis sing the Game 5 series makes no sense to me. Not only does he have no tie to either team or city, he is not that famous, and he botched the lyrics. Staind has broken up, and his country career has been only moderately successful.

    Did I miss the reason he was picked?

  10. Have no idea about Aaron Lewis and don’t even know him. I doubt anyone would have a problems with Steven Tyler no matter where he sang unless he messed it up. As for Trisha and P2, the ones KC folks were upset about, I guess they were picked because someone making the decision wanted them. I really don’t know.

  11. I just thought it was odd that you had to be from the KC area to sing the N/A at the World Series game in KC.

    There has NEVER been a rule that you have to be from the area to sing the National Anthem. The national audience has always been kept in mind when making the choice.

    But if you can get a super famous and beloved local boy, like Steven Tyler, to sing the anthem, well then OF COURSE. But the MLB isn’t going to fill the slate with a bunch of randoms because they’re local. They have NEVER done that.

  12. Among 18-49 year-olds, The Voice was the #2 non-sports show among 18-49 year-olds in the weekly ratings, and the #6 show overall.
    Cancellation is many, many seasons away….

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