The Voice Live Blog: Top 8 Results

The Voice 7 Results - Top 5 Revealed!

The Voice 7 Results – Top 5 Revealed!

Good evening all! Tonight is the night I’ve been dreading for a long time. We are SO close to the end of the season and tonight THREE contestants WILL go home. Who’s going through? Who’s going home? Will Team Adam come out of it intact? We’re less than 10 minutes away from the LIVE results!

*bites nails*

I have no idea who is going to be safe. Okay, well maybe I know ONE or TWO that will be based on Itunes.

Awww here’s Season’s 6 Christina Grimmie singing her song With love! She’s been super busy since last season ended. I think two weeks ago she was on Dancing with the Stars. Good to see her on my tv screen again. She always had such stage presence and her upper register is SICK. A huge set of lungs on such a tiny person.

Is Adam wearing a red robe WTF? Lol.

And here we go into the results! Damn. I am not ready. :( No Carson. Shush up. Do not wanna.


Okay the first person safe and moving into the semifinals is Team Adam’s Matt McAndrew! Congrats Matt, you deserve it!!

Carson is checking in on the coaches. He congratulated Adam on Matt making it through. Will his other artists be safe? Adam said that they will keep fighting regardless on whether they’re at the bottom or top.

Gwen is very proud of Taylor and Ryan. She feels like Taylor is a rebel, and that Ryan listens to her (mmhmmm). Pharrell got his star on the Hollywood walk of Fame this week. Congrats. Still mad at him. *grumbles* He loves Luke and DaNica because they’re different and that is what’s so special about them. They know who they are.

Blake was tough on Craig in rehearsal, Carson says. Blake says he wants this for him, and that each week he’s coaching differently. There’s weeks where’s it’s amazing and then other days where he needs a kick in the butt lol.

Alright time for more results!

The next artist SAFE and moving on is….Team Adam’s Damien!

#BTSTheVoice, we are getting a little taste of some behind the scenes of the voice. Taylor calls his style an Amish hipster LOL. Luke is adorkable during his photo shoot. Beats by Dre, beats by dre, beats by dre. Craig, Taylor and Luke are jamming out on their guitars.

Next we have RaeLynn singing her new song “God Made Girls.” I actually liked her old song “Boyfriend”, it was catchy. I barely recognized her…she looks different? Wow. Way to set the women’s movement back another 60 years. These lyrics are awful. No thanks.

And the next artist SAFE is…Team Gwen’s Taylor John Williams!! Yay you go Tay Tay!

The FOURTH artist saved by America’s votes is…Team Blake’s Craig Wayne Boyd!! Congrats!

DaNica, Luke, Ryan and Chris WILL be performing for your instant save very shortly!

Blake thinks this is the best group of artists he’s ever seen.

The first artist to perform is DaNica Shirey singing I’d rather go blind. I looooove this song. Get it girl! Will this be enough to win over America’s votes? No denying she can sing, but I’m not feeling the connection to the song.

Pharrell is hoping America saw, heard and FELT that.

Next up singing “Stand by Me” is Luke Wade. He said this is for his fans, and I am melting here like a little puddle on the ground. Gah. He’s my favorite.

Pharrell said he loved it, and that America also felt it.

Next up is Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill, singing some Bryan Adam’s “Heaven.” I love this song too. Oh Ryan. We’ve been down this road before. :(

Gwen thinks he can win the save again. She said his performance was relaxed and effortless.

And last we have Chris Jamison and of course Team Adam gets to go last lol. He’s singing “Georgia on My Mind.” Good song choice for him, I’m diggin’ it.

Adam wants to tell America about how hard he’s worked on this show. He said that Chris will be in the Top 5.

It is 8:55 guys and it’s time for the twitter save!!


Vote now!! You have 5 minutes!

Blake feels like having a girl in the competition would be nice lol.

And the fifth artist through is…Team Adam’s Chris Jamison!

Annndddd Team Adam is through. Again LOL.

Are we heading for an all Adam finale at this point??

See you guys next Monday! I’ll be busy pouting from my couch.

Top 5

Matt McAndrew – Safe
Damien – Safe
Taylor John Williams – Safe
Craig Wayne Boyd – Safe
Chris Jamison – Twitter Saved


Ryan Sill
DaNica Shirey
Luke Wade

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