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The Voice - Season 7

The Voice 7 Results and Live Blog – The Top 8 Revealed

I don’t know about you, but I am nervously trying to pick who America decided to vote through. Will your faves survive? What song will Taylor Swift grace us with tonight? What hat will Pharrell be wearing? It all goes down in less than 7 minutes!

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Team Adam and coach Adam Levine start us off singing Billy Joel’s “Only the good die young.” I just realized Adam has all guys on his team lmao, how did I NOT see that? Damien sounds amazing on this song. Channing errr I mean CHRIS is getting lots of screams from the crowd. Is Adam wearing a bamboo bracelet? Also, when Adam shaves, he just looks younger and younger. Drinking from the fountain of youth right there.

And damn we are diving into eliminations already. The first two safe are:

Team Blake’s Craig Wayne Boyd!
Followed by Team Adam’s Matt McAndrew!

Adam is super confident that his entire team is going to make it through. He’s very proud of them. Gwen is getting knots in her stomach, and she doesn’t want anyone on her team to go. Pharrell is pleased with what his team’s been doing, and that they’ve been believing in themselves. Blake said that Reagan is so far along and that he can’t believe that Craig’s been undiscovered.

Here we go with more eliminations! The next two artists who are SAFE are:
Team Pharrell’s Luke Wade!!!
Team Gwen’s Taylor John Williams!!!

Carson is in the Sprint Skybox. He has a fan question for Adam, what was it like having Taylor Swift on The Voice? He said she busted his chops a bit, but that he liked having her around. And Blake is “cray cray” about “Tay Tay.”

And now here’s Team Pharrell and coach Pharrell Williams singing “What A Wonderful World.” DaNica sounds absolutely lovely. And Luke Wade too, of course. Pharrell is adorable, he just looks so excited lol.

Now back to the results! The next two artists who are safe are:
Team Pharrell’s DaNica Shirey!
Team Adam’s Chris Jamison!

We are now being graced with the presence of Taylor Swift lol, singing her NEW single “Blank Space.” She is a damn good entertainer though, and her new album is SOLID. I love it.

Taylor loved her experience on her show and watching the contestants progress on the show.

Carson sat down with the Top 10 earlier in the week (at Starbucks no less), and wanted them to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner. Obviously their families will be there. BIG SHOCKER CARSON LOL. Craig’s giving a sweet toast, so cute. They’re all talking about what they’re thankful for.

The LAST artist saved by America’s votes is….
Team Adam’s Damien!!

Alright guys so now Anita, Reagan and Ryan will be singing for your votes shortly.

This is their final shot! First to sing is Reagan James singing “I’m Like a Bird.” Her voice just isn’t strong enough. Pitchy. She’s got a cool flow to her voice but she needs more time to perfect her craft. She’s got plenty of time, outside of this competition.

Blake loves that she’s 16 (ughhh again really here we go. Drink up everyone!) and that she’s strong, brave and different.

Next is Anita Antoinette singing “The Remedy” by Jason Mraz. Random choice. She’s messing up the words. Andddd this almost sounds like a “goodbye” song a la American Idol.

Gwen thinks that Anita is an incredible person (ouch lol) and that she cares so much about music and life.

Last performance is Ryan Sill singing “Collide” by Howie Day. Love this song, GREAT choice! And he already sounds soooooo much better than Anita and Reagan by a mile lol.

Gwen thinks America should save him again. The crowd is yelling for Ryan. She says he deserves to be here and that he’s a beautiful person.

Okay time to Instant Save someone! West Coasters, it is 8:55. You have 5 minutes to submit your vote on Twitter!!
Tweet either:

8:58 Twitter Save Window is closing soon! Ryan is in the lead so far.

Gwen wants whoever doesn’t make it, to do music for the right reasons. This is just part of their journey.

Andddd the person SAVED and is IN the Top 8 is…Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill! The twitter curse did not strike tonight lol, good job Ryan!

Thank you all for joining me tonight. I’ll catch you next Monday, same bat time, same bat place. :)

The Top 8

Craig Wayne Boyd – Team Blake
Matt McAndrew – Team Adam
Luke Wade – Team Pharrell
Taylor James Williams – Team Gwen
Danica Shirey – Team Pharrell
Chris Jamison – Team Adam
Damien – Team Adam
Ryan Sill – Bottom 3 – Saved by America


Reagan James
Anita Antoinette

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