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The Voice 7 Recap – Top 10 Live Blog

Hi all! Welcome to another action packed night of The Voice. Guest mentors, and contestants and amazing songs oh my! Join me in less than 9 minutes when it all goes down.

Guest mentors tonight:
Christina Augilera
Diana Ross
Patrick Stump
Colbie Caillat

And now here’s the Top 10 doing a Rascal Flatt’s melody. The girls are behind the melody already. This is hurting my ears. Still love DaNica though. And here comes some of the guys. They’re easily sounding better than the first medley. I like seeing the camaraderie between the guys.

First up is Team Adam’s Matt McAndrew singing Coldplay’s “Fix You.” Matt can’t believe how many downloads he got on Itunes last week. Adam wants him to do Fix You because it’s soft but powerful. Team Adam’s mentor Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) gives him advice on belting more. Looks like he’ll be heading into the audience in this song(?) Matt feels like he’s a crossroads right now and wants to give it all he’s got.

Ahhh this song always tugs at the heart strings. Will going first hurt Matt’s momentum? He’s doing a great job with the song. I feel like I’m at a concert, which is pretty cool. He’s giving a lot of momentum on this song. Adam is looking at him from the audience like a puppy dog in love.

Adam and Pharrell are on their feet! Blake said that Matt is so good, that he has the drama, the range, and the stage presence. Pharrell knew that Matt was going to be a star, and that KROQ and Z100 should be playing his songs right now. Gwen got chills hearing him singing, thought it was amazing. Adam is so proud of Matt, and that Blake is right. Matt can do everything, he said, but that he’s also very humble too.

To vote for Matt—> 1 855 864 2301Download from iTunes

Next up is Team Gwen’s Anita Antoinette. And their mentor is Christina Aguilera! Helloooo Christina god how I have MISSED you! She remembers meeting Anita back in season 3. She’s singing “Let her go” by Passenger. They are making it reggae (again). She’s having a hard time with the melody. Christina wants her to sing it with a smile on her face. Gwen likes the ad libs she’s been doing.

I….don’t like how this song is sounding. I can’t help but compare it to Season 5’s Cole Vosbury because he KILLED that song. This version just sounds too happy. Not really what I’d interpret the song to mean. The audience is going crazy so maybe it’s just me lol?

Blake says it looks like she’s having fun. He mentions COLE! Anita needs to stop singing songs the season 5 artists have done lol, this is the second one. Pharrell loves hearing about her story and that she keeps growing. Gwen thinks she really took over that song, and that she looks “cool” in her black boots (really?).

To vote for Anita –> 1 855 864 2302Download from iTunes

And there is Carson with Clive Davis, who is a complete legend in the industry. Earlier in the week, he met with the Top Ten and gave them advice on building their career.

Next we have Team Adam’s Damien singing Stevie Wonder’s “You and I.” Ugh. Damien is going to sing you another sad song. Should we turn this into a drinking game? Damien wants the girls in the audience to feel him singing it to them (double ugh). I like his voice but…can he do an upbeat song just once? No? Okay.

The piano is pretty? I hear a piano and no one is playing it lollll. This song is making me fall asleep. Damien is also pretty pitchy tonight. The ending was the best part of the song. I mean, because of the singing lol, not because of the zzzzzz…zzzzzz.

All the coaches are on their feet. Pharrell says he knows Damien’s parents must be so happy. Adam felt the entire audience get on board with this performance.

To vote for Damien–> 1 855 864 2303Download from iTunes

Next up we had Team Blake’s Reagan James, and their team’s guest mentor this week is Colbie Caillat. They sang her song “Try” together during rehearsal. This week she’ll be singing Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” and stripping it down. Colbie wants it to not be as sweet and to throw in some electric guitar. They want her to make it a moment.

Props to Reagan for singing something that’s current. She’s pitchy and out of breath. I can’t understand a word she’s singing. For a show that’s called The Voice, I just don’t think it’s strong enough compared to others. This is getting a little messy.

Adam said that it took a lot of commitment to do that song, that it’s A LOT to take on. He said it was her best performance so far. Blake wants people to know that what she just did was hard to do. The breathing technique (or lack there of Blake?), the pocket, etc.

To vote for Reagan–> 1 855 864 2304Download from iTunes

And now we have Team Blake’s Luke Wade and Team Blake’s mentor the legendary DIANA ROSS. That is flipping amazing! Luke is trying to keep his cool around Diana. Pharrell gave him “Try a Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding. Diana said it was really, really good in rehearsal. She said Otis shakes his body when he sang it, it all comes from the soul and the heart.

Alright….here we go Luke! Runs for days you guys, I love his voice. This type of music is where he shines the most. He is going ALL OUT in this performance and I am LOVING it. BEST of the night easily!!!

Gwen needs to stop complimenting Pharrell instead of the artist who just sang. She liked how he worked the stage. Adam said “he’s back!” He always thought of Luke as one of his favorites. Pharrell is beaming. He said Luke came out and exceeded his expectations.

To vote for Luke—> 1 855 864 2305Download from iTunes

Team Blake is next with Craig Wayne Boyd singing Johnny Cash’s “I Walk The Line.” Blake said this song is a classic, and that he’s making it his own. He’s striving in his personal life to be a better man for his son. Colbie wants him to tweak the ending a little bit and get out of his comfort zone.

He’s making it into a ballad. Smart. He’s the only country artist left in the competition. If he keeps going the way he’s been going, I can see him winning this whole thing. I love the grit to his voice. The crowd is LOVING it.

All the coaches are on their feet! This is the BEST performance by Craig has done on this show!

Pharrell said he is super sure of himself, and that he KNOWS who he is. Gwen is making this about herself and her stealing him previously. Blah. Adam said that he’s gotten so crazy good, and that he’s excited/proud of him. Blake doesn’t need to talk about the performance because it was magic. He wants to say from country artist to another “Congratulations” and that he deserves it.

To vote for Craig–> 1 855 864 2306Download from iTunes

Next is Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill. Gwen doesn’t want to see him in the bottom again. He’s singing Starlight by Muse. Christina wants him to build the song up. His voice needs to sound huskier and grittier. Christina wants Team Gwen to win this year. Will a female coach ever win this thing? Lol.

Ryan and his magical Star Trek sweater. He is doing pretty good so far though. Working the crowd. I just don’t know if it will be enough for him to get the votes. I think Gwen probably should have cashed in more on the girls watching this show. Gwen is giving him the same puppy dog look as Adam was to Matt earlier.

Adam truly believes that Ryan’s figuring himself out, and that he’ll be successful beyond the show. Blake was anxious to see what he would do this week coming back from the twitter save. He says that Adam’s right, and that it was his best performance yet. Pharrell agrees with both of them and that he’s seriously the most improved. Gwen is proud and thinks he’s blossoming and growing in front of everyone.

To vote for Ryan –> 1 855 864 2307Download from iTunes

Now we have Team Pharrell’s DaNica Shirey. She got to meet her personal hero earlier in the week, Clive Davis. She’ll be singing “I have nothing” by Whitney Houston. Her dad bought her a karaoke machine as a kid and Whitney became her idol. Diana wants her to open up when she sings and wants her to visualize without even listening to the band.

Alright you guys, tall order in place here. Can she pull it off? She’s got one of the best voices in this competition, no denying that. She’s doing Whitney proud! The amount of control that she has is insane.

Gwen would love for her to do it again lol. She says it’s so fun to watch DaNica. Adam has to compare it to Whitney and Tessanne Chin’s version of it to. He loved it. Blake thinks this is the best live show he has ever seen (I beg to disagree). He said she KILLED it. Pharrell says his mind is blown and that she keeps ascending every single week.

To vote for DaNica –> 1 855 864 2308Download from iTunes

Next we have Team Gwen’s Taylor John Williams singing “Come Together” by The Beatles. He wants every verse to have character. Christina said he needs to come out and own it, and to take it to a very ALIVE place. Gwen needs him to show his “weirdo” personality in this song.

Another classic on the show tonight. Bring it Taylor! He’s so dramatic when he performs and I adore that. It’s so entertaining to watch. And so much swagger, love this kid!

One of the BEST of the night!!! Go Taylor!!!

Adam says it’s nice to see the “beast” come out in Taylor. He loves how he’s moving around on stage too. Blake said he had a challenge singing with a crowd with the worst rhythm ever lol, but that he caught Taylor smiling and having fun on stage. He looks like a ninja. Pharrell said it was one of the craziest performances he’d ever seen, and that he is a rock star. Gwen said she didn’t want him to do that song but Taylor really pushed through it. And Taylor has no socks on right now lol.

To vote for Taylor–> 1 855 864 2309Download from iTunes

Lastly, to close out the night is Team Adam’s Chris Jamison singing Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” Adam wants him to be more confident and cocky with the song. Patrick told him to loosen up and find some attitude.

This is my first time hearing this song, I’ll admit it lol. Chris looks pretty confident which is just what they wanted him to do. I don’t fully believe him in this though. There’s a ALOT of words in this song, damn. But I feel like Chris has really been on a roll these past few weeks. And after last week’s performance, I can easily see him being safe tomorrow night.

Blake thinks he did a really good job. The crowd is screaming so loud lol. He loved the atmosphere and staying up with the energy. Pharrell can tell that he wants this and shows it every week. Gwen liked how he worked the whole stage and that it looked so natural. Adam said that singing Bruno is very challenging, and that it’s something that we have never seen before on the show.

To vote for Chris–>1 855 864 2310Download from iTunes

That’s alllllll for tonight folks! I will see you all tomorrow night for the results!

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