The Voice 7 Results Live Blog – The Top 12 is Revealed! (VIDEO)

The Voice - Season 7

We’re live blogging The Voice 7 Top 12 Reveal right here! The top 2 vote getters will advance. The coaches will fill the third spot on their teams.

Some MAJOR surprises on The Voice when the Top 12 was revealed tonight. Team Blake were announced first. The choices were pretty predictable. Reagan James and Craig Wayne Boyd have delivered consistently good performances. I’m glad America saved them.  Gwen’s makeover of Craig basically turned him into a hottie, and although I thought there was a chance Blake would choose to save the marketable James David Carter, I didn’t think he’d choose another male country act over a talented quirky girl. I predicted that he would save Jessie Pitts.

But then Team Pharrell was next. I was completely shocked that America saved DaNica Shirey, particularly based on her polarizing performance of “Help Me.” Luke Wade, who will likely go deep in the competition, was a no-brainer. That left Eluyjah Rene and Sugar Joans. And I was not the least bit surprised at Pharrell’s choice. The producer has been talking up Sugar as if he’s ready to sign her now. Elyjuh sang his personal best last night, but he’s still green. Despite Pharrell’s talk of wanting to help the young singer grow, there really isn’t much he can do with the kid in a few short weeks.

I kinda figured Gwen would advance one of the boys, but I guessed the wrong one. And actually, looking over my notes from last night, Gwen was gushing about how emotional Ryan Sill made her feel. His performance wasn’t the best, but there was obviously something about it that touched her. Ricky Manning’s performance was emotional too, but a big ole mess. Bryana Salaz seems to have a lot of fans, but like Elyjuh, she needs more experience. Both singers would have benefited from waiting a few years before auditioning.

The biggest shocks of all, at least for me, came from Adam Levine. I see that many of you were surprised that America saved Damien. Not me. The singer picks crowd pleasing songs and knows how to tug on the heart strings. He’s not my cuppa. But there you go. Matt McAndrews had a terrific performance this week. His “God Only Knows” won the iTunes competition handily. I was extremely confident that Adam would then choose the popular and talented Taylor Phelan to round out his team. After all, he gave Chris Jamison “Don’t” to sing–a wordy and rhythmic song that’s not only difficult, but leaves the singer very little room to build. It predictably charted at the bottom of iTunes. Phelan fared better with “Cool Kids,” but I didn’t expect his alt/rock stylings to prevail over the more mainstream-friendly Matt and Damien. But when Adam went ahead and saved CHRIS over the buzzy Taylor, I was FLOORED.

The mentoring sessions we see are highly edited. If a singer is difficult to work with, or appears to not have the mettle necessary to handle the pressure–these are examples–a coach might decide to pass, no matter the singer’s popularity or talent.  A coach’s choice could also be strategic–for instance, planting a weaker singer on a team in order to save a favorite. There’s no way to really know what a coach is thinking.

I have such mixed feelings. I like Chris and Taylor both. Maybe Taylor a little more than Chris. Or…I can’t decide! Let me put it this way. At this point, I was fully prepared to let Chris go, in the aftermath of Monday’s performance. Sigh. Bye Taylor. I’m going to miss you most of all.


First up: The members of  Team Blake perform “Life in a Northern Town.”  The harmonies are nice (mostly), but it’s an odd song choice.  Young people singing about growing up in the 60s. Heh.

After the break, we find out the first two artists saved!

Blake says the strategy days are over. He’s got the singers he believes in. Now it’s time to coach. Pharrell didn’t know his team would rise to the occasion the way they did. IT WAS AMAZING, he says. Gwen is nervous. She’s dreading choosing her team. Adam says that everyone goes home at some point. It depends on how they use the platform they’ve been given.

It’s TEAM BLAKE RECAP TIME.  Time to reveal the TWO artists that were saved by America’s vote…America saved….Reagan James! America ALSO saved…Craig Wayne Boyd! Now Blake chooses. He gives the kids a little pep talk before the rejection. “This decision is not based on who I think is the best artist, but who I think can thrive.”  Blake saves…Jesse Pitts!  So far, my predictions are right on!

Ha ha. Damien tracked down the pocket knife TSA took away from him before he boarded a plain. Remember when he complained about that?

Next it’s time for Team Pharrell to perform. They sing the soulful “Money on My Mind” by Sam Smith.  Pharrell can’t stop smiling.

The Voice finale is December 15 and 16.

Time to reveal Team Pharrell!  America saved…Luke Wade! America also saved…DaNica Shirey Hm! Missed that one. A tough choice for Pharrell. I bet he wants both Elyjuh and Sugar on his team. Pharrell promises to support them beyond the competition. Don’t waste your moment, he says. Pharrell saves Sugar Joans. I’m not surprised. He loves that girl.

Team Gwen takes the stage! They perform “Riptide” by Vance Joy. Who hoo. It’s a little like a hootenanny.

Blah blah blah recap. America saved…Taylor John Williams! Well. Duh! America also saved…Anita Antoinette! Gwen says everyone is winning! Well. Not really. She’s on the verge of tears. She’s trying to stretch it out and failing. Ha. Gwen saves…Ryan Sill!!! WOW I was NOT EXPECTING THAT AT ALL! I was sure it would be either Ricky or Bryana. I bet Ryan was one of the lowest vote getters last night.

Lastly, the members of Team Adam hits the stage with “Am I Wrong” by Nico & Vinz.

After the performance, and a recap, Carson reveals the final members of the Top 12. America saved…Damien! America ALSO saved…Matt McAndrew! Adam says “We may not win The Voice, but we have the best team!” He loves everyone. Adam saves…Chris Jamison!!!! WOW! Again..Not expecting that.  I CANNOT believe Adam didn’t save Taylor Phelan. Honestly. I AM SHOCKED.

Team Blake

Reagan James
Craig Wayne Boyd
Jessie Pitts – Coaches save

Team Pharrell

Luke Wade
DaNica Shirey
Sugar Joans – Coaches save

Team Gwen

Taylor John Williams
Anita Antoinette
Ryan Sill – Coaches save

Team Blake

Matt McAndrew
Chris Jamison – Coaches Save

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