The Voice 6 Top 12 Predictions, Poll Results, iTune Rankings

The Voice - Season 6

It’s the first The Voice 6 LIVE show. America finally gets to vote, via phone, text, internet and iTunes downloads.

Finalists who made the Top 10 before noon today had their download votes multiplied by 10. One contestant made the cut–Josh Kaufman with his buzzy performance of “Stay with Me.” He’s the clear winner, with the next highest rank at #30.

Look at Team Adam and Team Blake dominating the top half of the chart. Usher’s Josh Kaufman is legit, but I’m reserving judgement on Kristen Merlin’s high placement. I suspect her mic outage prompted a slew of pity votes.

Not surprised that Jake Worthington and his sentimental performance dis well. Sisaundra Lewis is looking to be a middle packer though. Next week, all bets will probably be off as Blake advises her to bring back the glory notes!

Tess Boyer, TJ Wilkins and Dani Moz round out the bottom 3, although I wouldn’t be so quick to put all of them in the bottom.

iTunes rankings (1 pm ET)

#4 – Josh Kaufman – Team Usher – Stay with Me
#30 – Kristen Merlin – Team Shakira – Stay
#38 – Jake Worthington – Team Blake – Anymore
#47 – Christina Grimmie – Team Adam – Dark Horse
#94 – Kat Perkins – Team Adam – Magic Man
#102 – Sisaundra Lewis – Team Blake – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me
#110 – Audra McLaughlin – Team Blake – Angel of the Morning
#124 – Delvin Choice – Team Adam – Unchained Melody
#129 – Bria Kelly – Team Usher – Rolling in the Deep
#176 – Tess Boyer – Team Shakira – I’ll Be There For You
#283 – TJ Wilkins – Team Usher – Waiting for the World to Change
#298 – Dani Moz – Team Shakira – Just Give Me a Reason

Favorite Performance

Josh Kaufman is once again the clear winner with over 1/3rd of you choosing it as your fav. Christina Grimmie comes in second, followed by Audra McLaughlin.   You like Sisaundra more than her iTunes sales would indicate, as she came in 4th rather than at the middle of the pack. Although, after 3rd place, everything bunches together under 10%.

  1. Josh Kaufman -Team Usher – Stay with Me 36.85%
  2. Christina Grimmie – Team Adam – Dark Horse 18.13%
  3. Audra McLaughlin – Team Blake – Angel of the Morning 11.16%
  4. Sisaundra Lewis – Team Blake – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down 6.84%
  5. Kristen Merlin -Team Shakira – Stay 6.6%
  6. Kat Perkins – Team Adam – Magic Man 4.32%
  7. Tess Boyer – Team Shakira – I’ll be There for You 4.2%
  8. Jake Worthington – Team Blake – Anymore 3.96%
  9. Bria Kelly – Team Usher – Rolling in the Deep 3%
  10. Dani Moz – Team Shakira – Just Give me A Reason 2.76%
  11. Delvin Choice -Team Adam – Unchained Melody 1.32%
  12. TJ Wilkins -Team Usher – Waiting on the World to Change 0.84%

Favorite Team  Team Usher and Team Shakira lead the pack! Usher makes sense, because he coaches Josh. But Shakira doesn’t land on the fav performance poll until #5. Hm.

  1. Team Usher 32.04%
  2. Team Shakira 26.81%
  3. Team Adam Levine 21.92%
  4. Team Blake Shelton 19.22%

Who SHOULD Go Home

TJ Wilkins and Jake Worthington. Nah. Jake isn’t going anywhere this week.

  1. TJ Wilkins 28.05%
  2. Jake Worthington 14.24%
  3. Bria Kelly 12.79%
  4. Delvin Choice 11.48%
  5. Dani Moz 7.99%
  6. Christina Grimmie 5.96%
  7. Kristen Merlin 5.67%
  8. Tess Boyer 5.23%
  9. Audra McLaughlin 4.22%
  10. Sisaundra Lewis 1.74%
  11. Josh Kaufman 1.6%
  12. Kat Perkins 1.02%

Who WILL Go Home

Delvin Choice? Really? He wasn’t very good last night, but I think he’s safe. He’s had some very good performances prior to last night. He did sing in the death spot (2nd) and that could cause trouble. I really liked Dani Moz last night, but she hasn’t had the opportunity to connect with America. She’s in trouble I think. TJ Wilkins is toast, despite a solid performance. He’s not connecting either. Neither TJ or Dani have managed to shake off that cannon fodder vibe they came in with.

  1. TJ Wilkins 45.04%
  2. Delvin Choice 11.06%
  3. Dani Moz 9.76%
  4. Jake Worthington 7.48%
  5. Kristen Merlin 6.5%
  6. Bria Kelly 6.18%
  7. Tess Boyer 5.53%
  8. Audra McLaughlin 4.39%
  9. Christina Grimmie 1.3%
  10. Kat Perkins 1.14%
  11. Sisaundra Lewis 0.81%
  12. Josh Kaufman 1%

My Prediction: TJ Wilkins is eliminated first. Dani Moz and Bria Kelly are bottom 3. Bria wins the twitter insta-vote, and is saved.

Both Dani and Bria performed early. Bria, despite the judges comments, had a VERY rough performance.

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