The Voice 6 – The Playoffs #3 – Liveblog and Performance Videos

The Voice 6 Playoffs Results continue with Team Usher. Once he chooses his team the Top 12 will be complete!  I’ll be liveblogging The Voice the next two weeks while Adam is away for the holidays.  Join me while I blog the results and contestant performances.

Usher chose the right contestants to move on to the Live rounds.  Initially, I thought he’d send Stevie Jo to the live rounds, but I changed my mind after his weak performance. Better not choose a song from a master like BB King, unless you’re ready to do it justice! On the other hand,  TJ Wilkins rose to the challenge when it really counted.  I don’t think he’ll make it past the middle rounds, but he definitely deserved to advance tonight.

Bria Kelly isn’t the best singer in the competition. She does tend to be a little strident on the high notes. She’s an impressive performer, however, and knows how to embody the emotion in a song. So does Josh Kaufman, but he is also a really wonderful singer.  Bria could learn a thing or two from Josh about playing with dynamics. The trouble with Bria is that she’s either loud or soft.  Josh brings something a little different to each of his performances. He’s definitely a contender. Poor Melissa Jimenez wasn’t at her best tonight, but in any case, I don’t think she would have advanced.

Now it’s on to the live rounds. Just an FYI: The finals are only 5 weeks long. Yep. Double eliminations, and then it’s all over on May 20. I’m a little bummed about that.

I’ll be covering for Adam again next week. See you for the LIVE Top 12 performances. On Tuesday, the first elimination episode of the season.  Can’t wait for the twitter insta-save!

TJ Wilkins – Tell Me Something Good by Rufus and Chaka Khan –TJ chose the song because it was written by his musical hero, Stevie Wonder. Usher coaches him on making his voice sound like an instrument. He likes TJ’s spirit–he rises to whatever obstacle is put in front of him.  TJ DOES rise to the occasion. He’s got the proper groove this song requires and is sexier than I would have ever expected. His vocal timbre is a little thin for my tastes, but his phrasing is so soulful, he even throws in a little scatting. Shakira is impressed. Adam calls him a breath of fresh air for his willingness to entertain people. When the discussion turns to TJ using his voice as an instrument, Blake admits that he doesn’t know what a tenor sax is. Oy. Usher felt that he captured the carefree era the song came out of, and us that he’s got a difficult decision to make, which doesn’t bode well for TJ. –  Download from iTunes

Melissa Jimenez = Halo by Beyonce – Melissa was a singer in her father’s band prior to The Voice. Usher pulled her onto stage at one of his concerts. Hm. I wonder if he remembered that?  In order to highlight her voice, Melissa performs a stripped down “Halo.” Usher advises her to round her tone and control her breath. The performance is a little breathy in spots. That lower register is tough for so many singers! When she hits the high notes her voice soars.  The riffing she does in her head voice could be a litte more precise, but it’s pretty. Kudos to her for taking a few risks with the performance. Shakira calls it a brave move to strip it down. Adam felt there were moments that were beautiful, but there was trouble too. Blake “isn’t as familiar” with the song. STOP IT BLAKE. He thought it was solid, but noted her breath problems. Usher says it was a live or die moment. He hopes that she’s ready to love music and be committed every time she hits the stage. Hm. I think we haven’t heard our Top 3 yet. – Download from iTunes

Stevie Jo – The Thrill is Gone by BB King – His dad, a musician, instilled a love of music in him. Usher says he has to pour the emotion from his own experiences into his song. – I’m not sure this was the right song for him to sing. I’m a little underwhelmed. Lots of riffing and adlibs, but I’m not FEELING this performance. He’s also a little shrieky on the high notes and has breath issues here and there. He seems really nervous. Blake says he nailed the song. He’s the real deal. Adam thinks he did a great job emoting. Shakira said he got her from the first 20 seconds.  He might have stretched some notes for too long. Usher thinks he did a great job connecting to the record. He believed it.  Blake compared Stevie’s performing style to “sneaking up on a rabbit.” –  Download from iTunes

Bria Kelly – Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones – She had some trouble in the Battles. Can she make a comeback? Usher loves her song pick. He tells her not to rush! She’s playing an electric guitar her father bought her. This guitar is pretty much for show–she strums a little while intermittently taking her hand away to gesture. She doesn’t really need the guitar. The focus deserves to be on the very emotional performance she delivers.  Some of the big, raspy, notes are maybe a little TOO over the top. But in this situation, a contestant has to go for broke, and she does. Adam wishes that she were on his team. He worried about her during the Battle rounds, but he’s pleased that she’s “back.”  Shakira is also a big fan of her raspy, unique voice. Blake thinks she makes people step up. Blake loves her softer side too. Usher felt she was able to evoke the nostalgia of the classic, while making it her own. –  Download from iTunes

Josh Kaufman – Will it Rain by Bruno Mars – Usher stole him from Adam. This is the first time they’ve worked together. Josh is dedicating the song to his wife.  Usher suggests he add a gospel feel to his interpretation. A heartfelt and emotional–he pours passion into his performance, while making it feel effortless.  Really loved the way he played with dynamics and phrasing. Easily the best performance of the night. Adam second guesses letting him go and sincerely hopes he makes it to the top. Blake confesses that Josh is one of Miranda’s favorites. Blake wants to steal him! Shakira calls the high notes effortless. He’s one of the best ones here, she says. Usher says he did an incredible job and thanks Adam for giving him an incredible talent.  –  Download from iTunes

If I were choosing, I’d pick TJ Wilkins, Bria Kelly and Josh Kaufman. Let’s see what happens!


Advancing to the Top 12

  • Bria Kelly
  • Josh Kaufman
  • TJ Wilkins

Good job Usher!  Stevie Jo and Melissa Jimenez are eliminated.

The Voice 6 Top 12

Team Blake

  • Sisaundra Lewis
  • Audra McLaughlin
  • Jake Worthington

Team Shakira

  • Tess Boyer
  • Kristen Merlin
  • Dani Moz

Team Adam

  • Christina Grimmie
  • Delvin Choice
  • Kat Perkins

Team Usher

  • Bria Kelly
  • Josh Kaufman
  • TJ Wilkins

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