The Voice 6 – Battle Rounds Pt 2 #1 – Live Blog and Performance Videos

Live blogging the first night of The Battle Rounds part 2!

Hey guys! It’s Monday, which means it’s another night of The Voice. At the end of this second round of battles, we should be left with our top 20 advancing to the live rounds beginning on April 8! The show starts in 5 minutes, so grab your popcorn and be here at 8! In the meantime, sound off in the comments with who you are most excited to see perform tonight.

Here we go guys! The voice battle rounds take 2 begins….. right now!

Carson and the coaches introduce the next battle round, and then we are off! The contestants won’t know who they are battling and will need to decide on a song together. Chris Martin will be helping coach.

Megan Ruger VS. Audra McLaughlin from Team Blake are up first!

Blake makes them watch each other’s battle rounds, then they have to pick the song to perform. They decide on “The Climb,”  by Miley Cyrus. Not my favorite song, lets see how this goes. They both sound fine in rehearsals, but Blake thinks both are holding back. Audra sounds like she needs some more work in the final rehearsals while Megan is consistent. This song shows a different side of Megan and she impresses me, but Audra is much more powerful. I think Blake is gonna go with Audra because the song lets her soar.

Audra McLaughlin wins the battle and moves on to the Playoffs!. Well done Audra. She won that battle. And there is no save for Megan, poor girl.

Cierra Mickens VS TJ Wilkins from Team Usher. Battle of the soul singers!

Usher plays their battles and then they pick their song. And they decide on “Get Here,” by Oleta Adams. I’m unfamiliar with this song but Cierra sounded fantastic in rehearsals. TJ sounded fine, but Cierra was outsinging him. Chris thinks they weren’t connecting and need to believe in what they are singing  while performing it to each other. Cierra’s quiet moments are beautiful and tender, I love her tone. TJ counters with equally beautiful vocals. This song gives the singers opportunities for many moments. They both sound amazing on it. I’d give Cierra the edge, because I love her tone and how she delivers and interprets a song. In the end, Usher decides that:

TJ Mickens wins the battle and moves on to the Playoffs! Will anyone steal Cierra? Doesn’t look that way, which is unfortunate, because I think she deserved a steal.

Jake Worthington VS. Tess Boyer from Team Blake. Why would Blake pair a pop singer with a country singer?

Tess is a favorite going into this round. This could end up being interesting. They choose “Have a Little Faith in Me,”  John Hiatt. Jake was struggling in rehearsals, but so was Tess. Regardless, Tess is outsinging Jake. I think she will end up delivering and advancing. Jake starts off strong, then Tess begins singing and delivers some powerful notes. This pairing is actually pretty equal. Both are singing their butts off! A save situation? I’d go with Tess personally, but I’d understand Blake going with either of them.

Jake Worthington wins the battle and moves on to the Playoffs! Usher, Shakira and Adam quickly hit their steal button! She probably will go back to Team Usher. Tess Boyer stolen to Team Shakira. I hope this pairing works out, Tess is a beast!

Christina Grimmie VS. Sam Behymer from Team Adam. If Christina advances during this round, she will be a difficult juggernaut to take down in the voting rounds.  They choose “Counting Stars,” by One Republic. Christina seemed like she was screaming in rehearsals and Sam just faded into the background. Christina needs some serious work. Chris suggest they work on reigning it in rather then going full force, which I totally agree with. This battle is a little rough. Christina clearly outshone Sam who just seemed like she was yelling. Sam really sounds like she is struggling and Christina sounds okay. I think Christina has this.

Christina Grimmie wins the battle and moves on to the Playoffs! Was there ever any doubt?

Patrick Thomson VS. Josh Murley from Team Shakira

They choose “Run to You” by Bryan Adams. Chris suggests they sing with mic stands, but it’s hard to get hyped over these two; they both just seem like cannon fodder. During their performances, they actually sound very similar to each other. I don’t see either of these guys making it past the top 20 by the public vote. Gun to my head though, I guess I’d go with Patrick who has a certain grit to his voice that makes his voice distinguishable.

Patrick Thomson wins and moves on to the Playoffs! I think Shakira made the right decision here.

Josh Kaufman VS. Delvin Choice from Team Adam

They choose “Signed Sealed Delivered” by Stevie Wonder. Josh is a favorite going into this battle. I’m pretty sure this will end with a steal. Both are doing really well in rehearsals! This is an upbeat and fun battle, but it just makes me miss the knockouts and I wish they could each be doing their own songs. Josh’s grit makes the battle much more fun to watch and Delvin can SANG. Pretty equal pairing, but if I were in Adam’s position, I’d keep Josh.

Delvin Choice wins the battle and continues on Team Adam, but then Usher steals Josh Kaufman !. Awwwww, tonight has a happy ending.

Thanks for joining me guys! Have a good night and if you think I’m cool follow me @adamhsamuel.

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