The Voice 5 Top 6 – iTunes Rankings, Poll Results and Predictions

The Voice - Season 5

I am really happy to see Tessanne Chin sitting at the top of the iTunes chart! So many of her vocal performances have gone unappreciated by America–including the last reggae song she sang (“Underneath it All”). Having said that, none of the contestants had a magic moment this week, and with the rankings ranging from 13 to 49, I’m not sure iTunes will be a very good predictor of who stays and who goes. Last week, there were 3 songs in the Top 20 and one that went all the way to Top 5 (Will Champlin’s “At Last”) Also, last week, all 8 songs landed in the Top 50 except for Matthew Schuler whose “It’s Time” flopped at #70.

Damn, Cole Vosbury! He performed “Rich Girl” first, and he still charted 2nd of all the contestants on iTunes. Oy, that song’s pacing was relentlessly boring. But I guess you can’t underestimate the power of an iconic hit song. Blake knows how to pick ’em, and I really should just bow down to him and keep my mouth shut. His other tune, “Better Man” wasn’t far behind.

Jacquie Lee got lots of iTunes love for what I thought was a lackluster “Cry Baby.” It tops the poll too. Maybe the Janis Joplin version, where she plumbs the depths of her broken soul to deliver a searing performance has me spoiled. Her Christina cover wasn’t a favorite on either iTunes or the poll. No wonder, it was a screechy hot mess.

James Wolpert, who charted consistently well with polarizing performances, is at the bottom of the pack this week. Adam repeated a few times that he was sick. He tweeted it too. Maybe he got some pity votes.

Will Champlin didn’t knock ’em dead this week as he did last. He could be the victim to “I forgot to vote for that guy”

Matthew scored higher on our poll than he did on iTunes.  And Cole isn’t exactly a favorite around here.  Look at him scoring 3rd in the ‘Should go home” poll!  It comes down to Voice enthusiasts NOT wanting a 4-peat from Blake Shelton. I couldn’t agree more. Also, there are better, more engaging vocalists, although there isn’t a dud amongst this bunch. Best Top 6 EVAH.

The only thing I will say with certainty is that Cole Vosbury and Jacquie Lee (changed my mind. She’s fair game too) are safe. Matthew Schuler will probably end up in the bottom again, facing off against any of Will-James-Tessanne-Jacquie. It doesn’t matter. America won’t insta-save Matthew again. He’s going home.

I’m wondering if there will only be a bottom 2 this week, since we’re down to six contestants. That’s why only 1 singer is going home this week, to accommodate the last week of insta-vote. A face off between 2 contestants could be very exciting.

Prediction: Matthew Schuler is going home.

iTunes The Voice Top 6 Rankings as of 2:30 pm via iTunes RSS Feed

13. Tessanne Chin – Team Adam – Redemption Song
16. Cole Vosbury – Team Blake – Rich Girl
20. Jacquie Lee – Team Christina – Cry Baby
24. Cole Vosbury – Team Blake – Better Man
26. Will Champlin – Team Adam – A Change is Gonna Come
27 Will Champlin – Team Adam – Hey Brother
33. Tessanne Chin – Team Adam – Unconditionally
36. James Wolpert – Team Adam – I’d Do Anything For Love
38. Matthew Schuler – Team Christina – When a Man Loves A Woman
43. Matthew Schuler – Team Christina – Story of My Life
47. Jacquie Lee – Team Christina – The Voice Within
49. James Wolpert – Team Adam – Fell in Love with a Girl

Favorite Performance

Jacquie Lee – Team Christina – “Cry Baby” 15.42%
Tessanne Chin – Team Adam – “Redemption Song” 13.32%
Tessanne Chin – Team Adam – “Unconditionally” 13.24%
Matthew Schuler – Team Christina – “Story of My Life” 8.64%
Will Champlin – Team Adam – “A Change is Gonna Come” 8.23%
Cole Vosbury – Team Blake – “Better Man” 7.83%
Will Champlin – Team Adam – “Hey Brother” 7.75%
James Wolpert – Team Adam – “I’d Do Anything For Love” 7.51%
Matthew Schuler – Team Christina – “When a Man Loves a Woman” 4.84%
Cole Vosbury – Team Blake – “Rich Girl” 4.68%
James Wolpert – Team Adam – “I Fell in Love with a Girl” 4.36%
Jacquie Lee – Team Christina – “The Voice Within”

Favorite Contestant

Jacquie Lee 20.23%
Will Champlin 18.74%
Tessanne Chin 18.66%
Matthew Schuler 15.59%
Cole Vosbury 13.6%
James Wolpert 13.18%

Who SHOULD go Home

Matthew Schuler 33.33%
James Wolpert 21.92%
Cole Vosbury 19.18%
Jacquie Lee 12.05%
Will Champlin 7.12%
Tessanne Chin 6.39%

Who WILL go Home

Matthew Schuler 45.29%
James Wolpert 25.02%
Cole Vosbury 9.9%
Will Champlin 8.56%
Tessanne Chin 6.47%
Jacquie Lee 5%

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