Video: Survivor Philippines Ponderosa Carter and Bonus Poll

This week brings another additional to the Jury with Carter heading to Ponderosa after being sent home over annoying Abi. As much as I am still mad that I have at least one more episode of Abi it was the better decision to get rid of Carter now. But at least we have these videos.


Survivor Philippines Ponderosa Carter Pt 1

Survivor Philippines Ponderosa Carter Pt 2

And for the bonus poll I’d like to throw out the question of which season of Survivor is your favorite. For me personally Survivor All-Stars was my favorite because I loved watching Boston Rob dismantle the best of the best (at least the best at that point of the series.) I also liked Heroes vs. Villians, Pearl Islands, and Borneo. Philippines has climbed the list into one of my favorite seasons and is a return to what the early seasons of the show were. Depending on how it ends it could crack my top three favorite seasons.