VH1 Divas, Featuring Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Hudson and Paula Abdul – VIDEO

VH1 Divas is on right now…this is a place holder for goodies to come. In the meantime…discuss!

Living Room Concerts: MEAN GIRLS&#3...
Living Room Concerts: MEAN GIRLS' Krystina Alabado
  • OMG Paula Abdul is singing lip syncing   a medley of her hits. OMG Kat McSkat!   Ok, that was just…special. Ha.
  • Paula just called Kathy Griffin a “fire crotch”   Heh.
  • So far: Jennifer Hudson performed “Spotlight”, Kelly Clarkson, “Already Gone” and Jordin Sparks, “S.O.S. (Let the Music Play).   Kelly’s stripped down version of   “Already Gone” is gorgeous.
  • Adele was INCREDIBLE. That is all.
  • Paula in a short blond wig, pant suit and Chuck Taylors dancing through the audience….she’s Ellen Degeneres!
  • Ricky Minor and the Band in the house.
  • Leona Lewis: A little pitchy.   Her new song “Happy”? Zzz.
  • Paula’s hosting tonight? If this is an audition for work in the future…she’s in trouble.   She’s frantic, awkward, and for the most part, the bits aren’t funny.
  • Leona Lewis with Cyndi Lauper? (“True Colors”)   Where is Allison Iraheta when we need her? (In Sweden with Max Martin. Heh).
  • Kherrington Payne and fellow Fame co-stars are introducing Miley Cyrus.
  • What the hell is Miley Cyrus wearing?   She. Cannot. Sing. Meh
  • Paula doing a bit with Liza Minelli.   That was painful.
  • Palate cleanser:   Adele and India.arie.   They are both so beautiful.
  • Jordin Sparks and Martina McBride sing “Broken Wing”.   Jordin performed the song on Idol for Country Week. Oooh. Martina hit some bum notes there…
  • Jennifer Hudson and Stevie Wonder hava a melisma-off at the end of “All in Love is Fair”   Jennifer finishes with a big-ass glory note.
  • Miley Cyrus croaks and shouts her way through “If it Makes You Happy” with Sheryl Crowe. Oh my.
  • Kelly Clarkson and Melissa Etheridge,   closing the show right, are kicking some major ass.   Tear it up bitches!
  • BONUS: Paula Abdul as Ellen DegeneresVIDEO



  • Paula Abdul – Medley of her HITS! – VIDEO
  • Jennifer Hudson – “Spotlight” – VIDEO
  • Kelly Clarkson – “Already Gone” – VIDEO
  • Jordin Sparks – “S.O.S. (Let the Music Play) – VIDEO
  • Adele – “Hometown Glory” – VIDEO
  • Leona Lewis – “Happy” – VIDEO
  • Leona Lewis and Cyndi Lauper – “True Colors” – VIDEO
  • Miley Cyrus – “Party in the USA” – VIDEO
  • Adele and India.Arie – “Because I am a Queen” – VIDEO
  • Jordin Sparks and Martina McBride – “Broken Wing” – VIDEO
  • Jennifer Hudon and Stevie Wonder – “All in Love is Fair” – VIDEO
  • Miley Cyrus and Sheryl Crowe – “If It Makes You Happy” – VIDEO
  • Kelly Clarkson and Melissa Etheridge – “Bring Me Some Water” – VIDEO
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  1. That had to be some of the worst lip syncing I’ve seen in awhile. Still glad to see her happy though

  2. GROSS miley Cyrus is on this…ick(idk why but I still call her mill-e seerus which was a random joke from idol gives bck.) not funny or clever but I just do it…weird I kno

  3. clarksonator tore it up! Can’t wait for her and Melissa Etheridge!

  4. Ok seriously how good was Kelly! Just love her she will always be #1 in my Idol heart…
    First and best Idol ever.

  5. they all look fantastic. not watching the show. But the pics look great.

  6. For some reason I love to see idols together! That picture with the three AI girls is great.

    Adele is freaking awesome!

  7. Wow, Adele was amazing. I missed Kelly and JHud. Drats.

    I cannot handle Leona Lewis. Hm… not loving her duet w/Cyndi Lauper. Yup, I thought of Allison, too.

  8. I really like Adele .. what did she sing please as I’m not watching (in the UK)

  9. I really like Adele .. what did she sing please as I’m not watching (in the UK)

    something about hometown

  10. terps: something about hometown

    ah thanks, Hometown Glory? …. it’s a good song

  11. Miley does not belong on that stage…
    Adele on the other hand really has such a unique and gorgeous voice….wow!

  12. Does anyone else find it ridiculous that Miley seems as if she’s beeing treated as the headliner? I was furious that they kept posting the countdown during the Leona/Cyndi duet. And, she went last in the solos, and it sounds like she might go last in the duets….Really? She’s one of the worst singers in general, but she proved with her performance she doesn’t belong there. Or on stage period…

  13. Adele and Kelly are my favs tonight my a mile. Not hatin on Miley, but she did not belong in this group.

  14. Does anyone else find it ridiculous that Miley seems as if she’s beeing treated as the headliner? I was furious that they kept posting the countdown during the Leona/Cyndi duet. And, she went last in the solos, and it sounds like she might go last in the duets’ ¦.Really? She’s one of the worst singers in general, but she proved with her performance she doesn’t belong there. Or on stage period’ ¦

    As sad as it is, she is the biggest seller out of the group and will bring in the most viewers. They have her last so all the teens are forced to watch the whole show

  15. I’m buying Adele’s album tomorrow. She’s the only one that did much for me. That was awesome.

  16. My mom told me if you have nothing nice to say say nothing — I love Adele — she was wonderful!!!

  17. Poor Sheryl Crow, I doubt she thought she would get stuck with Miley when she signed up

  18. I don’t care about the less good parts much because

    Oh MA LORD

    Jennifer! And Kelly! And Adele!

    And Stevie! And Cyndi!

    So good.

    Leona, meh, Miley is a cute kid and sang her cute kid dance song, whatevs. Jordin: I liked No Air and Battlefield, that new thing, nah.

    Geez all the stuff with Paula was excruciating EVEN WITH THE SOUND TURNED DOWN. This public funeral cannot end too soon.

    I’m gonna break my rule about not mentioning the bad stuff: geez, Miley and Sheryl Crowe. Travesty on a great song. WTF did Sheryl do to deserve this? Embarassing.

    But I love me some diiivaaas!!! Jennifer! Adele! Kelly!

    Kelly and Melissa Etheridge!!!!!

  19. Adele, Jennifer and Kelly. Living on a whole different planet then the others. Planet Diva.

  20. wow. kelly/melissa and adele/india were the only two pairings with legit chemistry. it showed. both owned the stage. Kelly/Melissa was a great way to end.

  21. SO glad that Kelly and Melissa went last! THEY deserved to…however, this seems a little underwhelming up against the Diva shows of the past… with the exception of the Kelly/Melissa duet…anyone else feel a little disapointed?

  22. I love me some Jennifer Hudson. I enjoyed her the most, and her duet with Stevie to me was the best of the night. I hope her dream comes true and she wins a best actress Oscar one day to go along with her best supporting actress Oscar she already has!!

  23. Kelly and Melissa were AMAZING. That was so fun.

    All the Idol girls represented tonight. JHud was wonderful, and Jordin did well. Adele was also a favorite. The duet with India.Arie was beautiful.

    Paula was awkward. I suffered so much second-hand embarrassment on her behalf tonight. :)

  24. ^yes. but i kind of figured just looking at the line up that we’d only get one memorable moment.

  25. OMG! Kelly and Melissa! Please tell me someone has a video. Of course, my DVR cut off 1/2 way through their song. I’m in pain! And I missed the first 15mins. of the show. Would especially like to see Kelly’s song.

    Ouch to Miley. And that girls attitude has alot to be desired. I know young girls like some kickass role models but puhlease. The fact that she’s getting the biggest sales out of all these talented women makes me want to hurl.

    Oh, Paula, Paula, Paula. Craving the spotlight much? Could have done without her ‘comedy’ routines. Loved Adele, India.arie and Martina and Jordin were pretty good. Jennifer did her thing. Leona Lewis? Meh for moi.

  26. I didn’t see Jennifer’s solo but Kelly and Adele were amazing. Leona was not so good to listen to. Jordin’s song sounds as though she wants to be Rhianna light. Miley proves that the style of singing nasally isn’t pleasant on the ears.

    For the duets, Kelly and Melissa really stick out like a sore thumb for me. Awesomeness times 100. I love Stevie Wonder and All is Fair in Love is one of my favorite evah songs, but I always loved it for it’s simplicity. That was so overwrought with runs, I bet New York is going to run out of Charmin. Very disappointed (but with JHud, I shouldn’t be surprised). Didn’t Allison sing Time After Time with Cyndi and not True Colors? Whatever, they were so much more awesome. I’d never heard the India Arie song (nor her I don’t think) so I really have nothing to go on, but it had awesome lyrics. I’m all for any song that starts out with “sometimes I don’t shave my legs.” Jordin proved she can sing in her duet with Martina unlike with her solo. Oh, and poor Cheryl Crow

    Hated Pauler on this show. Cringed at Liza Minelli (who was the awesomest awesome who ever awesomed in Caberet). Didn’t like anything, come to think of it, but the singing. I’m actually surprised I even watched but Kelly and Melissa and Cheryl sucked me in.

  27. Kelly was so skinny in that Breakaway video. But her face is prettier now than before. She looked and sang really good. Good job Kelly. So tore that shit up with Melissa Etheridge.

    Yay Jordin, Jennifer, and Adele. Whoo.

  28. It was painful watching Paula. She cannot sing and the dancing in her opening number was simply not good. I believe she tripped and almost fell towards the latter part of her routine. Her hosting segments were awkward and not funny. Also, I think the “Ellen” bit was in poor taste.

    I loved Kelly and her duet with Melissa. That’s what I call ROCK. Adele’s voice is beautiful and her performance with Indie.arie was fabulous. Jennifer was also good.

    Miley totally drowned out Sheryl Crowe in their duet. A good performer never does that to their singing partner.

  29. I am on the west coast and it hasn’t started yet, so I am watching “The Doors” on VH1 classic. It’s really strange, but Jim Morrison, to me, looks like a young Will Ferrell.

    Anyhoo, based on the comments above, I guess I’ll try to tune in for Kelly and Adele.

  30. Oh crap i had to watch Fringe and Project Runway….taped divas for later viewing. I missed Indie.Arie….she is a goddess. I lurve her for her excellent awesomeness….

  31. There is just something wrong here. Jordin looks beautiful and is trying very hard to hit the right notes. However, she reminds me of a six year-old girl putting on Mama’s clothes and saying, “Now, I am a Mommy.”

    There are definitely a few Divas here, but shouldn’t I be more excited to see some of these girls?

    Beyounce is a Diva. Oh wait, she’s not on the show.

    OK, this must be the second viewing of the show, so I can look forward to Kelly and Melissa. Right?

  32. Personally, I don’t think ANY of them qualify to be called Divas, but that’s just me. Well, Paula embodies the negative aspects of the word with some of her behavior, but I don’t think that’s what the producers had in mind.

    ETA: Let me amend that — Cyndi and Melissa are definitely worthy of the term.

    ETA 2: And Liza of course! How could I forget her. But she didn’t sing, from what I gather.

  33. so I can look forward to Kelly and Melissa. Right?

    Kelly and Melissa rocked! The only performances I didn’t care for were Miley and Leona. And Paula. Everyone else was worth watching.

  34. Paula looked really cute in her Ellen outfit. That was her highlight of the evening. Jordin looked huge. Not a flattering outfit, and the duet with Martina McBride didn’t go well, either. Kelly looked fabulous and Melissa Etheridge is a real diva, and that one was excellent. J-Hud is lovely and it was nice to see her with Stevie, even if the riffs were OTT. Lovelovelove Adele.

  35. Missed it. Will there be video? I’m such a demanding poster. :-(

    I don’t even think it’s on where I am :(
    Will there be video? :)

  36. @abbysee:

    Indie.Arie’ ¦.she is a goddess

    ^^YUP – THIS!! I saw her several weeks ago as the opening act for John Legend. I was in the second row, dead center, and I was completely enraptured. She is absolutely mesmerizing, and used her various layers of clothing and scarves as part of her show. She came out into the audience at one point, and my 16-year-old son was lucky enough to grasp hands with her. And trust me, it takes a LOT to impress my oldest (he is in the full throes of teenage-dom!).
    We came home and purchased all of her albums.
    Love her, love her, LOVE HER!! (John Legend wasn’t bad either – but I must admit she probably was better!)

  37. Leona Lewis with Cyndi Lauper? (‘ True Colors’ ) Where is Allison Iraheta when we need her? (In Sweden with Max Martin. Heh).

    I know..give me more Cyndi/Allison

  38. Just my thoughts but after watching the clips

    Paula A sounds like a senile old woman. She almost tripped during her performance.

    Paula A is not funny

    Jennifer, nah, didn’t sing with idonno, any energy. and seriously, wtF was she wearing!wtf!

    I hate Kathy G. but she had a really pretty dress on.
    Kelly did not. But sounds awesome! But Jordin’s skinnier??!

    Jordins wearing like, lingerie? And watching Paula is torture.

  39. 1. I do not get the logic of carrying a microphone and pretending to sing. Everyone who does it must feel like an idiot when they are doing it.

    2. Kelly Clarkson and Adele were great. (I haven’t seen all the videos yet.)

    3. Kelly and Jordin have dyed there hair. Interesting. Color is warmer on Kelly–nice.

    4. For that Party performance, Miley Cyrus looked whorrible.

    5. How long ago did Jennifer have her baby? She looks the same already. She seemed to sing well, but I hate that song and much of what she sings in general, so I couldn’t watch it for more than a few seconds.

    6. that last picture that MJ has above of Adele–looks like Mary Todd Lincoln.

  40. I follow Rolling Stone on twitter, and whoever is at the Diva show for them is twittering….I thought this was amusing.

    the crowd at divas is singing along to don’t stop believin’ during the commercial break. this song does not die.

    And another tweet from RS- Seriously?

    @paulaabdul just killed it with her opening medley at vh1 divas.

    about 4 hours ago from Echofon

  41. 1. I do not get the logic of carrying a microphone and pretending to sing. Everyone who does it must feel like an idiot when they are doing it.

    Clearly, you set the idiot meter way too high for Paula. The medley was a joke. She made no effort to sing at all Most of the time her face wasn’t even facing the microphone. And seeing her dancing tonight, she wouldn’t have a chance in hell on DWTS, unless of course, dancing is defined as being picked up and twilled around a bunch of times or her partner was a swinging microphone stand.

  42. Watching my DVR VH1 Divas. Kelly Clarkson, gods I love that girl! Kelly and Melissa! I would pay to see them together. That was AWESOME!

    Paula, Paula, Paula, sigh…….

  43. maria4hitz, you’re right, Kelly and her duet with Melissa was the best moment of the show.

    I figured out what was wrong. There was no real connection between the ladies. If anyone remembers previous DIVAS show, think of Carole King on the piano with the other Divas singing. You’ll understand what I mean.

    I would have loved to see Kelly, Jennifer, and Jordin do a song together. It was funny seeing little ole Paula standing there between Jordin and Jennifer. The show was pretty good.

  44. These ladies are not what I would classify as divas. Some of them are famous, but none are are great. This show has jumped the shark, when they have people like Miley Cyrus, who’s nothing more than a disney singer. How did she ever qualify as a Diva? Leona(who), Jordin(really), Adele(please), certainly they don’t fall into the Miley category, but they are miles away from greatness. I know Beyonce, Christina and Mariah are all busy, but this show could have found some better singers. Where is Mary J. Blige or Alicia Keys? It’s obvious, this show has lowered it’s standards of being a diva.

  45. Where is Jordin Sparks for the west coast 8pm show? When they reaired it on VH1 it got cut.. anyone else see this? The show was just poorly produced. Poor Jordin

  46. What a hoot you are MJ! Especially when you can snark up a storm, and does this occasion ever call for it.

    Liza and Paula? Was the green room well stocked with drugs, or did they bring along their own personal Dr. Feelgoods?

    And if Miley Cyrus gets invited to this kind of shindig, what next? Jessica Simpson? Paris Hilton?

    Lordy be. I guess I gotta watch some of these now….

  47. wow I don’t know why I’m suprised by all the Paula critics, but I am.

    about her scary moment on the runway, do you all realize she’s up there dancing in something like 6-inch heels?

    I thought she did a fantastic, diva-like job tonight. yeah the lip-synching with the mike was a bit silly, imo, but she still pulled it off.

    did you not hear the roaring ovation she got at the end from that crowd?

    that was a seriously huge live gig for someone who’s barely performed live in what, 10 years? I loved her Ellen gig, and that bit with her nemesis Kathy Griffin was amusing too. Be interesting to see what Kathy says about it after the fact, she’s been really, really harsh about Paula in the past …

    oh and Kelly and Melissa were awesome!

  48. that was a seriously huge live gig for someone who’s barely performed live in what, 10 years?

    Sorry, lip-synching ain’t live. How long has it been since Paula sang a note into an open microphone when performing? Come to think of it, has she EVER done that?

    With the stellar LIVE vocals by GaGa and Beyonce at the VMA’s, delivered while executing incredibly intricate and strenuous dance routines, still fresh in people’s minds, it just seems sad to see Paula do what she did tonight, on a show all about singing.

  49. Just watched the rerun of Divas. Paula has to be scripted and a good host needs to be able to ad lib. She did have Ellen down pat in her bit on her which I enjoyed. Adele- couldnt understand a word she said when she talked. OK voice. Leona was off and song horrible. She needs to wear bangs and ditch the blonde hair. Miley was so so but her outfit was seriously bad. Kelly was great and loved her solo song. JHud really exudes diva to me. Love her voice , beautiful, nice but her songs are always so dated sounding to me. Jordin was hot I thought but she apparently wants to be beyonce. She shouldnt try to outsing Martina, just sing with her.

  50. I wish I could trade Miley and Leona for Melinda Doolittle. Although I did think that the Cyndi/Leona duet was charming. The Sheryl/Miley duet had entertainment value only in watching the expression on Sheryl’s face (she kept her eyes averted most of the time, it was funny), and in seeing that Sheryl is looking great (I haven’t heard an update on her health in awhile, I hope that her breast cancer is gone for good). I thought that everyone else was great. I don’t have a bad word to say about Paula. She’s 47, still beautiful, and fighting to stay in the game. She’s had a lot of accomplishments and worked hard for them. I hope that she gets to do what she wants to do, I like Paula.

  51. Waw. I really enjoyed this show. Even Miley. I simply love Kelly, Jordin and Leona. Jennifer and Adele were amazing, too.

  52. I didn’t watch the show because I thought it was ridiculous to even have it. The era of the Diva is over. I think the only one who probably didn’t get the memo was Jennifer. She needs to start singing some modern songs or her musical career is going to go nowhere.

  53. Paula Abdul ‘“ Medley of her HITS! ‘“ Not a bad medley but Paula seems stiff. I think her best dancing days are behind her.

    Jennifer Hudson – “Spotlight” ‘“ The song was OK, some of the lyrics get swallowed up by the vocals but WTF was that outfit? Her legs look like they go right to her neck. She needs a new stylist.

    Kelly Clarkson ‘“ ‘Already Gone’  ‘“ Excellent. Reminded me how good she really is. I like that she’s not thin but I do wish her arms were less droopy if she’s going to wear sleeveless dresses.

    Jordin Sparks ‘“ ‘S.O.S. (Let the Music Play) ‘“ From the linked vid clip it seemed like Jordin was lipsyncing. She looked good though.

    Adele ‘“ ‘Hometown Glory’  ‘“ Not really familiar with Adele, she’s not “all that” I expected from the hype, more in a moment…

    Leona Lewis ‘“ ‘Happy’  ‘“ A 3rd rate Mariah is boring & the song a snoozer.

    Leona Lewis and Cyndi Lauper ‘“ ‘True Colors’  ‘“ Unwatchably dull.

    Miley Cyrus ‘“ ‘Party in the USA’  ‘“ I skipped this.

    Adele and India.Arie ‘“ ‘Because I am a Queen’  ‘“ An inspired duet, however, I do think India.Arie blew Adele away. I haven’t thought about India.Arie since her first single, years ago. Overall it was respectable but India.Arie was the star of the duet.

    Jordin Sparks and Martina McBride ‘“ ‘Broken Wing’  ‘“ Not good.

    Jennifer Hudon and Stevie Wonder ‘“ ‘All in Love is Fair’  ‘“ Would’ve been 10x’s better without Stevie trying to sing. JHud sounded great and looked great too.

    Miley Cyrus and Sheryl Crowe ‘“ ‘If It Makes You Happy’  ‘“ I felt bad for Sheryl. Miley’s voice reminded me of honking geese.

    Kelly Clarkson and Melissa Etheridge ‘“ ‘Bring Me Some Water’  ‘“ Best of the night!

  54. Mixed feelings about the videos, Jordin, Adele, Jennifer and Leona are all one hit wonders at this time even tough I like Adele record. Miley is a joke only invited to get ratings. But all this doesn’t matter because Kelly was great.

    I am really curious to see how Happy will do on radio, I don’t really see it doing anything.

  55. Good afternoon to all.

    I guess this kind of music is just not my thing. I found the songs interminable and excruciatingly boring. So much so, that I tried to watch the vids, but honestly couldn’t get through a single one. Not even the Stevie Wonder & J Hud vid. Frankly, I would have a preferred a Stevie solo on that one.

    Oh well, it was worth a look. Thanks mj for all the videos.

  56. Kelly and Melissa were INCREDIBLE. Kelly is still the most talented person Idol has every discovered. Unbelievable pipes.

  57. The only thing enjoyable from this is the tweet from Jim Cantiello :

    jambajimUm…so…I just saw Miley Cyrus’ side-boob. I’ve never felt grosser. Iiickkkkk.about 12 hours ago from txt

    Re: Miley’s boob – I said ick with an I not Lick with an L!!!!!! Dear LORD I am not that sketchy! Blame Twitter’s font!!about 12 hours ago from txt

  58. I would have loved to see Kelly, Jennifer, and Jordin do a song together.

    That is what was missing in the show for me too

    I thought Paula did a great job!

    And if Miley Cyrus gets invited to this kind of shindig, what next? Jessica Simpson?

    Jessica Simpson was on VH1 Divas 2004

    Jordin was hot I thought but she apparently wants to be beyonce. She shouldnt try to outsing Martina, just sing with her.

    IMHO I think Martina wanted to outsing Jordin in the end. Remember how Randy told Jordin that her version of this song was better than the original? I believe that would still hold, but I think Martina wanted to prove him wrong lasts night.

  59. It will be on, so I set the DVR. Not that I really care. Sounds like it sucked. Project Runway was probably a better choice for me. ;)

    Jim Cantiello is my hero.

    Morning, Sunn! :)

  60. I haven’t had time to watch all of the videos but Kelly is just awesome and I love the Adele/India Arie duet. Of course it helps that I love both of them :)

  61. Kelly and Melissa were INCREDIBLE. Kelly is still the most talented person Idol has every discovered. Unbelievable pipes.

    I’ll cosign that. Kelly just amazes me. She takes so much crap for the way she looks (although I think she looks just lovely). Whenever she takes that stage, she just owns it. She has an amazing voice, and she layes her whole soul right out there every time. Her duet with Melissa was easily the best part of the night.

    For me, during this program, I saw all the reasons why Kelly is a multi-platinum recording artist and Jordin is not.

    I like J-Hud a lot, and I think she’s a stunning woman, but those leather pants are just wrong on every level.

    Paula Abdul does not have the skills required to host live tv. I’ll just leave it at that, because the rant I’d like to go on about her would just be cruel at this point.

    And I’ll take Cyndi Lauper in whatever small doses they’ll give me.

  62. For me, during this program, I saw all the reasons why Kelly is a multi-platinum recording artist and Jordin is not.

    Tell me about it. I’ve been bitching about Jordin’s lack of strong fanbase for a minute, but I always thought it was Jive’s fault for presenting her in such a bland way. Last night during S.O.S. I kept thinking… there is nothing fierce about her, why is she singing this song? Its like a puppy play fighting with a bone. For the first time I saw Jordin as just.plain.BLAND. Likeable, but still boring as hell. Ah well. She still sells singles, so what do I know.

    Paula was just weird. Oh Paula.

  63. On the whole, color me unimpressed. I didn’t even like the Kelly/Melissa shout-off. I appreciate Kelly’s versatility, but she’s got to stop pushing her voice. She’s going to get polyps on her vocal chords.

  64. Call me crazy but I didn’t like Leona’s rendition of “True Colors.” Leona was lacking the soul that Anoop portyrayed in the song.

    Did anyone noticed when Miley started singing in her duet she made a face like “crap. I sound horrible”

  65. Love love love love love Kelly, Melissa, Adele, India.Arie, Cyndi. Martina’s great, Jordin, JHud, Leona — all fine singers. While it wasn’t the greatest show ever, most of them did a nice, creditable job, and it’s fun to see actual musical people seriously singing (I’ll leave Paula out of that…)

    So who’s the really really big STAH of the group? Miley. What kind of nonsense is this, anyway?

  66. I applaud VH1 for attempting an original program with an interesting concept. Honestly, those performances were tepid. I though Kelly sang that better on the Tonight show a couple of months ago.

  67. Jennifer did the best out of all of them with the Stevie performance. With jennifers song selection I think some slack needs to be cut cause she hasn’t started working on her new album yet and won’t until later this year so of course she was the only one there not promoting a new album. It doesn’t mean her career won’t be going nowhere like somone mentioned cause it’s already been places.

    But anyway I thought all the Idol girls did the best last night and they each showed out in there own ways and I wish nothing but greater success for them all which I’m sure won’t be a problem for them all to achieve in their own way.

  68. I think that the best artist of the night was Adele. She is flawless. I LOVE me some Kelly Clarkson, but Adele really stole the show for me. Her solo and her duet with the beautiful India Arie were nothing short of spectacular. Miley and Sheryl Crow sounded like two drunk chicks at Karaoke. Wasn’t really excited or blown away by anyone else. I couldn’t really understand anything that Kelly and Melissa Etheridge were singing, but I give them credit for rocking out.

  69. Thanks for the vids, MJ.

    Oh, Paula. *shakes head*

    I enjoyed Kelly and Adele. Felt so bad for Sheryl Crow.

    I think Kelly looked like she felt awkward in the dress. So much more confortable singing with Melissa.

  70. And if Miley Cyrus gets invited to this kind of shindig, what next? Jessica Simpson?

    Jessica Simpson was on VH1 Divas 2004

    I rest my case.

    Melinda Doolittle — are any PTBs anywhere EVER going to notice what a great singer she is, how lovable too, and give her a break? She would have been terrific up there, as someone else noted. So OK, she’s not a glam girl — but is Adele?

    Re: Adele. She isn’t a screamer, melisma-queen. She’s a bluesy singer with a soulful, ragged voice that speaks volumes. I much prefer that sort of subtlety, but obviously that’s not what these splashy Diva-thons are about…..The show should really be called “Sing Your Face Off.”

  71. Paula Abdul as ‘VH1: Divas’ host: Don’t quit your day job! (Oh wait’ ¦)
    by Michael Slezak

    Thanks for the link. Love Slezak. It was interesting to watch Paula. She tries so hard to make us forget her age but in fact, not only did she date herself last night, I had to remind myself that she wasn’t part of Liza’s generation. Paula reprising her songs with that lame “dance” number will go over very well with 70 and 80 year-olds in Vegas. But even for them, she’ll have to be less stiff and less frazzled. What Paula should have done was really reprise the moves, dance with Kat instead of just pointing at him, wiggling her hips and swinging the microphone stand. All you have to do is watch Janet Jackson (who is only a couple years younger than Paula) from a few nights earlier on the VMAs “dance” with her brother

    4:12 mark

    to see the wide generational gap. Seeing Paula last night was a sad reminder of how good she used to be and how uncomfortable it is to watch someone who can’t step aside for those who are younger and better.

  72. I’ve seen some videos of kelly on the red carpet and god she is just the same cool girl we met on idol. I love her to death, she never changes and is SO SO funny. I’m always with a smile on my face when i see her interviews. When she finds out toni braxton is on the red carpet she looks like a child meeting her own idol. That’s just great how humble she is, even after so many years of success.

  73. Anyone else having a little trouble with the videos?
    I can’t seem to get anything but errors on Kelly, Adele and a few others…

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