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Desi sent me this recap earlier in the week, and I’m just getting around to posting it now–mostly because I was going to look through her photobucket and post some pictures.   But I’ll let you guys do that…

“there are only four words that can be said right now.”
“what are those four words?”
“this is american idol.”

More Recap after the JUMP…

so, i left on like last minute because i wanted to go to Andy’s show. so i packed up flat jason and threw everything i could remember into a bag and set off to the airport. FJ and i made posters in the cincinatti terminal and i got to tulsa at, like, 10. the girls texted me the address to Plan B, and picked up directions to the bar from the hotel lobby.
of course, i THOUGHT they were directions to the bar, and i THOUGHT i could walk there.
so i set out with my phone almost dead from texting kathleen all day and end up in, like, the Flint of Tulsa. i go to a gas station (it’s probably 11:30 at this point) and call three cabs, none of which come. there are creepy guys standing outside so i’m not about to walk home because you can’t take mase on a plane and i’m a tough girl but i can probably not kick two asses at once.

these cabs never come and then it is midnight and the gas station closes.

so naturally, i call the cops.

ahaha. he was really nice (i’m not gonna lie, he was pretty attractive as well) and he asked if i wanted to go to the bar or back to the hotel. i was so worked up that i just had him bring me to the hotel, and we drove by where the hotel directions said Plan B was, and it was not there. FAIL, HOTEL. so he says “well let me drive you around a little downtown, because Tulsa is a really nice city, that was just the worst part of it and i don’t want you to have a bad impression of it.” so he drives me down this super cute street with cute shops and sushi places (sushi shake FTWW) and then we turn and there stands the Blank Slate in all its glory. we didn’t end up going there either but it reminded me a lot of this bar in g-rap. anyway, he drove me by the BOK so i knew how to get there the next day (F**KING HUGE) and then i continued poster central in the hotel until everyone started coming home. i met Brenda (newyoricanny) in the lobby, and Liz (lizzidoll) came up to hang out for a bit. Anita and Kristen came home and we made more posters. surprise. we watched videos of Andy’s show and it appears that i missed a pretty epic time. shots ftw.

we went to bed at like 4, and when i said i was setting my alarm for 8:45 everyone groaned, but Anita got up at like 8 anyway.

we got to busses at 10:30 or so, and it didn’t even matter because the barricades weren’t up yet. talked to Liz, Daina (ReallyCookin) and Jen (originalorange) and heard about how Andy’s father serenaded Roberta (celtic_fish) the night before. i ran back to the hotel to get another poster after i decided that i just had to have my clever dinosaur poster (you know, the one that wasn’t finished yet.. rofl) at the busses. and then Kathleen arrived! i had been thinking wide to save her a spot and i think that we condensed in together pretty closely.

and of course the weather held off until Kristy Lee came out and the skies opened and so did our umbrellas. it was like a little tent city, only with umbrellas. Kristy Lee, Baby D, Jason, D.Cook, Carly and Brooke all came out right away. i think Michael probably didn’t come out because of that damn porn ‘stache. Chikezie and Syesha came out, the news interviewed me (again, ) and we trotted back to the hotel to dry out and eat massive amounts of Papa Johns pizza. om nom nom. Kathleen and i had to pick up our tickets at will call, and i almost dropped dead when i saw who was in front of us, because OMG I LOVE KYLE ENSLEY. (Kathleen had me convinced that it was not him, so instead of talking to him i just took a picture stalker-style, but i found out later that it was him. i fail.)

this is when i realize that i don’t have my phone. i have REALLY bad phone separation anxiety and i was FREAKING OUT until the show started. especially because i couldn’t text Kathleen. haha. i was fine during the show but as soon as we walked back out into the lobby it was all i could think about. especially after Kathleen made a comment about someone calling. but it was on my bed and all was well.

my seats were so good! and i sat by Anita! and there were empty seats RIGHT in front of the walk, so i get it in my head that i’ll sneak down there for Chikezie’s set, but the rightful owners got there halfway through the first song. don’t they know who i am? i belong there. (and, anyway, you shouldn’t show up late. you fail.) he cries, which makes me cry (i’m a weeper, surprise) and i scream and jump and sing. i now realize how i lost my voice so early in the show at grand rapids, too. i made a big Kristy Lee sign too, and she saw it and smiled and waved. i have a total girlcrush on her too now, btw. i think it was during her set that we spotted Ray in the front, so i held up my RAY MAKES ME FEEL SECURE sign. he smiled and waved. Anita held up her RAY Y DO U HATE ME? sign. he shrugged.

and then the stage births the porn ‘stache. i couldn’t even hold my camera up because i was laughing so hard. i scream WE WILL QUACK YOU for the last time. it’s sad. dave cook gives him a rose and covers him in silly string. i laugh.

and omggggggg, girlcrush #1 comes up. and brooke. i was glad that she didn’t cry because i already felt like a tool — i cried at an american idol concert. who am i? “1, 2, 3, 4” was fun and gym teacher Johns came out to dance. we snapped it out for one more time, and then it was intermission. the show went by so fast.

at intermission i discover that we’re sitting in a sea of idol family and friends. the castros were by Kathleen, Kim Caldwell was up there, the Archuletas, Andrew was up by the wing of the stage and kept reaching out when the idols went to the side. funny.

and, okay, i cried during “Listen.” but, like, everyone around me was weeping too, so i didn’t feel so out of place.

i was ready and recording for the backbend but it did not happen. my memory card was almost full so i did not get the guitar smash, but the rest of the audience did.

PDSTM was fun. silly string ftww. hugs at the end were sad. we filtered out, walked home in the rain. tried to cohost at Rickey’s, ended up just hanging out.

my flight from Tulsa to Cinci was delayed, then when I got to Cinci my flight home had been canceled. FAIL! especially because the weather was not bad. i had no idea what was going on until my cousin came to fetch me from the airport (she lives near Cinci so i stayed with them instead of going to a seedy motel…yuck.) the winds from hurricane Ike had knocked out power all over Cinci. we waited in like for like a half hour to get overpriced gas, ran from gas station to gas station in search of batteries, and went home to sit in the dark. warm margaritas and Delilah ftw. “she has a blue eye!” “just one? is the other one clear?”

so, i have finally made it home. i am EXHAUSTED. i think since Thursday, i’ve gotten eight hours of sleep. so i’m now going to pass out until Ford Day. thankyou and goodnight.

Desi was interviewed by a Tulsa station check it out:

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