Tuesday Morning Mediabase 05/21/2019

Sorry for there being no numbers thread yesterday when there were new songs to track. We were moving over the weekend and even when you know that it takes longer than you think to move, it takes even longer than that. Dave Barry suggests that rather than moving your stuff, it is easier to just burn it all and buy new stuff. I’m at the point where I agree with him. I’m always amazed at how much stuff one can tuck away in a house. One starts by carefully curating and wrapping belongings and by the end, one is just dumping drawers into boxes. And if somebody steals ones of the boxes out on the lawn, one begins to think that actually might not be a bad thing. I know, first world problems. Just go all Marie Kondo on my crap and live happier.

This week we have 3 former Idol winners on the move. Kelly Clarkson (S1) enters the top 15 on HAC with “Broken and Beautiful”. It is from the “Ugly Dolls” movie soundtrack – the movie hasn’t done much, but the song appears to have traction. Season 3 winner Fantasia has her third milestones in three weeks with “Enough” entering the top 20 on UAC. From the following season, Carrie Underwood enters the top 40 on Country with “Southbound” which she performed on the Idol Finale.

Normani tops the Pop chart this week with “Dancing with a Stranger” (collaboration with Sam Smith). The song was number one on HAC last week and is also charting on UAC and AC.

Over on iTunes, Laine Hardy currently has “Flame” at number 3, “Hurricane” at number 34, “In the Bayou” at 82nd and “Louisiana Lady” at 113.

The Voice ran last night and there are a number of songs doing well on iTunes. Maelyn Jarmon leads the pack with “Hallelujah” at number 1, “Wait for You” at number 4, her John Legend duet “Unforgettable” at 9th, “Stay” at 21st and “The Scientist” at 56th. Gyth Rigdon has “Proof I’ve Always Loved You” at 5th, “Once in a Blue Moon” at 13th and his duet with Blake Shelton at 46th. Next up is Andrew Sevener who has “Rural Route Raising” at 10th, “Lips of an Angel” at 12th and his duet with Blake Shelton at 47th. Dexter Roberts who prefers his time on “The Voice” got “Looking Back” to 23rd, “Anuthing Goes” to 26th and his duet with Blake Shelton at 57th.

Carrie Underwood:
“Southbound”: ^36 Country (41)

Chase Rice:
“Eyes on You”: 6 Country (3)

Danny Gokey:
“Haven’t Seen It Yet”: ^3 CAC (4)

“Enough”: ^19 UAC (27)

James Arthur:
& Anne-Marie: “Rewrite the Stars”: 41 AC (39)

Kelly Clarkson:
“Broken and Beautiful”: ^13 HAC (16); ^32 AC (34)

Lauren Alaina:
“Ladies in the ’90s”: ^39 Country (40)

Maddie Poppe:
“Made You Miss”: ^35 HAC (39)

Morgan Wallen:
“Whiskey Glasses”: ^3 Country (4)

& Sam Smith “Dancing with a Stranger”: ^1 Pop (2); 3 HAC (1); ^15 AC (18), 24 UAC (21)

Stats collected on Tuesday Morning.

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