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Hey, I posted my recap of last night’s show–with pictures here

The iTunes studio recordings are up. You can purchase by clicking the the banner here ‘>. You help support the site too if you click, so thanks in advance! My take on this week recordings:

  • Syesha Mercado ‘  …One Rock & Roll Too Many – Not as fun without the visuals, but good. Does anyone notice there’s a line about smoking pot in this song? There is a giant glory note at the end that she didn’t perform live. I can hear Syesha on a Broadway cast recording right now.
  • Jason Castro ‘  …Memory – Choo choo indeed. While I didn’t think Jason’s performance Tuesday night was a “trainwreck” it definitely had its problems. I don’t think the song choice was all that weird, either. In this studio version, Jason handles the melody deftly and is able to convey the sense of nostalgia and loss. There is a real nice use of his falsetto in spots. Ew. Hate the strings. I’m glad I downloaded this one.
  • Brooke White ‘  …You Must Love Me – The recording gives a hint of what Brooke could have done during her live performance if she hadn’t freaked out. When Brooke is on, she’s sublime. While not one of her best performances, her vocals evoke a sweet vulnerability here. Nice.
  • David Archuleta ‘  …Think of Me – A nice young boy sings a nice song. But somewhere within the syrupy harp and string accompaniment, the meaning of the song–goodbye and please remember me–gets lost.
  • Carly Smithson ‘  …Jesus Christ Superstar – This recording sounds much better than it looked on TV without all the smiling and the shimmying. Somebody in comments thought she may have performed it the way she did in order not to piss off devout Christians. If so, Carly’s recording is certainly braver. It’s got some of the angry, urgent edge the live version lacked. Carly wails away, and it’s good.
  • David Cook ‘  …Music of the Night – Oh wow. It’s the theatre boi in full bloom! The live version had a few rough edges. This studio version is so smooth– it’s David Cook goes pop classical.   He does it very well, but it’s not my thing. However, like the performance, this recording has the potential to appeal to an audience of non-rock music lovers. A smart move at this stage of the game. Still, probably won’t have this recording in heavy rotation on my iPod.
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