Top 11 Results – Recap

Amanda Overmyer is eliminated  

Bottom 3

  • Carly Smithson
  • Kristy Lee Cook
  • Amanda Overmyer


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Amanda Overmyer–Eliminated tonight.   Damn.   I think she did herself no favors when she declared Tuesday night that “Ballads are boring” and  seemed to be sneering at Simon’s advice.   Appearing early in the show, with a  middling performance didn’t help her either.   I think Amanda was somebody you either loved or hated.   Her tough biker-chick persona is not for everyone.   But, that’s exactly why I liked her.   The white chicks on Idol tend to be these pretty little pony princess types.   Amanda is certainly not that.   Although she’s not as versatile as some of her castmates–her vocal ability was limited to blues rock–I think she would have  added  something different to the tour.

I admired Amanda’s  aloof, don’t-mess-with-me attitude, but I can see how that might not be the best strategy for encouraging viewers’ votes.

Here’s the recap:

Hey, the results are in and someone’s number is up! But not before Ryan reveals the “mentors” for this season.    There are only 4.   I was kinda hoping for 0, especially after hearing the list: Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Neil Diamond.  

Only the inclusion of Dolly really excites me.   Besides her fun, out-sized personality, she’s also a formidable  singer/songwriter and savvy business woman.   LORD Andrew Lloyd Webber makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit–oh the horrors that will be inflicted on these poor kids song choice-wise.   Mariah Carey just pisses me off, because she’s the queen of melisma.   She’s the one who has inspired every middling singer across America to throw horrific runs randomly into every song possible. Ugh.   And I know this won’t be popular, but I like Neil Diamond’s early work, but I think he kinda turned into a hack later on–Rick Rubin notwithstanding.

Ryan recaps last year’s songwriters contest and reminds us that the winner was the  dreadful “This is My Now”.   Now, it’s time to submit your crappiest song to this year’s contest.   The  winner will  be performed by the two “lucky” finalists at this year’s finale.  Before you submit, make sure your tune is full of the lamest, most pathetic cliches you can dream up.   If the song is actually, like, good–you won’t stand a chance. Argh.

Time for the group sing.      

Jason Castro and David Cook sound like crap singing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” together.   Somebody had the good sense to turn off Ramiele Malubay’s mic when she dueted with Brooke White on “Here, There and Everywhere”   The cameraman slipped when he was filming Kristy Lee Cook.   Maybe he was thinking of getting his socks blown off.   The medley takes a strange turn when the group  launches into  “The Sun King” Really, I’m guessing this isn’t what the lads had in mind when they conceived the song  for the Abby Road album.   They finish off the  performance with “The End” and a big pointy pose.   The Beatles earlier tunes made for better medley material   Now, no more Beatles.   OK?   Stick a fork in it… Etc.

Eeps!   It’s Kevin Covais and Jon Peter Lewis sitting together in the audience. Awesome!   They both have product to shill:   Kevin is starring in the movie “College” due to be released April 11.   And JPL is working on an album that drops June 3.

After the recap of last night’s show, the eliminations begin.

The contestants will be brought out on stage one at a time to learn their fates.   The Top 10–the kids who get to go on tour–will be seated together after they get the good news.   The Bottom 3 will be across the stage.   From there,  the eliminated contestant  will be  revealed.

Ryan never mentions how the Bottom 3 was formulated.   Never once does he utter the words, “lowest number of votes.” Remember this.   It becomes important later.

Brooke White comes out first.   Ryan asks her to respond to the judges comments–that her performance was “awkward”.   Brooke says, yeah  it totally was! Ryan says, “America voted, and Brooke…”  “Hmm hmm, ” she responds, rubbing her lips together.   “You are in the Top 10, ” Ryan finally says.  Oh sweet relief!   Brooke takes her spot on the couches of safety. She’s a little confused. Ryan has to help her find her seat.

Meanwhile, Carly Smithson is waiting center stage. Ryan says, “Simon wasn’t too keen on your performance last night.   And after the vote NEITHER WAS AMERICA.   Carly YOU are in  our Bottom 3 tonight.”

Carly is in the Bottom 3.   The audience boos. And the judges disagree.   “America definitely got it wrong, ” says Paula.   Randy says, “She’s one of the best singers in the whole thing, Dawg.”   Carly takes a seat on a Stool of Doom.

Putting on tin foil hat.   I think Carly was put in the Bottom 3 to cause drama and kick her fan base in gear.   I’m guessing her middling numbers aren’t pleasing TPTB right now.   This is a reality show, the rules are pretty slippery.   As I mentioned above, Ryan wasn’t explicit about the make-up of the Bottom 3.   There you go. My conspiracy theory of the week.

Little David Archuleta is next.   The “mosh pit” (gah I hate calling it that. It’s so NOT a mosh pit) is filled with comely teen-aged girls who start  to scream.   Ryan says, “Lot’s of screaming girls last night and tonight.   I’m sure that’s something you’ll get used to.   You’ll have to because you are in our Top 10!”   David giggles and takes his seat.   He’s going to Disney World on tour.   Creepy stage dad is in the audience tonight. Eep.

Michael Johns takes the stage. Micheal tells Ryan he’s worried.   Will his craptastic performance of “A Day in the Life” spell doom for Michael?   But despite his concern, Michael is firm about last night’s song choice.   He loves “A Day in the Life”.   He would not have sung another.   That kinda attitude  can get a fella kicked off of Idol. But not tonight.   “Michael, ” says Ryan, “You’re in the Top Ten.”   “Oh My God!” says Micheal as he nearly collapses on the stage.   His relief is palpable.   He happily takes his seat on the couch.

Time for the Ford video.   This week we get a “behind the scenes” look, and it’s much better than the video itself.   David Cook screaming through a megaphone as the Ed Wood-like director is pretty amusing.   The video, not so much.

More results. David Cook takes the stage.   Ryan asks David how he reacts to Simon’s comment that he looked a little smug last night.   David shrugs, “I don’t.” Smart boy.   “America voted…Sofas! Top 10!” says Ryan.   David claps as he heads to the couches.

Kristy Lee Cook is next.   Ryan asks her how she thinks she did last night.   Kristy thinks she did “pretty good” and that it was her strongest performance.   Not strong enough, however.   “This night is tough, on all of you, I know…”   Kristy smiles knowingly.   “And it’s going to be tough on you, ” says Ryan, “You’re in the Bottom 3”   Kristy smiles, nods and takes her seat next to Carly.

Jason Castro takes the stage.   Ryan says, “America voted, Jason, you’re in the Top 10, congratulations.”   Jason runs to the couches, “Let’s tour baby!” he says to Michael and David as he hugs them.

Next, Ramiele Malubay.   She’s very nervous. Her voice is so very teeny-tiny when she answers “a little bit” when Ryan asks her if she regreted her song choice  this week.   Ryan puts his hand on Ramiele’s shoulder, “America voted, Ramie…You’re in the Top 10…”   She breaks into a big smile and takes her seat on the couches.

Time for viewer questions.   This segment is taped before the live show begins.   Probably to foil the Worsters who call in with questions for Carly like, “Hey, plant, how’s it going? PLANT PLANT PLANTY PLANT!!” The segment centers on the lamie-lame assiness of the judges, so I’m going to skip it. Except when Michael Johns admitts to a caller that he peaked in Hollywood.   That  is pretty honest.

Ryan introduces Kellie Pickler, “We’re very happy to welcome a contestant from Season 5 who has grown in so many ways since leaving us…”   Ryan is deadpan and takes a second for a reaction, but there isn’t any.   “…and she’s stolen our hearts in the process.   Take a look at this…”

Kellie gets her own video package tonight.   There are highlights from her run on the show–naughty little minx–and footage from her tour with Rascal Flatts.  Afterward, she sings “Red High Heels” and gets all flirty with the judges.   She looks good in a chic hair do and red dress.   Yay!   There’s Austin Clark on dobro!

Back from break.   The remaining contestants have to cool their heels for a little while longer, while Ryan introduces a clip about the upcoming charity special,  Idol Gives Back.     Elliott Yamin and Fantasia travelled to a tribe in  Angola to demonstrate how the money raised from last year’s fundraiser was put to work.   They tour health clinics and give away mosquito bed nets to families.   Fantasia sings “Amazing Grace” while Elliott learns that a mom who just had a baby named him Elliott.   He’s blown away by the gesture and tears up a little.   It’s nice.

Now it’s time for more slash and burn!   Syesha Mercado takes center stage. Ryan says, “America voted, and you…are in our Top 10.” Syesha runs to her seat and hugs Ramiele. Chikezie and Amanda Overmyer are left, and they both take center stage.   “After the nationwide vote, Chikezie, you are SAFE this week.   He hugs Amanda, who is the last to take her place in the Bottom 3.

Carly and Kristy Lee join Amanda center stage. We’ll find out who’s out…after the break.

Ryan, back from break, “Carly, Kristy and Amanda are standing here in agony. One of them is leaving us, ”   Ryan continues, “After the nationwide vote, Carly…you are safe.”   Of course, Carly is safe! “You’re kidding, me you’re kidding me…” she mouths over and over.   She’s crying as she takes her seat on the couch.

“That means, the contestant going home is either Kristy, or Amanda.”   Ryan asks Simon if America got it right.   “Two weeks running, yes, ” he says.   “Kristy, ” says Ryan.   “You are SAFE for another week.”

Amanda leaves us tonight, on American Idol…”It’s ok, it’s ok, ” Amanda says to Kristy and she motions for her to take her seat.

Amanda is smiling.   “One of the most fearless contestants we’ve ever had on this show, ” says Ryan.   Amanda’s goodbye video plays as Ruben Studdard sings. After, Amanda sings out.   She starts off a bit rattled, but then she finds her groove.

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