The X Factor 2 – Top 6 – Results, Recap and Videos

Six becomes four! Which two X Factor finalists will be leaving the show tonight? Stay tuned while I live blog the results.

CeCe Frey is eliminated
Diamond White is eliminated

I got the leader board totally wrong this week. To be honest,  there was so much buzz around Carly Rose’s performances this week, I expected her to easily take the #1 spot again.  If it’s Tate vs Carly Rose for the final  (It looks likely) Tate will probably win. And I will laugh my ass off. At this point, I REALLY want Simon to get the winner he doesn’t want.  In the end, I want all of Simon’s manipulations to be for naught. Although, I really do love Carly. She reminds me of a young Lea Michele. But, at 13, she’s too young to be thrown to the wolves.  She needs a few more years experience first.  If Simon signs her, I hope he doesn’t botch her career.

This was Diamond White’s second trip to the bottom 2, while Fifth Harmony had never been. Besides, Diamond didn’t perform that well in her sing off.  Fifth Harmony wasn’t fantastic, but they had the edge.  But honestly, it didn’t matter which of the two went home, because neither was going to win.

Ugh. Britney and her dead, cold, eyes as she stood by her eliminated contestant, Diamond. I feel for Brit and her problems. She hasn’t melted down or anything, but her flat affect is really hard to watch. I can only imagine the cornucopia of pills she’s on to control her mood disorder, poor thing. She hasn’t been the ratings draw Simon expected–he should find a more entertaining judge for Season 3.

Dang, I could never get CeCe right on the leader board! I had her going home for a couple of weeks she was safe. She went home this week when I was  fairly sure she’d be sticking around.  I was joking on twitter that our “national nightmare is over,” but in reality, I’m going to miss her. She was such an entertaining trainwreck.


Gash…Khloe’s legs are awfully…shiny. Melanie Amaro and Ke$ha will perform tonight! Now it’s time for the useless recap. CeCe says if Simon doesn’t write her that 5 million dollar check, somebody else will. Aw, the girls of Fifth Harmony were crying backstage after LA called them “Fifth Unison”. After their second performance, LA hugs them backstage.

First, the inaugural X Factor winner, Melanie Amaro sings her new single, “Long Distance”. She begins on a pedestal that slowly descends to the floor. She was supposed to be undergoing a makeover while she was away? She looks the same to me. She’s also relatively charisma free, despite the powerful pipes. Melanie says she has tons of people who love her since she won the X Factor. She does not elaborate.

Jim Cantiello sighting! Whooo! Now it’s time to pimp Simon’s SonyX headphones. Did you know they were the greatest headphones in the world? Simon says. Now the finalists talk about their music memories with the headphones around their necks. THEY LOVE THEIR SONY HEADPHONES. Remember that time Astro nearly got his ass kicked when he took the stage wearing those OTHER headphones!

Time for the INSTANT ELIMINATION! The Top 6 take the stage.

Going home right now with the lowest number of votes is CeCe Frey! OMG. She looked REALLY surprised. Demi has lost her last Young Adult. She’s a little sobby, hugging CeCe.

One more act will be going home tonight after a sing off!

Who is safe? The first act is…Emblem3. Next..Carly Rose Sonenclar. The third act going into the semifinals is…Tate Stevens! Diamond White and Fifth Harmony will sing for their survival!

Khloe is backstage annoying Diamond and Fifth Harmony.

Next, Ke$sha takes the stage to sing her latest song. “C’mon”. YEAH C’MON!

Simon Cowell doesn’t want to go first. but then he relents. He introduces Fifth Harmony.

Fifth Harmony performs “Anytime You Need a Friend” by Mariah Carey.  The group did about aw well as they could. The harmonies were solid. But a couple of the girls aren’t great solo singers.

Diamond White performs “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack – Oh. She’s pretty off-key and screechy here. I honestly don’t have a preference on who leaves tonight. Neither has a chance in hell to win.

Simon Cowell is sending home Diamond White
Britney Spears is sending home Fifth Harmony
LA Reid is sending home Diamond White
Demi Lovato is sending home Diamond White

Diamond White is eliminated

Diamond figures she’s fine, considering Cher Lloyd went out 5th. Actually, didn’t she go out 4th? It doesn’t matter. The difference is whether Simon signs Diamond like he did Cher. I doubt very much he will.


  • Emblem3
  • Carly Rose Sonenclar
  • Tate Stevens

Where did each act rank in last night’s vote.

The leaderboard

1. Tate Stevens
2.Carly Rose Sonenclar
3. Emblem3
4. Fifth Harmony

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