The X Factor 2 – Boot Camp Part 2

Liveblogging the X Factor Boot Camp Part 2 right here!

Day 2 of Boot Camp! Only 60 acts remain. The contestants are put in duos.  Thie parings aren’t specific battles. Both contestants could go through, or none or only one.  The point is for the couples to work together to choose a song and perform it. It’s kind of like a mini group round. And as you would expect, some sparks fly.  There are those who are prepared, and those who aren’t. Simon makes sure that we see plenty of hopeful choke. It’ ain’t pretty.  By the end of the day, 60 contestants are whittled down to 24 for the judges houses. But we won’t see the final cuts until next week.

Here are some of the parings.

Tara Simon vs Jennel Garcia – “Landslide” – Tara oversings and pulls super creepy faces. Janell sounds beautiful. Tara attempts a high note and it’s flat. Simon didn’t like the song choice AT ALL. He felt they didn’t represent yourself. He’s guessing that Tara picked the song. He felt Tara clipped Jenell’s wings. She was obviously intimidated.

Beatrice Miller and Carly Rose Sonenclar – These two 13 year olds are singing “Pumped up Kicks”. It’s so weird to see young kids so self possessed. Both perform with a confidence that is beyond their years. It’s spooky. They are both very good, but Beatrice has a bit of the pageant-bot going on, while Carly exudes a natural vibe.

Vino Allan vs David Correy – “What’s Going On” – They were both soulful performing this Motown classic, but Vino is raw. He feels like the real deal. After he finishes, he tosses his cap. He’s really upset with his performance for some reason. He may have messed up some words, or a cue. But nevertheless, he sounded great! He’s a very intense guy. If he goes further, he’s going to be VERY popular with the ladies.

Diamond White vs Dinah Jane Hansen – They sing a stripped down version of “Stronger”. Lots of big notes. Diamond doesn’t completely master her voice yet. Dinah messed up the lyrics. That was a little two slow. Didn’t really go anywhere.

Sister C vs Lauren Jauregui – Britney finds Sister C rally annoying. Simon says they probably feel the same. Both tackle a rootsy sounding gospel tune with aplomb.

Brandon Hassan vs Reed Deming – These two young boylets both sucked. Especially Reed. YIKES.

Julia Bullock vs Ally Brooke – “Knocking on Heavens Door” – OVER SINGING! LA said one of the singers knocked out the other. I can’t tell which.

Jeffrey Gutt vs “If I Die Young – The judges think he may have had his one moment.

Tate Stevens vs Willie Jones – “Nobody Knows” – Oh noes. Willie TOTALLY chokes. He forgets his words and stops singing. Willie reveals that he didn’t know the song. Tate was flawless. He obviously knew the song better. LA says, “Tate hustled him.” Tate is middle aged and no doubt has a much broader catalog of songs than Willie.

Arin Ray Vs Normani Hamilton – “What Makes You Beautiful” – They turn the boy band pop hit into a slow soul jam.

Jillian Jansen Vs Latasha Robinson – “Why Don’t You Stay” – Latasha is here to focus on LATASHA. Jillian is afraid she’ll be steamrolled. Oh no. Latasha TOTALLY CHOKES “I’m sorry, I can’t do it!” cries Latasha. Jillian picks up her part and nails it. Jillian feels bad for Latasha, even though her flopping helped her.

Freddie Combs vs Jessie Bryant – “Up On The Roof” – Wow they both puked on the words. Bad.Jessie is sobbing.

Nick Youngerman vs One45 – Ditto

The flopping and choking doesn’t stop. Britney begins to cry when one young girls forgets the words and begins to cry. The pressure is getting to everyone.

Paige Thomas vs CeCe Frey – “Secrets” by One Republic – Oh. They are roomates! CeCe is painting leopard spots on her legs. Paige doesn’t want to sing the song. But she was kinda steamrolled by Paige. “I’m here to win. Not necessarily to make friends,” says Paige. Paige says she wants to win because she doesn’t belong anywhere accept the spotlight. CeCe says she wants to succeed as much as she wants to live. OMG she turns on the tears after Paige does. Paige sings. She is very nervous and forgets the words. CeCe kinda blows her off the stage with her confidence and big voice. Britney likes Paige.

Sixty contestants will be cut to 24. But we don’t find out until next week! After the group is whittled down, it’s time for judges houses!

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