The Voice UK 2020 Semi-Final Recap and Results (Videos)

By the time The Voice UK finished airing taped shows last spring, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. After the Knockout round, the last two weeks of live shows were postponed indefinitely. Now, FINALLY, after 7 months, the show is ready to crown a winner.

This week, Team, Team Tom Jones, Team Meghan Trainor and Team Olly Murs have two singers apiece who survived the Knockouts.  Additionally, UK fans voted for a singer who didn’t make the semi-final cut to advance. Originally, the winner of the Lifeline was to be revealed on the semi-final. But instead, Doug Sure from Team Will was officially revealed on last week’s clip show.

At the end of this week’s semi-final, the coaches will choose one singer from their respective teams to compete in next week’s finale. 

Meghan, who is pregnant, is Zooming in from the United States. Like competition shows in the states, the coaches, hosts and contestants are in studio, but with masks and social distancing. The audience is virtual.

Jordan Phillips – Dermot Kennedy – Power Over Me – Team Olly – 20 –  Before The Voice, Jordan worked in his family business, in addition to delivering sandwiches. Jordan has improved since his Blind Audition. He’s developed more control and confidence. He hit a few clunkers and he knew it. saying that he could feel his throat dry up. But overall, his passionate delivery makes up for it. Olly calls him a natural. “Fantastic performance.” Meghan tells her former team member that she’s proud of him. Tom calls his performance natural and powerful. Will calls it “freaking awesome.” 

Lois Moodie – Who You Are by Jessie J. – Team Tom – She has mostly performed in church. Lois is a powerful, clear singer. She nails those high notes without a hitch. Her tone is s0 pure. Lois is so grateful to her supportive family. Tom thinks she’s peaking now. “Wonderful, wonderful performance.” Olly calls it phenomenal. You brought it to a whole nother level. Meghan felt everything “You sang with you’re whole body and soul. Will says, “You took it to church.”

Trinity-Leigh Cooper – Lose You to Love Me by Selena Gomez – Team Meghan – She lives with her family in a little village in Wales. Interesting. Meghan coaches Trinity in person. Were these coaching sessions taped before the show shut down? Trinity has had control problems all along. She’s worried about the timing. This is not an easy song to sing. But tonight, she’s delivering. Her best performance so far. “You nailed the emotion,” says Meghan. Tom is disappointed she’s not on his team. “Your voice” says Will. Olly says “You have a unique way of drawing everyone in.”

Doug Sure – Nice for What by Drake/X Factor by Lauryn Hill  – Team Will – He’s the lifeline winner. Also, he’s married and works as an electrician. Will believes the song choice is risky, but worth it. There is something unforgettable about Doug. He has charisma and his vocals are unique. Tonight, he’s bringing a laid back, but energized vibe to the stage. Olly calls it brilliant and a risk worth taking. Meghan calls him cool and festival ready. Tom thinks he has a uniqueness about him. 

Brooke Scullion – Nothing Breaks Like a Heart by Mark Ronson & Miley Cyrus – Team Meghan – Her two grannies are her biggest fans. It’s a good song choice for Brooke’s dusky voice. But there are some pitchy moments. “You killed every second of that,” says Meghan. Will calls it “fantastic” and complimented the song choice. Olly says she hasn’t peaked yet. “You get better with every performance.” Tom tells Irish Brooke that it’s a “Celtic thing.”

Gevanni Hutton – Many Rivers to Cross by Jimmy Cliff – Team Will – Gevanni is 80% backstory. He moved from the Caribbean to be with his father in London. At 18, he’s a rough singer, I was surprised he got any turns at the Blind Auditions.  Will coaches him through some tough spots. He really has a hard time singing in tune. With more coaching an experience, Gevanni could be a good singer. He’s just not there yet. “You sung with so much passion…you meant it,” says Will. Tom thinks the song was perfect for him. Meghan appreciated his passion. Olly thinks it’s the best performance he’s done so far.

Jonny Brooks – A Million Reasons by Lady Gaga – Team Tom – He currently works as a janitor in Belfast cathedral. He brings real Joe Cocker vibes to his performances. But instead of choosing a classic rock song, Tom hands him Lady Gaga. He admits it’s unlike anything he’s done before, but Tom is up for the challenge. Unfortunately, he seems a little stuff compared to earlier performances. Yeah, he’s clearly uncomfortable. I don’t think Tom fancies himself a hockey power balladeer, which is how he sounds here. Tom thinks he nailed, and hopes Tom doesn’t hate him for picking the song. Tom knows it’s a dud. Olly calls him phenomenal. Meghan thought he made the song his own.

Lucy Calcines – Problem by Ariana Grande – Team Will – Latina singer Lucy comes into the semi-final as Will’s favorite, I think. Lucy will sing an original song tonight. Well, sort of. She’ll sing “Problem” by Ariana Grande adding her own original feature. She sings parts of it in Spanish. And she dances too. Other than some screechy high notes, Lucy delivers a professional, high energy performance. “CALL THE POLICE YOU JUST MURDERED THE STAGE,” said Will. Tom said he wants a big rum punch, and a big fat Cuban cigar. Meghan thought she nailed a hard song. 

Blessing Chitapa – Without You by Mariah Carey (Badfinger, Nilsson) – Team Olly – Olly gives 18 year old Blessing a huge song. She struggles initially. Olly changes the key. Blessing starts off well. The temptation to oversing must be great, and she does. Blessing is a decent young singer, but she needs to work on control. The performance is very very pitchy. Olly calls it the best performance of the night, and the best she’s done. Will calls it “spectacular.” Tom appreciates her “sassiness.”  Meghan calls her riffs clean (Uhm. No). 

While the coaches make their decisions, current winner Molly Hocking from Team Olly takes the stage to perform her new single “After the Night Before.” She had the best experience on The Voice, she says after her performance. 

It’s time for RESULTS. Team Tom and Team Meghan return to the stage. Tom chooses first. After agonizing for a bit, Tom chooses Jonny Brooks. He’s surprised, because he knows he sucked. Lois delivered one of the best performances of the night. It’s a shame she’s going home. Meghan loves both her girls, but in the end she chooses Brooke Scullion. I’m surprised again. Trinity’s performance was better, although Brooke is the more interesting singer. 

After the break, it’s time for Team Will and Team Olly. Olly is up first, and he chooses Blessing Chitapa. Jordan had the better performance tonight. But Blessing’s was bigger, I guess. Will has to choose between three singers. He says he’s being pulled in 3 different directions. In the end, he chooses Gevanni Hutton. He’s definitely the worst singer of the three. But in Gevanni, Will sees himself as a young man. He can’t help himself. 

Final Four:

Team Tom: Jonny Brooks
Team Meghan: Brooke Scullion
Team Olly – Blessing Chitapa
Team Will – Gevanni Hutton

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