The Voice UK 2019 Recap – Semifinal Live Blog (VIDEO)

The LIVE SHOWS begin on The Voice UK with the Semifinals.

Team Jennifer Hudson, Team Olly Murs, Team Sir Tom Jones and Team each have two singers for a total of eight competing the the semifinal. However, last week fans voted for a favorite from all the eliminated contestants through to the lives. That singer will be revealed tonight.

Also revealed tonight–after a nationwide vote–the four singers headed to next week’s final.

And the winner of the Lifeline vote is Bethezienna Williams from Team Tom.

Emmanuel Smith – Team Will – Giant by Calvin Harris – The powerful singer performed a gospel song last week and promises to take risks this week. His voice is powerful, muscular, and he sings without seeming to try too hard. He performs the rap part, which he stumbles over a little. But overall, this is really good. He delivers his songs with so much passion, it’s hard not to be moved.  “What a way to kick off the show,” says Will as he stands on his chair. “I see a potential winner,” he says, unsurprisingly. “You set the entire room on fire,” says Jennifer. “Very very soulful,” says Tom. “I wish I had the same soul as you,” says Olly. 

Nicole Dennis – Team Jennifer – Dream On by Aerosmith – Jennifer reiterates how she sees herself in Nicole. She tried Gravity by John Mayer and Respect in rehearsal. She wasn’t comfortable with either. She wanted to take a risk, though. So, she settled on Dream On which contains the mother of all high notes! She’s playing piano to start. Not for long though! I appreciate that she’s taking risks. Her all Broadway all the time thing put me off. Here, I’m fully able to appreciate her vocal gifts. She’s nailing it. Does she hit that high note? Hm. She sings it like an opera diva, which ain’t rock n roll. But overall, good job. She insists “that’s my sound completely.” Jennifer calls her “brave.” Olly liked seeing a different side to her personality. Tom liked the song choice. An audience member shouts something. Because his praise is a bit faint. 

Deana Walmsley – Autumn Leaves (standard covered by Eva Cassidy, Nat King Cole and more) – Tom thinks Deana “sings like a dream.” She loves the song he chose for her. She thinks it shows everything she can do vocally. She’s mostly sung rock classics, but Tom is correct, this song choice shows off everything she can do. Such beautiful tone and phrasing! Deana is one of my favorites. It’s one of my favorite songs, says Tom, choking up a bit. “You did a wonderful job.” Olly calls her voice “classic and timeless.” Will sees her as a “true artist” who possess the “entire package.” Jennifer says Deana “continually raises the bar.” 

Bethezienna Williams – Team Tom – You Don’t Own Me by Lesley Gore – Host Emma Willis visited Bethzienna to deliver the good news–she won the Lifeline vote.  Dancers hold Bethzienna up on their feet as the performance begins. Throughout the performance, the dancers pick her up and carry her around. I guess they own her? Or don’t own her? It’s a bit distracting. Finally, they stop as she delivers the biggest vocals. The boys end up surrounding the coaches in their chairs. Too much. “That was tremendous,” says Tom. They didn’t have much time to put it together. Olly felt she shouldn’t have been eliminated in the first place. “If you ever need a naked man…” he says. Will prattles on and on about the naked men. Shut up Will. 

Jimmy Belioto – Team Olly –  Fix You by Coldplay – He delivered a powerful cover of Radiohead’s “High and Dry” in the Knockouts. It was emotional–he lost his dad shortly after the Battles were filmed. Olly chooses the obvious song for Jimmy at this point, another emotional song, Fix You. He rips off his shirt and jumps on the piano before singing the bridge. I don’t love this as much as his Knockout performance. But he delivers enough emotion and drama for television–he’s got a good shot at next week’s final. “I’m so proud, mate,” says Olly. He reminds the audience that Jimmy didn’t get a turn last season. Will commends him for making it through many obstacles. Jennifer believes he can win the show. 

Moya – Team Jennifer –  I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons – Moya claims she was truly surprised to advance. She has been kicking around the music scene for years, having released music on a major label. Jennifer works to boost the singer’s confidence. Moya puts an adult contemporary spin on the song. Not something we really needed, I don’t think. However, she does have an incredible instrument. I’m just not digging the song choice. Also, she’s dressed and styled like a middle aged pant suit lady. Hm. Jennifer loves her passion and feels she represented herself in the best way possible. “I never heard that song sound so good,” says Tom. 

NXTGEN – Team Will – Embrace (Original Song) – This trio was part of an X Factor UK group a few seasons ago. They are the only trio to survive to the Semis. Will produces the song in his own studio. This song is actually…not terrible. It’s pretty catchy! Their vocals aren’t individually strong, but does it even matter for future prospects? I have a feeling Will will continue to work with them after the show, no matter what happens. Will calls them “brave.” Nah. It’s smart. They probably know that winning is a long shot. And if the semi’s are it, might as well showcase who they are. 

Cedric Neal – Team Tom – High Hopes by Panic at the Disco – Tom gave him a fast paced song for a change. “There are so many words!” says Cedric. But he’s ready to “knock it out of the park.” He starts up in the audience with a horn section following him to the stage. His voice is soulful and delivery energetic. His presence is infectious. Cedric is another one of my favorites. Team Tom for the win! Also, another great song choice from Tom. “I can’t wait to see one of your shows,” says Tom. Jennifer loves watching him enjoy what he does. “You suck everyone into your world and your performance,” says Olly.

Molly Hocking – Team Olly – I’ll Never Love Again from A Star is Born –  At 18, she’s the youngest singer in the competition right now. “All you lack is confidence!” says Olly in rehearsal. “I’m so terrified,” Molly says.  She starts off laying on stage as the camera shoots her from above. Her dress and make up are gorgeous. Olly has really been able to tease the big notes out of her! Molly is delivering a big song without holding back. Her best performance so far. Olly is proud of her growth and growing confidence.  “You’re lucky I can’t get my shoes off my feet!” says Jennifer. “If you’re not in the finale, I’m going to be highly upset.” Will noted she smiled for the first time after her performance. 

The VOTE is open! If you live in the UK and have the app you can vote! Also, landline and mobile numbers are available.  You’ve got about 8 minutes to vote. 

Back from break. The vote is closed! Now, last season’s Team Will runner-up Donel* returns with his brand new single “Planets.”  This song feels like a dud. 

RESULTS: The semifinalists take the stage. Emma is about to reveal the four singers advancing to next week’s FINAL. 

Bethzienna Williams – Team Tom (WHAAAT????)
Molly Hocking – Team Olly
Deana – Team Tom
Jimmy Belito – Team Olly

WOW Team Jennifer and Team Will ICED OUT OF THE FINAL. Cedric was ROBBED Y’ALL. Nicole and Emmanuel should have BOTH advanced to the final over Bethzienna. Eff that stupid Lifeline.

Prediction: Molly Hocking will win The Voice UK.

*Correction: Donel was the runner-up last year, not the winner as previously stated. 


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