The Voice UK 2019 Blind Auditions 7 Recap and Live Blog (VIDEOS)

The Voice UK Blind Auditions continue today (Feb 16) from 3 PM EST/8 PM GMT to 4:30 PM EST/9:30 GMT.

Tom Jones, Olly Murs, Jennifer Hudson and  return to the coaches panel, along with host Emma Willis.  The new twist this season is Trios. For the first time, groups of three will be able to audition alongside solos and duos.

The Blind Auditions conclude tonight! There are only a few spots left on the coaches’ teams. 

Shivon Kane – ‘Fine Line’ by Mabel & Not3s – 19 year old part time restaurant worker from London. She works at an American style burger shop and is very close to her little sister. She performs with a lot of energy, even if she’s got a few pitch problems. She’s more fun to watch than listen to. She breaks out some rap. Ohhh. These pitch problems could sink her. As she hits a super off key high note, we see a hand move away from a button. But then Will turns at the last minute.  He turned because she gave it her all despite the lack of turns. Tom said he was on the edge, but he wants to be careful with only a couple of spots left. The six year old sister comes out on stage and she compliments Will’s shoes, while she gives the rest of the panel hugs. Team Will

Will’s Team is filled. And to celebrate, he performs “I Got a Feeling” for the audience. He changes the lyrics: “I got a feeling that Will is going to crush everybody’s team!

Amy Hawthorn – ‘Best of My Love’ by The Emotions – 29 year old singer from Livingston Scotland – She started singing at pubs and clubs. She’s been singing for awhile now. She’s the Legion Scotland Sweetheart, which appears to be some sort of veteran remembrance group. She and her mom are very close. This is an odd choice, especially for a singer who isn’t particularly soulful. She could have picked a song that showed off her voice more. She strains on the high notes. Honestly, she’s sounds like a bar singer–nothing special. And indeed, poor Amy receives No Turns. Aw. She’s crying. Olly compared her to a date that had no spark. OOF.

Philippa Akers – ‘Ain’t Nobody’ by Rufus & Chaka Khan – 27 year old warehouse manager from Milton Keynes. She’s been at her job for five and a half years. She’s decided to make the leap–leave her job to become a full time singer. Philippa puts a heavy rock spin on this 70’s soul classic. Not sure I like it, but at least she’s playing with new arrangements (unlike Amy before her). She’s got a strong voice, but seems nervous. Again No Turns. Jennifer is looking to fill her last spot with a male. Tom felt the rendition wasn’t as good as the original. Olly felt she was trying too hard. Tom agrees.

Since Will’s team is a filled, he decides to sit in the audience…

Ayanam Udoma – ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis – 27 year old from Manchester. He’s been living in Manchester for only a couple of years. He does open mic nights, but it’s hard because he’s an introvert. Oh, he’s got an interesting voice. It’s not what I expected at all. It’s folky, but with a soulful twist. The coaches will be surprised to see a black artist–if they turn. He’s sounding a little nervous. Wow. His hand is trebling. I sorta like this guy, though. And Tom turns! He turned because “I think you have a very interesting voice.” Ayanam is VERY shy! He admits, “I can’t stop shaking.” and “I’m going to faint if I try too hard.” Will said he went berserk when nobody was turning. Olly thinks he will only get better in the competition. Team Tom

Kieron Smith – ‘Drops of Jupiter’ by Train – 26 year old from Liverpool. He designs pylon circuits. He loves his job! But also loves music. At 20 he decided to gather his confidence and step out front with his music. He’s got a nice tone and decent phrasing. He could have picked a more compelling song. Boring 90s pop… When he hits a big long note, Jennifer hits her button. And she fills her team with a guy, just as she was hoping. Will assures him he has THE best coach. Olly thought the song choice was brilliant, but he wanted more emotion. Jennifer thinks Kieron has a “great great voice.” – Team Jennifer

Team Jennifer is FILLED.

Chloe Jones – ‘Call Me’ by Blondie – 25 year old from Manchester. She works as a waitress and is a huge daydreamer. Her parents support her music ambitions. She sings an acoustic version of “Call Me” on guitar.  She has an interesting dark tone, and I kinda like what she’s doing with the arrangement. But it’s not the kind of thing that will go places. Where are the big notes? Only Tom and Olly have spots left, so it’s tough! Olly thought it was good, but “I don’t know…” he says. Tom says “I needed just a little bit more.” –  No Turns

Ryan Simpson – ‘New Shoes’ by Paolo Nutini – 25 year old from West Wales. It’s time to montage. A bit of Ryan talking, a bit of his unremarkable performance and No Turns Olly and Tom are waiting for something more. 

GGMK – ‘Forget You’ by CeeLo Green – Duo consisting of Georgia and Missy, both 17 from County Dublin – OH THESE TWO ARE TERRIBLE. Making it worse, Missy’s dad is Ronan Keating from the popular boy band, Boyzone. EEP – No Turns. 

Rainy Hall – ‘Run to You’ by Bryan Adams – 32 year old from Essex. “Music runs through my veins. I feel it’s my time,” Rainy says. She has a big voice. If it were earlier in the round, she’d definitely get a turn. But she does not. Her family is really upset. Tom is regretting not hitting his button – No Turns

Lauren Hope – ‘Addicted to Love’ by Robert Palmer – 20 year old from Blackpool. She works part time at a big box store. Her family ran pubs. It’s how she started singing. She’s got a deep muscular voice. She modernizes “Addicted to Love” in an interesting way. She could use a little more energy, however.  I bet Tom turns for her.  NO. It’s Olly. Olly turns! His team is full. Her youngest sister comes out on stage to say hi. Will is her favorite coach. She runs over to press the button. – Team Olly

Team Olly is full!

Marina Simioni – ‘Show Me Love by Robin S. (Sam Feldt Version) – 27 year old from London. Welp. She’s obviously Tom’s last singer! Marina is from a big Italian family. She’s proud to be Italian and knows how to speak the language. She lives with her boyfriend Gio and her dog. She brings her pug to the audition. Good song choice. She does a thing with her voice–she hits an extremely high note and holds it. She’s hopping around her range TOO much. Good range. Bad phrasing. She even throws in some beatboxing. TOO much. However at the the VERY LAST MINUTE Tom hits his button. “I will never forget this audition,” says Olly. She brings her dog on stage. SUCH A GOOD DOGGO. She’s classically trained. She decided to combine all the styles she sings into one performance. I hope Tom advises her to stop that. Her mom, who is a “massive” Tom Jones fan comes down to meet him. – Team Tom

All the TEAMS are full. Next week, the Battles begin. 


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  1. Well, I did not enjoy of of these acts.Also why does everyone look so old on these UK shows, the 17 year olds look 40. Blah!!

  2. Shivon-Wow that was way way out of tune. Energy is good but when out of tune it is hard to listen to.
    Amy=wrong song. Shame, cause I think she can sing, but she went for too much for the entire song. We never truly got to hear her voice as we should.
    Phillipa-interesting take on this song. She was in and out of tune, but the in tune parts were quite good and her rasp is excellent.
    Ayanam=I love this song. I hate his rendition. All the beauty disappeared. Did not like his voice. Sounded pitchy at times. I prefer this

  3. You can justify the “no turns,” I guess, but often they are no better or worse than the artists who did get turns.

  4. Watched this week’s TVF auditions. Now watching the #TALENTROOM videos. There are a couple who made an impression this week. Even a weak week of TVF is better than most of The Voice UK. Still not really liking the new judges, though. Somehow they don’t seem to jell. I will say that the UK judges are better at least in terms of their personal interaction.

  5. The dog was the best thing for me out of these auditions, oh, and the little 6 year old girl.

  6. Yeah….she was just pure exuberance, not even slightly self-conscious. Just joy =).

  7. I thought this was one of the strongest weeks of TVF, have watched in a very long time. When you watch in entirety I think you will find they judges interact wonderfully. I have many that I absolutely loved tonight, the good looking kid who sang a million mile an hour was amazing, but he was not the best of the night or maybe he was. I am not sure. I loved the guy who sang Tracy Chapman. There were 2 songs I despise that singers made me enjoy, Vay doing Stay and the final Cuban girl who did that very strange but very compelling version of Diamonds. I loved the 2 hours tonight, which is good, as I felt the first week was not very good.

  8. I kinda liked Chloe a bit, but you can’t get anywhere on these shows without the big notes, even if the song doesn’t really call for one.

  9. Keiron-He sapped all the beauty out of the song.
    Chloe Jones-One of my favorite auditions of the series. A brilliant take on the song. Her deep husky voice suits the song perfectly. There are enough little inflections to give the vocal some character. Loved it. Naturally no turns.
    Forget the montages.
    Rainy Hall-Honestly, one of the better vocals of the audition. She did nothing to the song, but she sang it well and considering how many pitchy messes have got turns, disappointed that she did not.
    Lauren Hope=I must admit, I can not stand this song, but I like what she did with it. Interesting take on it, thinking slowing it down gives it a bit more life to the chorus. She is an excellent voice and delivers and excellent vocal. For sure deserves a turn.
    Marina-Wish she had stuck with one voice and sang it that way throughout. Agree with Tom, her falsetto is super strong. This is rather manic or haphazard or random. Strange audition.

  10. I thought Kieron had moments here or there. Didn’t get the “Wonderwall” guy; thought it was a bit of a mess. Agree with you on Rainy. Preferred the front half of Lauren’s song than the back half. Really, Chloe was my favorite, and Rainy & Lauren were the only others who I found somewhat promising. (Curious what Lauren would sound like on a different song.) Marina has a good voice but must learn to use it based on what the song requires — could learn a thing or two from Chloe.

    Worst of the night hands-down were GGMK & Ryan Simpson. Had to shut both off. The half of GGMK linked to the boy band dad sounded entitled (“He (dad) was my age when he started. So I just want to — you know — start my career now and get a move on”). Honey you need TALENT — and a lot of luck — to have a career. Just because your dad had one doesn’t mean you will, too.

  11. I don’t know why the UK singing shows are so hopeless, but I wasn’t saying this was a weak week on TVF, just making the comparison. Anyway, Ana Carla (Cuban girl) was my favorite, I think. I also really enjoyed Louna, who sang the Eminem song. And I have my eye on Ava Baya, who went from singing Edith Piaf to Jessie J. That’s quite a switch-up! I’m not sold on Antso (the Tracy Chapman guy), or on Vay. I found Vay too precious; he got on my nerves. I kinda liked Ismail (at least his audition song). By the way, Tomy and I posted our thoughts about the first week of TVF on last week’s The Voice UK thread. I don’t know whether you saw those posts?

  12. I did not see that post, but I shall read and post my thoughts. I LOVED that song by Muse that Ismail sang. I am not sure about him, but the song is gorgeous. I did not like Louna, but then again, I am not a fan of rap. I forgot about Ava Baya. I liked much of her audition but the vocal sounded a bit erratic. She did not hit all the notes. I understand your thought on Vay, but anytime someone is different and good, I am intrigued. I loved his audition but I hope in his knockout he sings something a bit different. I was happy that someone sang Tracy Chapman. She deserves to be heard. Occasionally they sing Fast Car, but she has many terrific songs. Talking about a revolution is one that I love. Perhaps I loved the song more than the singer, but that is ok.
    What did you think about Arezki, the good looking kid who sang super fast. Thought that was absolutely brilliant. I am sure if I understood the lyric, he captured the emotion. Great show.
    As for The Voice Uk. They are very willing to take on amateur singers that other Voice competitions would not. Also, I am sure the well has also run dry. X F Uk, once the pinnacle of reality singing has sucked for years now.

  13. I posted my week one thoughts in the thread for the world to read. Unfortunately, I had to give Tomy bad news about my Dane.

  14. I understand, Boston. As you noted, it’s only been 7 weeks. That’s not a very long time. I’m not sure the pain ever goes away, but the sharp stab of loss should lessen and dull with time.

  15. I agree. I wish they’d gotten a turn. The female had a stronger voice than the male, but together they sounded blissful.

  16. I have not yet listened to the other songs they record. They do things mostly right on this show. I love that they allow us to hear a private vocal of the singers choice.

  17. I do not think either missed a note. Their harmonies were both intricate and interesting. I do not like the song they sang and ultimately it was a bit boring, but the show is The Voice and I do not think that many could top what they did.

  18. I agree that The Voice UK relies more on true amateur singers, and that the well is running dry (although one would expect it to replenish with a new crop of singers as the years go by and younger singers grow up). I think Arezki may be a one-trick pony. He did the same thing in his second, talentroom song. I like him fine; he’d make a great auctioneer, lol. (Not mad he got a turn, though.) Not even a Tracy Chapman song could save Antso for me. I guess he has one of those voices that you either like or dislike. I am in the latter category. (Parts of his talentroom song were decent, though, IMO.) You may be right about Ava Baya being erratic. She reminds me of someone from last year who did some outstanding performances but wasn’t consistent. I still enjoyed Ava, though. I also liked Ismail and the Muse song. Was less enchanted with his talentroom song, though. I think he has a good voice and makes some excellent choices re musical phrasing, but I suspect he is in his head and thinking too much, rather than letting the song evolve naturally. My favorites this week are still Ana Carla and Louna. (I’m not a big fan of rap, but Louna seemed competent enough. Thing is, I loved her singing voice. So together, she seems to have the potential for flexibility and marketability.)

  19. Ismael-This is a beautiful song, that I am not familiar with. Ismael was mostly good. His falsetto was erratic. When he nails it, it is gorgeous. I like his vocal tricks. they are more subtle and seem to have meaning. Very talented singer, who I hope finds some notes in his lower range to use.
    Virginie-She is entirely ordinary and entirely boring.
    Louna-I do not enjoy rapping. I did not enjoy her singing voice. It sounded very rap like.
    Vay-I despise this song. I loved Vay singing it. His tone is different, which always intrigues me. He sings in tune and knows how to deliver a vocal. Excellent audition.
    Po and Marina-As i wrote elsewhere, I do not think either missed a note. Their harmonies were intricate and interesting. Ultimately the performance was a bit snoozy. Wish they had sung a different song. Wish they did not include their friends histrionics in the waiting room. On a show called The Voice, it is a shame they are not involved.
    Ava-I am a bit conflicted. There was much of this vocal that was exquisite, simply gorgeous, but others missed the mark. However, she absolutely deserves a turn as this does not sound like the easiest song to sing and she had far more good than off. I look forward to what she does next. With a bit of coaching, a potential sleeper.
    Sidoine-I do not get it, but I loved it.
    Lisa-I thought this was an excellent audition. She missed a few notes, but her voice is strong and often beautiful. This was one of the best vocals of the night. No turn???
    Arezki-definitely my favorite of the night. Gorgeous gorgeous tone. For sure he knows how to emote. I do not care about the rapid fire singing, but it is pretty spectacular. I think I would grow tired of it. I would love to hear him sing a ballad. I think he could be great.
    Mano-Heavy metal on The Voice France. Ok. Not my cup of tea, but ok.
    Antso-Big points for singing Tracy Chapman. His tone is awesome. I fucking loved this audition.
    Ana Carla-A wildly creative take on a song I can not stomach. She did not hit all the notes, but I loved loved loved her.

  20. YES! Somebody else likes Louna! Have you watched the talentroom videos? I’m curious what you think of Ava’s cover of “Price Tag.” Arezka caught my attention at first, but his second song was more of the same. On the other hand, I thought Mano’s second song was better. Wouldn’t write him off yet, but I fear you are right & he is limited. What is your take on the coaches? I am not sure I like Julien?

    Still bitter about no turns for Sawadee last season.

  21. Okay, so I’ve seen the second show. Here are my thoughts ! A very strong episode overall, I agree, way better than the first one.

    Ismail : He was good and has mad potential. Definitely keeping an eye on him.

    Virginie : She was competent enough, but she didn’t have that required emotion, and her accent was…disturbing. Meh.

    Louna: LOVED HER ! Loved both her singing and her rapping part. She’s super good ! I hope she goes far, I’m already a fan.

    Vay : Very good tone and interesting performance. Great potential over here.

    Po & Marina : I liked it, but she is the better singer, she has a great tone. He’s ok but a little generic. If she was the main singer, they would have gotten a turn.

    Ava : Édith Piaf is always a risky choice. She did a good job, however. A potential sleeper.

    Sidoine : Loved his creativity and artistry.

    Lisa : Beautiful tone. Some parts were hauntingly beautiful, and others were…quite shaky, to be honest. I don’t know if she is ready, so I understand why she didn’t have any chair, but the potential is there. A good coaching would have been mandatory with her.

    Arezki : Loved him ! He’s a pretty versatile singer with a very interesting voice, a lot of possibilities are open with him. Definitely a stand-out.

    Mano : He’s good, but he seems rather limited, stylistically. We shall see. He’s a good singer, but I fear his coach is going to struggle with the coaching.

    Antso : He was mostly good, with a interesting tone, and there were a few bum notes to correct.

    Ana Carla : Was it perfect ? No. But I LOVED IT. Her tone is gorgeous, she has a great range, and she conveys emotions with such honesty.

    Team Jen already looks stacked, dear lord.

  22. Boy there are several I am bitter about from last year, most notable Ubare being eliminated by Frederic? Ubare had back to back one of the best auditions and her Nature Boy was the best Knockout. She is very special. I remain pissed off, however, she does tour the states on occasion. I hope I get to see her. I also remain bitter about Gemma who sang something extremely difficult but then just sang in sounds. It was fucking amazing. The Diva Dance Opera, I think it was called. It was very very special. Yes Sawadee would likely be 2nd.

  23. Jen does not do a good job as a mentor? I know she stole Mathilde, who has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard, so she can not be too bad.

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