The Voice UK 2019 Blind Auditions 6 Recap and Live Blog (VIDEOS)

The Voice UK Blind Auditions continue today (Feb 9) from 3 PM EST/8 PM GMT to 4:30 PM EST/9:30 GMT.

Tom Jones, Olly Murs, Jennifer Hudson and  return to the coaches panel, along with host Emma Willis.  The new twist this season is Trios. For the first time, groups of three will be able to audition alongside solos and duos.

Nyema Kalfon – ‘Answerphone’ by Banx & Ranx and Ella Eyre – 22 year old call center worker from Winchester. She first started singing in school at age 13. Currently, she performs in open mic nights.  She sings with an African beat. Not sure how I feel about her. I don’t like this song–but she is different. She sings with a deep, rich alto. Will hits his button right away.  Some of her high notes are off pitch. Tom turns at the last minute. Olly mentions that he worked at a call center. Will loved her Caribbean/Afro beat vibes. “Lots of potential,” says Will. Tom appreciated her timing.  Olly calls her “fresh” and claims he considered hitting his button. Will says as far as his coaching style, he “goes deep.” Nyema picks Team Will. Will is definitely the right choice for her.

Gabriel Dryss – ‘Treasure’ by Bruno Mars – 16 year old A-level student from London.  He’s also half french and lives with his dad in an estate. He comes from a musical family. His grandpa in France plays guitar. When he was 12 he sang in Kids United with UNICEF. Oh he dances too. He’s got a Michael Jackson vibe going. He’s a little unwieldy? His moving around seems to be throwing off his pitch. He needs a couple more years working on the voice. Will turns at the VERY last minute. Will could tell he was dancing. He asks him to sing the chorus again, with the moves. Will likes them. “He wants it!” says Jennifer. She admires his energy. Will says he was influenced by the audience who urged him to turn. On the other hand, Tom thought he was a girl. – Team Will

Claire McCulloch – ‘Hard to Handle’ by Otis Redding – 34 year old paramedic from Dundee. At the moment, she performs with a ska band. Her mom used to attend all her gigs, but a few years ago, she was diagnosed with dementia. Olly and Tom thinks it’s easier to feel the nerves when they are listening with their backs to the singer. She’s an old fashioned rock singer. Kind of ordinary? But she’s singing in key. Well, there was no commercial break between Gabriel and Claire. That means? Claire gets no turn. This show is a little bit predictable!  Even the big note she ended on didn’t prompt a turn. For a song like that, she needed more energy. Claire blames herself. Says she was nervous. – No Turns

Gisela Green – ‘Best Part’ by Daniel Caesar – 27 year old midwife from London. She admits that she sings to the babies. She’s worried that her nerves will take over. Her tone and phrasing are beautiful. She’s a bit old-fashioned, and I don’t love her upper register, but overall she’s  good. Jennifer and Will turn right away. Olly hits his button at the last minute. Will calls her voice “angelic.” She’s been singing since she was 7. Jennifer says she has been too! And it’s a good reason for Gisela to choose her. Will says he’d get her to listen to a bunch of singers and then figure out a way to emulate, but remain herself. Jennifer thinks her voice is capable of so much more. JHud productions is here to help! Olly promises he’s a great listener and would work closely. Unsurprisingly, Gisela picks Team Jennifer.

Between auditions, Jennifer Hudson sings “Impossible Dream” from the Broadway musical Man of La Mancha. She nails that last note!

Stephanie Hill – ‘I Could Have Danced All Night’ from My Fair Lady – 24 year old oncologist from Peak District.  She rides horses and competes. Also, she’s, Miss UK and Miss World Europe. But she spends most of her time working on cancer research. She’s totally a Broadway singer. She’s pretty good, but will anyone on the panel want that kind of singer on their team? AND THE ANSWER IS NO. Stephanie thinks she might have played it a little safe. – No Turns

Georgia Bray – ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry – 21 admin works as an admin for her dad’s business. She’s from Staffordshire. She usually gigs about once in a month. Her dad really believes in her. Her version of “Firework” is sung slowed-up and in a deep voice. She does have a unique sound. This arrangement is boring though. Jennifer shakes her hands like she’s waiting for something to happen. Yeah, this performance is lethargic. Olly does hit his button at the last minute. He calls her a “vocal gymnast.” Tom calls her performance “lovely.” Will reminds her that there is fierce competition–she shouldn’t hold back. Team Olly

Jack Hawitt – ‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna – 29 year old singing waiter from Barrow-in-Furness. He’s been showing off since he was 2 years old. His mom dad and fiancée are with him today. It’s an interesting song choice. But he starts off in his lower register, and it’s a little shaky. In the end, this might not be really a good song for him. He needs a tune that keeps him in his upper register. His falsetto isn’t bad. In the end, no one hits their button. Jennifer and Will thought he was good. Tom thought he should started maybe a half step higher. I agree with Tom! – No Turns

Kenza Blanka – ‘Papaoutai’ by Stromae – 34 year old from London. She has a “baby voice” which she gets criticized for a lot. She lost her confidence at one point. But now she’s back. She’s mixing French, Arabic and English in her performance. Hm. This is kind of weird. She hits these weird notes in her upper register. It’s not altogether pleasant. The chorus is catchy. Maybe someone will turn. When she hits one of her yelps, Jennifer makes a scary face. Heh. Jennifer thought Will or Olly should have turned. But nobody hits their button. Will knows the song. The story is about a son and his father, apparently.  – No Turns

Deana – ‘Back to Black’ by Amy Winehouse – 23 year old singing teacher from Liverpool. She lives around the corner from her nan. Deana describes herself as a tomboy–her trademark is a backwards hat. By day, she teaches singing at a college.  Accompanying herself on an electric piano, she sings soulfully. Olly turns right away! At first I didn’t even recognize the song. She changed it up a bit. Her version is even sadder than the original! Tom and Will hit their buttons next. Tom thought she handled a difficult tune really well. Olly loves her “swag.” He says, “It’s boss.” Jennifer says, “I think you turned around for a star.” She regrets not hitting her button. Her boyfriend comes out on stage to give Deana a hug. Olly reminds her he’s from Essex. “I’m a down to earth guy. I’ll keep you that way.” Tom promises he would find the right songs for her. Will says he’ll fight for her. She chooses Team Tom.


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