The Voice UK 2019 Blind Auditions 5 Recap and Live Blog (VIDEOS)

The Voice UK Blind Auditions continue today (Feb 2) from 3 PM EST/8 PM GMT to 4:30 PM EST/9:30 GMT.

Tom Jones, Olly Murs, Jennifer Hudson and  return to the coaches panel, along with host Emma Willis.  The new twist this season is Trios. For the first time, groups of three will be able to audition alongside solos and duos.

Equip To Overcome – ‘Blinded By Your Grace’ by Stormzy – Trio consisting of Gabrielle (20), Yolanda (20) and Shalom (20) from Kent – They sang together in University choir and are gospel singers, hoping to spread the word. They’re still in Uni, juggling The Voice into their schedule. The ladies sing in unison, harmony and there are solos as well.  The chorus explodes, and the chairs begin turning–JHud and Tom. Will hits his button last. Jennifer is all about the trios and harmonies! She asks them to sing again, a cappella.  Will says they are “glued together so perfectly.” Tom thinks they probably dream together. “You sound like sisters. Very special.” Olly thanks them for taking him to church. Tom says he has nobody like them on his team. “I’d get the best out of you.” Jennifer reminds them that she comes from the same place. Will says he makes happy music and would encourage them to explore different genres. After chatting among themselves they choose Team Tom Jones

What a coincidence! Each of the coaches has a trio on their team… Hm.

Sherie Harthill – ‘Super Duper Love’ by Joss Stone – 37 year old from Southport – She’s a single mom of 3 children. Before she had her kids, she played pubs and clubs. But she put a halt to her singing career after she started a family. She still wants to be a pop star. “You’re never too old to chase your dreams,” she says. She’s actually good! Very soulful, a bit of a throwback, nice tone. Her phrasing is good without oversinging. She’s got a 60/70s vibe going. Somebody should turn! But they don’t. Olly pushes his button, knowing he made a mistake. Aw, her kids are backstage crying. Tom thought she was “too anxious.” – No Turns

Eva Campbell – ‘Teardrop’ by Massive Attack – 16 year old from Dublin – She’s currently in secondary school. Her pitch is off. She seems really nervous. Interesting song choice, though. I don’t know, there’s something about her tone that’s unpleasant. Youch. She’s so off pitch in her upper register. Olly turns at the last minute. Inexplicable, because that was a terrible audition. Nobody turned for Sherie yet… hm. Tom says she has a “unique sound.” That’s one way to put it. Olly thinks she has an “interesting” voice, adding that he “loves the Irish.” – Team Olly Murs

Khadija – ‘Underwater Love’ by Smoke City – 21 year old part time waitress from London – She works at a mexican restaurant. Free staff meals! Her mom is Brazilian, and very supportive. She realizes she’s chosen a risky song, but she wants to show who she is on stage. This is a very weird song. Very weird. Will is intrigued and hits his button. Actually, this is pretty awful. It’s a bad song and she’s got pitch problems. The yelpy stuff is annoying. Welp. Maybe Will can do something with her. He notes her “eclectic” vibe. Will is super picky and usually the last to fill his team.  Olly said he was close to hitting his button. Jennifer claims she almost hit her button too, comparing the performance to Beyonce’s “Baby Boy.” – Team Will

After, Olly and and Will perform a spontaneous ditty.

Craig Roystone – This Is The Last Time’ by Keane – 21 year old musician from South Yorkshire – He lives with his parents, still. He currently plays in a group with musicians he met at university. He should have washed and combed his hair before this appearance. Still, he’s a decent pop rock singer. I have a feeling he won’t get a turn. Rock singers are at a disadvantage on The Voice UK. And yep. Will thought it was wobbly. Tom felt it was good, but not distinctive.  No Turns

Nikki Ambers – ‘Better Now’ by Post Malone – 22 year old dog walker from London – She lives at home with her mother, younger siblings and a ton of dogs. She was signed to Universal at 13 with a girl band. They were dropped when she was 16. This isn’t a great song choice. She has some wobbly moments, pitch wise. She needs a big note to grab attention.  She finally has one, and she’s at her wobbliest yet. Both Tom and Olly hit their buttons. Kind of surprised that Tom turned. He says she has “great control…I like what you did with it.” He adds that he doesn’t have anyone like her on his team, and that he’d know how to work with her vocally. Olly calls it “current” and “it sounded like you, with a fresh twist.”  He thinks he could stretch her even further. He reminds her that he turned first! Nikki chooses Team Olly Murs. I’m a little surprised. Tom’s pitch was good.

Seth Oraeki – ‘Jealous’ by Labrinth – 17 year old student from Bedford – He studies drama, dance and media. His dad is his teacher and a big influence. He has a beautiful tone and phrasing. He’s a polished singer for his age. He pours emotion in the the performance. And it’s only at the last minute that Will and Jennifer hit their buttons. Will felt some John Legend vibes, but noted some nerves at the end. Jennifer could hear the potential in his voice. She thinks he could settle into his voice, and would concentrate on improving it. Seth pulls off a few dance moves, to show off his versatility. He chooses Team Will

Moya – ‘Grace’ by Rag’n’Bone Man – 27 year old songwriter from Jersey – She lives with her mom and dad. She’s been singing forever and at 22 she wrote an album. She toured with Rod Stewart, Blondie and more. She wanted to write a second album. But things went wrong. She lost her confidence. She put a hold on her career, moved in with her parents in order to build her confidence back up. She’s at The Voice because she’s ready. She’s an obvious pro. She’s got a lovely voice with beautiful phrasing and the ability to push her voice in powerful ways. Quickly, it becomes a 4 chair turn. Jennifer throws her shoe. Tom calls her tone “wonderful” and “passionate.” Will mentions that crazy knockbacks are part of the business. He compliments her breath control. Jennifer could feel her passion and love for music “You’re amazing” she says. Olly says “you took us on a journey.” Her mom wants her to choose Team Olly! Moya picks the person she’s had in her head since day one. Team Jennifer Hudson. JHud finally gets a team member tonight!

Next week: It’s the LAST of the Blind Auditions!


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  1. Equip to Overcome-Mixed bag. Some excellent harmonies. The individual voices are decent. There r some missed notes. I did not feel this. I was not taken to church, however the final harmony was absolutely gorgeous. Not bad but needs work.

  2. Sheri Harthill-Sounds like a 60s Motown singer. Love her approach. Her tone is anachronistic which makes it sounds fresh. Excellent performance, which, of course gets no turns.

  3. Eva Campbell-Sounds like 60s folk singer, unfortunately it is one that does not sing in tune. She is extremely nervous and wildly out of tune, which is an absolute shame. Although I am not at all familiar with it, I love the song. Although she barely hit a note in tune, her tone is unique and very interesting. She needs lots of help, but I could see her pulling off something quite good.

  4. Khadjia-Another song that I do not know that I like. Unfortunately, she is also entirely out of tone, but she too has a unique and interesting vibe. Hope she can sing in tune as she is another that I could find joy in listening too.

  5. Craig Roystone-If we are not getting the strongest vocals, we are getting some cool song choices. This is a very bad audition. He was out of tune throughout and had no presence.

  6. Nicki Ambers-She began well, but it all fell apart rather quickly. Still, there were those fleeting bits that make me feel like she might deliver something good. My comments sound a bit repetitive, but that is what I hear.

  7. Seth Oraeki-Love his take on this song. The opening is beautiful. He sounds a bit nervous at times, but he knows what he is doing. I agree with MJ. I love his phrasing. He needs some work, but he is another that may blow us away with a performance. The night is flawed but many singers excite me.

  8. Moya-Holy shit. This girl can sing. She is in tune. She uses her voice in unique ways. This is absolutely fantastic.

  9. Nicki’s voice grated on my last nerve. I would have liked to hear her sing a different song. “Better Now” is a good song, but it did her voice no favors. Tried again but there is something terribly unpleasant in her tone. You’d have to pay me to voluntarily listen to that . . .

  10. I couldn’t post last week, I was so pissed at the judges.

    This week, I don’t know that the singing is any better, but the song choices are . . .

  11. Potential there, but very flawed. Seth started well, but lost me somewhere in the middle. If he can get a bit of vocal help, he could be good. He has good instincts.

  12. I hope Will is able to work with Khadija. Interesting song, poorly executed. But maybe she has potential? I agree she has a “unique and interesting vibe.” For sure, at least she is not boring!

  13. Throwback sound for sure. Sheri didn’t totally sell me — it seemed like she was trying too hard — but she should have gotten a turn. The goods were all there. She just needs to work on her nerves a bit.

  14. I did enjoy Equip to Overcome, but they are so niche, I’m not sure what they’ll be able to bring to the competition. I find their stage name a little OTT, to be honest. My snowflake does CCM, so I’m certainly not hostile to the genre. Guess I just don’t want to be hit over the head. But we shall see. They certainly have talent and can sing. They deserved their turn.

  15. I keep going back to listen to Eva sing “Teardrop.” I hope Olly helps Eva improve, but doesn’t ruin her. <3 <3 <3 Damn, she has really caught my interest!

  16. in between the cacophony, there were hints of an interesting voice. It was absolutely terrible, but I heard a smidgen of something that could be good.

  17. The mood she created filled the room. She certainly missed too many notes but her approach or as you wrote her intent is genius. I friggin love her, but she needs to hit a few more notes or all her creativity will be for not. For sure my favorite of the night.

  18. Wow. I had never heard of Loreena M. This seems so 60s to me, which is a good thing. Can you imagine that Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro, Judy Collins Janis Ian among others blessed us with their brilliance.all at the same time.

  19. Far and away the most interesting night of auditions this season. Some unique voices and approaches. I shall return with a few comments, not that anyone will read them.

  20. I’ll take your word for it. I’m not willing to re-listen to that mess. But I’d be happy to hear her sing something else . . .

  21. Loreena is Canadian. These songs are from her “Book of Secrets” album from 1997. She often combines Celtic and Middle Eastern music. I believe her musical influences include Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and Gordon Lightfoot. She finds parallels in music from different parts of the world, which I find intriguing. And she is right about the parallels. Most people associate bagpipes with Scotland, for example. But I discovered that bagpipes are also an important instrument in Syria. (I visited there before the civil war broke out. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.)

  22. Okay, I’m starting to hear the flaws in execution. But I still think she has something special. A breath of fresh air.

  23. My second favorite of the night! (But only because I preferred what Eva was trying to do; technically, Moya was far better.) Moya deserved her four-chair turn. She fully inhabited the song, and she knows her voice well and how to use it to best effect. Plus, she feels the music.

  24. I was far more positive than my typical self as finally, finally, there were interesting song choices, creative approaches to the songs, often sung with a unique tone. Sure, they often did not hit the notes, but at least it was not boring, There is potential for great stuff from most that performed tonight, especially, Eva.

  25. She could be the lead for Blackmore’s Knight. Her influences are all geniuses. I worship Joni Mitchell.

  26. It felt a little flat and had pitch problems throughout. I did like the song choice but it needed work on the emotions side and vocals side. Still not mad that it got a turn.

  27. How did this not get a turn? I think her vocal was excellent throughout. I would’ve turned in the first 10 Seconds.

  28. Her tone is interesting but agreed she needs help and Olly won’t give her that help. Wish she was with Tom as I could’ve seen a Sasha Simone like thing come out of her

  29. She sang in tune for part of it but when she tried to sing higher notes it was totally off. I see potential in her

  30. She did begin a little flat I believe but her tone sounded nice at the beginning. I’m not sure her voice has the strength.

  31. He could possibly go all the way. His vocals were solid and I liked his tone and the song choice. If your going to sing a ballad pick that one because I love it

  32. I FOUND MY FAVORITE. This was better than any audition I’ve heard in a long time. She sounds like an accomplished singer. Just wow!

  33. Sigh. Between working out the vocal kinks and song choice, Eva doesn’t stand a prayer with Olly as her coach.

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