The Voice UK 2019 Blind Auditions 2 Recap and Live Blog (VIDEOS)

The Voice UK Blind Auditions continue today (Jan 12) from 3 PM EST/8 PM GMT to 4:30 PM EST/9:30 GMT.

Tom Jones, Olly Murs, Jennifer Hudson and are set to return to the coaches panel, along with host Emma Willis.  The new twist this season is Trios. For the first time, groups of three will be able to audition alongside solos and duos.

Bukky Oronti – Say Something by A Great Big World –  She’s a 16 year old from London who began singing in church.  Singing is important to her as the air that she breaths! She has a deep voice. Nice lower register. She seems really nervous, though.  Will is the first to turn. After a bit, Jennifer hits her button. Jennifer thought it was a duo. She can’t believe her age. Tom also thought it was two people “And they both sound great.” That’s odd. Her deep voice and chest voice did have different qualities. Olly is sorry he didn’t turn. “You look a lot like my sister,” says Will. Jennifer calls her song choice “amazing” and promises to improve her range even more. Bukky calls Jennifer “an inspiration.” And then choses Team Jennifer

Dean Mac – Pony by Genuine – He’s a 27 professional singer from Manchester. He lives in a penthouse in town. He started off as a DJ and producer and eventually moved to the front. He loves style and says things like “releasing the best of my showmanship.” OK then. I half expected him to suck, because his edit was so arrogant. But he’s decent singer. Olly seems pretty excited! But nobody hits their buttons. Sads. And you know what that means. No feedback. So mean! Olly should have turned his chair. – No Turns

Connie Lamb – Skyscraper by Demi Lovato – 17 year old from Sussex goes to a musical theater school. She lives with her mother–her grandparents live around the corner. The cute grandparents embarrass her with stories. By the end of the first verse, Olly has hit his button. Her vocal is wobbly. She sounds nervous, but her tone is pretty. She screeches out the last verse. Yikes. The song is a bit outside of her range. Tom hits his button at the last minute, much to Olly’s chagrin. Olly has no team members so far. Bus metaphors with this one. Tom compliments her timing. Olly appreciates her star quality. Connie picks Team Olly

Cedric Neal – Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder – 43 year old from Brighton is a musical theater actor.  Originally from Dallas, he moved to the UK with his husband. He’s been singing a long time, but discovering musical theater in high school changed his life. He’s very soulful and sings with a groove. Not at all “Broadaway” like I was expecting. The turns happen quick. He’s a 4 chair turn. Jennifer is shouting and taking off her shoe!  She gets up to throw it. The coaches are up dancing. Cedric is both energetic and entertaining. Oh. He did 2 Broadway shows in New York. All the coaches make their pitches. Tom mentions that he sang with Stevie. Will says he made the song his own.  Cedric picks Team Tom. I was sure he’d pick Jhud!

Chris Daly – Lucky Man by The Verve – 35 year old from Essex is married with a kid. He’s so obviously an Oasis knockoff. He admits to be a Brit pop super fan. He’s got the look and everything.  His parents are supportive, still. I think this one is for Olly. No guitar on stage, surprisingly. His style is a bit derivative, but he’s got a strong voice, but with pitch problems. Fellow Essex native, Olly, is obviously his only hope…and he doesn’t come through. Sads. No Turns.

The Flat Pack – Luck be a Lady by Frank Sinatra – Duncan (43), Nathan (36) and Jamie (39) from Brighton are house painters by day, rat pack singers by night. Well, this is not my thing at all. But the harmonies are nice? I guess. There’s a decided lack of swing happening here. Olly hits his button at the VERY last minute. Olly loved their energy and appreciates th style of music.   Team Olly

Tom is goaded into singing “I’ve Got  Woman” by Olly. His voice is as strong as ever.

Grace Latchford – Love Says (Original Song) – 17 year old from Coventry lives with her mother, sisters  and a cute pupper. She’s been a songwriter since age 11. She has little experience singing for audiences, though. The Voice in the US doesn’t allow original songs until the final. Is this the first original on the UK version? It’s an OK song, and her vocal is is nothing special. She’s taking a big risk singing it. Lucky for her, Tom turns at the last minute.  She confesses that she’s never had a boyfriend, but is drawn to writing love songs. Oh “It’s the first time ever somebody has turned for an original song,” reveals Emma.  Team Tom

Emanuel Smith – Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen – A 29 year old from London, lives with mom and younger singer and is a part-time motivational speaker. He grew up very poor in Ghana, Africa. His mom moved to the UK when he was 8. He joined her at 13. Hallelujah. WHYYYYYYY. Jennifer is impressed, so that’s what matters, I guess! She hits her button. His voice is a little too growly. Dial it back, due. Will hits his button next. He’s been pretty picky, as typical. Eventually, Emmanuel gets 4 turns.  Will shares he grew up poor too. “You sang the cloud out of heaven with that song,” says Jennifer. Emmanuel picks Team Will It was going to be either Jennifer or Will. But I think Will got him with that personal story about his bond with his family. 


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