The Voice UK 2019 Battle Round 2 Recap and Live Blog (VIDEOS)

The Voice UK Battle Rounds continue today (March 2) from 3 PM EST/8 PM GMT to 4:25 PM EST/9:25 GMT.

Tom Jones, Olly Murs, Jennifer Hudson and  return to the coaches panel, along with host Emma Willis.  The new twist this season is Trios. For the first time, groups of three will be able to audition alongside solos and duos.

The Battle Rounds continue! Which artists will survive? Each coach gets ONE steal. 

Khadija vs Emmanuel Smith – Team Will – ‘Fallin’ by Alicia Keys – Khadija is the strange singer who performed in several languages using a muppet like voice. Emmanuel was a four chair turn. So there you go. That’s why Will turned for her. Cannon fodder.  Emmanuel was struggling with the key of a “female” song. He’s unsure. Will believes the song choice will push them both. Oof. These harmonies are awful. This IS totally the wrong song for Emmanuel. But he’s winning this battle by default. Terrible arrangement. What a mess. “You both did a fantastic performance of a song I’ve heard a lot,” says Olly. Jennifer thought it worked despite their different vocals. “It made for a great battle and a great duet,” says Tom. “Both of you deserve to go to the final,” says Will. Will chooses Emmanuel. Khadija is eliminated. Only Tom was available for a steal. 

Eva Campbell vs Callum Butterworth – Team Olly – ‘This Town’ by Niall Horan – They are the youngest singers on Olly’s team and are one chair turns. Callum is unsure–it’s not the type of song he would choose. This duo is pretty green! The performance is wobbly to be sure, but also kind of charming, actually. Neither singer is likely to  make it past the knockouts. Not sure who I’d pick. I liked Callum’s audition, so maybe him. Will calls Eva’s voice “powerful.” Will wishes he’d turned for Callum because of his enthusiasm. Tom calls it a “great battle…I loved it.” Olly noted the nerves, but still calls the performance “brilliant.” Olly chooses Eva. HOLY COW WILL STEALS CALLUM. Will calls him “Unique.” I like Callum, but I don’t think he’s worth a single steal. 

Tom has the only remaining steal. 

NEXT Olly “goads” Tom Jones and Jennifer Hudson into a “battle.” They sing “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” Two powerful and soulful singers join forces.

Moya vs Bethzienna Williams – Team Jennifer – ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ by INXS – Jennifer calls them her “soulful girls” and in so many words “older.” She warns them not to over do it or step on each other’s toes. These two singers do sing in a similar style. They both have big soulful voices. It’s a hard choice! Oh. A voice crack from Bethzienna. Both are maybe trying too hard?  It’s a “this is my last chance, I must prevail” type of situation. Will calls it “mesmerising. awesome, passionate.” Tom thought they did too much, maybe. Olly thought there was no oversinging. He calls it “perfect.” and “one of the best battles.” Jennifer Chooses Moya Tom steals Bethzienna 

And that’s it for the steals!

Seth Oraeki v NXTGEN – Team Will – ‘Youngblood’ by 5 Seconds of Summer – NTXGEN is a trio (as a quintet they auditioned for X Factor a few seasons ago). Will compared Seth to Usher. The trio is super excited about the song choice. Seth has never heard it. On the surface, the song seems tailor made for the trio. But Seth is rising to the challenge. He needs to work on his pitch though! His raw energy may save him. Actually, the trio isn’t faring much better. This entire performance is super duper pitchy. Ouch. Oh. Seth lost his mic pack during the song.  Jennifer calls it entertaining from start to finish. Will chooses NXTGEN Seth is Eliminated. 

Bukky Oronti vs Gisela Green – Team Jennifer – ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ by Beyonce – Jennifer was so impressed with Bukky’s range, she thought it was two singers on stage. Jennifer chose Gisela due to her potential. Jennifer stresses the song’s emotion. This duet is messy, but both singers have impressive voices–very strong and soulful. Gisela is standing out in this battle, however. She should win. Tom was on his feet! Tom wishes he had a steal. Jennifer chooses Bukky. Gisela is eliminated. What a shame the panel is out of steals! 

Peter Donegan v Deana Walmsley – Team Tom – ‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Bob Dylan – Tom is not looking forward to choosing between these two singers. Peter’s dad was skiffle singer Lonnie Donegan. He wrote a hit song for Tom. Will that color his decision making? I wasn’t really impressed with Lonnie’s audition. Deana is the better singer. However, Lonnie is improved here. The harmonies are good. I’d still choose Deana. They get a big hand from the audience. “That was magnificent,” says Will. “I’m blown away.” Olly calls it a “great” performance. It’s one of Jennifer’s favorite songs. “It was like a treat,” she says. The panel agrees the decision will be difficult. Tom Chooses Deana Peter is Eliminated. It’s the correct choice, but now the ghost of Lonnie Donegan will be haunting Tom forever. Peter gets choked up as he thanks Tom for singing his father’s song with him. 


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  1. Okay, so am I the only one who loved Khadija’s version of “Fallin’, at least the parts she sang solo? (I agree the harmonies were a mess.) I didn’t love her audition, so maybe it’s okay that she’s leaving. But, man, I enjoyed this!

  2. Didn’t love Olly’s song choice for these two, but I’m relieved that Eva survived. I’m not sure she’ll last long enough to get to the point where she can pick her own song. Or do Voice contestants ever get to do that? This was not a good duet, but I still see a lot of potential in Eva. And I’m sorry, but a steal was wasted on Callum, given the others that came before and will come afterwards.

  3. Moya and Bethzienna did oversing. I think Jennifer made the right decision in picking Moya. I am not sorry that Tom stole Bethzienna, though, but I’m not so sure there wouldn’t have been better picks for a steal.

  4. Bukky was the correct choice here. I enjoyed Gisela’s audition, and arguably she was more deserving of a steal than one or two others. (I suspect Gisela was nervous and trying too hard in the battles.)

  5. I thought Peter should never have gotten a turn in the first place. But he acquitted himself very nicely here. Still, Deana is the more unique singer and deserved to win the battle.

  6. I am stealing Tom Jones. I enjoyed the last battle. I was shocked at the massive improvement shown by Peter. The rest of the battles was the lesser of 2 evils. Really bad night of singing, but I got to hear Sir Tom Jones, so it was fantastic over all.

  7. I don’t like when they use all the steals that early. I’m sure next week there will be very talented people going home (that will deserve the steals more than the ones that got them). Hopefully Sarah Tucker will move on to the KO

  8. She kept the melody and held that song together. I liked her better than Emmanuel and partially think if he had sang it a little better the harmonies would’ve sounded better

  9. I liked the last battle as they didn’t oversing like the majority of the battles. Both had pure soul.

  10. Bukky was generic and I felt nothing from her emotionally. She was better vocally but I’d take Gisela because she’s got a unique soulful sound

  11. And for me, Bukky is more capable of moving me. But I liked both, and wish Will hadn’t wasted his steal. Both belong in the competition.

  12. Reminder:

    The Voice France thread is re-opened. Really. Ya’ll can reach me through twitter or email if there’s an issue. I’m really adamant about threads not being hijacked by with off-topic stuff by a handful of commenters.

  13. I have posted my Voice France thoughts from last week in The Voice France discussion post.

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