The Voice UK 2017 Premiere Blind Auditions Live Blog (VIDEO)

You can watch The Voice UK live, online. ITV streams the show through the ITV Player. However, ITV blocks viewers from outside of the UK. To get around that, you need to use VPN connection. If Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is your preferred browser, install Hola extension and set them to UK server. Then open the ITV Player, make a free account and pick the right channel. The player will ask you for a ZIP code. Find an active UK ZIP code HERE. Make sure you have the cookies enabled. You can also try to find a working ITV stream on, or

The Voice UK airs tonight at 8:00pm BST (9:00pm CEST, 3:00pm EDT, 12:00pm PDT) on ITV 1.

Tonight, The Voice UK 2017 premieres on it’s new channel. ITV 1! Sir Tom Jones, Jennifer Hudson, and Gavin Rossdale are the new season’s coaches.  ITV has added big mean twist to the format. Coaches can’t turn their chairs AT ALL unless they push their buttons. Gotta add a bit of cruelty to the mix. This ain’t the USA after all. Heh.

So, here we go…

Sorry…I’m having a few technical difficulties. This might turn out to be a not-so-live blog.

Jason Jones – 31 – “Pillowtalk” by Zayn – He works in a coal center as a customer service rep. The first singer got four chairs. This is one of those “he doesn’t look the way he sounds” type deals. He’s older and a little lumpy, but has a very sexy, soulful tone. The coaches all fight over him. Jennifer was practically standing on her chair cheering for him. She calls him unique. Tom promises to try to help him get the soul that he has out. Gavin calls him a rough diamond. Jason chooses Team

Jenny Jones – 18 – “Dangerous Woman” – She’s a teacher’s assistant and has been singing since 4 years of age. She’s shaky. I’m hearing pitch issues in her upper register/runs. It’s probably nerves. Her big notes are screechy. Tom and Jennifer look like they’ve smelled something bad. Nobody turned. And that’s it. She walks off the stage without talking to the coaches. No words of encouragement for poor Jenny. Tom is glad he didn’t have to face her. “Maybe we could leave them a note or something!” says Jennifer. – No Turns

Into the Ark (duo) – Burning Love by Elvis Presley – This duo has been touring via van all over the UK, but they feel stuck. They really want a record deal. They do a slowed up acoustic version of the song. It’s nothing terribly special. They’re voices are warbly. Real warbly. Jennifer, Gavin and Tom hit their buttons. OK. Will gets to turn if other coaches turn? This isn’t much of a twist. Jennifer loved the tremble in their voice (that bugged me). Gavin says he knows what it’s like to be looking for that big break. The boys argue over who had the best pitch. Into the Ark Choose Team Tom.

Diamond -18 – If I Ain’t Got You – by Alicia Keys – She lives with her entire extended family. “It’s not fun,” she jokes. I’m having a hard time understanding her accent! She attends church 3 days a week and is passionate about gospel music. Hm. She has a very…unique tone? It’s unexpectedly deep. She’s so nervous, though. Nobody is turning yet. Ah. Jennifer turns first. There’s a mess of pitch problems here. She’s shouting by the end. Major control problems! But Gavin and Will turn anyway. Jennifer admits she worked at Burger King after Diamond revealed she works at McDonalds. Will promises he could help her produce the best song in the world. Jennifer tosses out the Idol card. She thinks she could help her find her artistry. Tom didn’t turn because he figured she’d go with Jennifer. Gavin urges her to think outside the box. Pick the longshot! Jennifer demonstrates her vocal coaching skills. She suggests taking it down a half step. She sings a bit. “That’s just little JHud demo!” HOME RUN. Diamond chooses Team Jennifer

Rachel Rose – “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding – It takes ages for someone to turn, which is surprising because she’s good. She hits a big note…and still no one turns. Huh. The audience gives her a standing ovation. I can’t believe no one turned. Are they pulling stunts to hype up this dumb “gimmick?” If so…booooo – No Turns

Jamie Grey – “Never Ever” by All Saints – Nobody turned for this kid. He wasn’t bad. Afterward, the coaches wondered if they made the right decision. (Hint: They did not. Jamie has a strong soulful voice. He deserved a turn.) There was a lot of talk about wanting to be “transported” and “given chills” during a performance. Of course, this was after Jamie dejectedly walked off stage, because if there are no turns, there are no critiques. – No Turns

Truly Ford – “Dakota” by Stereophonics – Truly has one of those whispery indie voices. She’s channeling that 70’s chanteuse, Nico. She’s interesting but maybe not right for a singing show. Jennifer almost hits her button, but no. Tom turns at the last minute. But in the end, Truly chooses Team Gavin

Max Vickers – “Call Me Al” by Paul Simon Oh, this guy was on X Factor UK. He made it as far as Gary Barlow’s judges house in 2011. Hm. Holy cow. Dude is not only spastic, but he sounds like he inhaled an entire canister of helium before he came out. He renders the song completely unrecognizable. Only Gavin turns his chair – Team Gavin Chooses Max.

The next contestant is Max Vicker’s best buddy and roommate…

Mo Adeniran – 21 – “Iron Sky” by Paolo Nutini – Will is the last to turn for this soul singer with the well-worn raspy voice. “You stopped the show!” says Jennifer. He learned to sing watching Disney films. “I could tell you were very connected to that song,” she said. When Mo says music is where it’s at and he’s stopped believing in politicians, it elicits a cheer. “You are the reason I agreed to do this show,” says Gavin, reminding him he turned first. “You being on my team,” says Will, “We could bear fruit.” Mo wasn’t expecting everyone to turn. “It’s really difficult for me to decide,” he says. Mo chooses Team Jennifer

I think American Idol 3 alum Jennifer Hudson is going to be a great coach. She seems to be really invested in what she is doing. Tough, but compassionate because she knows what it’s like to be on the other side of a critique. This “twist” that was supposed to be such a big deal? It’s pretty lame. If no coaches turn, the singer doesn’t get a critique, which might be for the best. Although in the US, the coaches try to leave the hopeful with constructive suggestions and a few encouraging words. It seemed like a couple of good singers were led to the slaughter just for the sake of “good tv.” Except, it’s not really all that good…

It’ll be interesting to see how the ratings shake out, especially against Gary Barlow’s boy band competition over on the BBC. The two programs are going head to head!

Oh! One other thing. There is no host. NO HOST. Surely there will be a host during the live shows, right?

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