The Voice UK 2017 Live Final Live Blog (VIDEO)

You can watch The Voice UK live, online. ITV streams the show through the ITV Player. However, ITV blocks viewers from outside of the UK. To get around that, you need to use VPN connection. If Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is your preferred browser, install Hola extension and set them to UK server. Then open the ITV Player, make a free account and pick the right channel. The player will ask you for a ZIP code. Find an active UK ZIP code HERE. Make sure you have the cookies enabled. You can also try to find a working ITV stream on, or

The Voice UK airs tonight at 8:30pm GMT (9:30pm CEDT, 3:30pm EDT, 12:30pm PDT) on ITV 1.

Tonight on The Voice UK finale, your Top 4 singers vie for the Polydore recording contract.

Jamie Miller and Mo from Team Jennifer Hudson, Michelle John from Team, and Into the Ark from Team Tom Jones are set to compete for your the UK’s votes. Team Gavin Rossdale will be sitting this one out.

The show kicks off with a coaches performance of George Michael’s “Freedom.”

Each finalist will perform a solo and a duet with their respective coaches. The vote will open and one singer will be eliminated at the end of the show. The winner will be crowned tomorrow (April 2) at 7 pm GMT/2 pm EDT.

The video packages feature the finalists visiting their hometowns.

Jamie Miller – Team Jennifer Hudson – What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber – As you’d expect, there’s lots of crying in James’ package. Strings are added to punctuate the arrangement. It started off ballady but then shifted to a dance beat. Jamie’s vocal is on point. At one point he hits a high note. Background dancing! Jamie adds his own fancy footwork. One of his better vocals. But maybe not a great song choice for a final. Jhud calls him a superstar. Gavin feels Jamie has improved throughout the whole series. Will calls the performance original. Tom believes it was a great start to the show. Jamie is literally shaking, he’s so nervous.

Into the Ark – Team Tom Jones – No One by Alicia Keys – They go back home to Wales. They visit a pub, sing a song. They want to do Wales proud! It’s Team Wales (Tom Jones is Welsh too). The dude with the best voice sings lead. Smart. But I think this arrangement is too old fashioned for the duo. At this point, the acts should at least approximate the sound they’ll take out into the real world. This performance isn’t a winner. Tom loved it. “You did a great job, you make me feel very proud.” Aw. Tom’s a little teary. Jennifer thinks they are amazing and special. Gavin says, “Such a great journey.” He admires their brotherly love. Will calls them “architects.”

Michelle John – Team Will – Purple Rain by Prince – Lots of crying in this package too, especially from Michelle’s son Carlos. Michelle chose her own song, and it’s a perfect finale pick. It really gives her the opportunity to show off her big belty voice. And boy, she sure goes for it. Swinging for the fences. She ends with a series of high notes that are on the screamy side. Nevertheless, she’s got a real shot at winning. The crowd goes nuts. Will is sure Prince would have loved Michelle’s version of Purple Rain. Gavin is happy for Michelle, but felt the performance lost some rhythm. Oo. He didn’t really like it. Jhud mentioned that she sang a tribute to Prince after he passed. She agrees with Will.

Mo – Team Jennifer Hudson – Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin – Mo heads home. It includes a reunion with his BFF Maks Vickers. Welp. This isn’t my favorite Mo performance. It’s not a song that shows off his range–vocally and emotionally. But I STILL believe he deserves to win. Gavin is on his feet. I think we know who he’s rooting for (and it explains his Michelle diss). Jennifer says he has the power to change the temperature in the room. Tom loves his originality and how he gets into every performance. Will feels Mo put his stamp and DNA on it. Both Tom and Gavin think he’s the greatest singer on the show. Gavin admires that he’s socially conscious.

It’s TIME TO VOTE. At the end of the show, the lowest vote getter will be eliminated. The winner will be announced tomorrow (April 2).

Coaches duets next!

Jamie Miller and Jennifer Hudson – Running Boy by Naughty Boy with Beyonce – Whoo boy. Jennifer could so easily overwhelm Jamie. It’s a good song choice for the duo, though. She does lay off the showboaty runs for his sake. Jamie remembers being a little boy watching Dreamgirls. Jhud loves his passion. He’s only 19.

Into the Ark and Tom Jones – Hold on I’m Coming by Sam and Dave – Tom mentions his iconic duet partners–Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles. “And now Into the Ark!” one of the boys quips. Same deal. Tom has to hold back a little in order not to overwhelm the duo. The two may love soul music, but they don’t really have the chops to sing it. The boys are folk/pop singers. Tom should have picked a rock or folks song for the finale. I have a feeling they’ll be eliminated tonight unless Wales rises up en mass to vote.

Mo and Jennifer Hudson – Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth ft Emeli Sande – I like this song choice more than the first. Mo sounds incredible. So much feeling. Jennifer doesn’t have to hold back, necessarily. It’s a tender, powerful and emotional performance. I’m going to be REALLY MAD if Mo doesn’t win. Max in the audience! Mo is so shy and awkward when he speaks. Singing totally transforms him. Jhud calls him “the definition of The Voice.”

Michelle John and Will – I Feel for You by Chaka Khan – Will does the rap part. Which isn’t a big part of the song. And that’s a good thing. Keeping Will confined to a rap bridge is the only thing that can happen here. And he managed to find a song old fashioned enough to suit her strengths. This is OK. But I don’t understand why she’s going last. Mo and JHud blew these two off the stage.

Oh boy. There’s going to be a The Voice UK Kids. I AM NOT LIVE BLOGGING THIS. Sorry. I can only take so much. Coaches Will, Pixie Lott and Danny Jones are on stage to preview. The show will air later this summer.

After the break, the vote is declared frozen. But before the results are revealed, Pixie Lott and Anton Powers perform “Baby.”

TIME FOR THE RESULTS. The Top 4 Take the stage. Moving on to tomorrow’s finale is: Jamie Miller! Mo! And the final place goes to Into the Ark!!!! HOLY SH*T MICHELLE JOHN IS ELIMINATED. Will looks pissed. Wow. That’s a shock. SHOCK BOOT. SAUSAGE FEST.

Moving on to the Finale

Jamie Miller – Team JHud
Mo – Team Jhud
Into the Ark – Team Tom

Michelle John from Team Will eliminated. Into the Ark can’t believe it. Jamie is also really surprised.  I can’t say I’m upset. The old-fashioned Michelle would have been another The Voice UK singer destined for the dust heap. But I’m kind of sad there are no females in the final. In any case–hoping Mo takes it ALL tomorrow. 

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