The Voice Top 10: Girl Named Tom Come Alive with Coldplay Cover

Girl Named Tom Viva La Vida Top 10 The Voice

The Voice Top 10: Girl Named Tom Come Alive with Coldplay Cover

I wouldn’t necessarily call the song choice of “Viva La Vida” outside of standout sibling trio, Girl Named Tom’s, comfort zone. The song, the group’s song pick for The Voice Top 10 “challenge week,” has a very classic sound to it with some folk elements. (Read our recap)

Their coach, Kelly Clarkson, claimed that they were going away from folk, therefore outside of their typical genre, but it was not a total departure. The arrangement was more of the challenge as Girl Named Tom didn’t strive to stay simple with this performance. Often, the trio leans on harmonies to be their strength in their acoustic performances, but tonight, they took the performance to another level with a captivating arrangement and more stage presence than what we are used to seeing from them.

If I am critiquing this performance from a sheer vocal standpoint, this was not their best performance. Taking that into consideration, this was my favorite arrangement of the group’s performances to date. The acapella opening was gorgeous and showcased the group’s different vocal colors in each member’s tone. The singers ended the song similar to the opening, making this performance incredibly cohesive.

The emotion was so natural

Kelly advised the singers specifically, Josh, to sing with an ache. The singers took this advice and it showed in their performance. Becca’s voice as always was very angelic, and Caleb like last week, showcased a nice deep voice with a bit of twang. Caleb and Josh even drummed alongside the band. Some of the notes were a bit flat when the group came together, and on the high notes, but the emotion was so natural, that it created a true moment.

Blake Shelton loves that the group switches who sings lead and calls it their “best performance” to date. John noted how the performance was an experience. He then namechecks Arcade Fire. Kelly enjoyed the energy that the group gave off, mentioning their “great bond”.

Girl Named Tom continues to build their resume of great performances. The group has often charted towards the top of the iTunes and socials. Even if this doesn’t mean causation, both are great measures of correlation, and I expect the trio to soar through to the next round. At this point, I see them running away with the win.

What are your thoughts? Can any The Voice competitor catch Girl Named Tom?

Watch Girl Named Tom perform Coldplay’s Viva La Vida


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