The Voice: Team Camila’s Devix and Sasha Hurtado ‘Electric’ Battle

The Voice -Sasha Hurtado, Devix
Pictured: (l-r) Sasha Hurtado, Devix — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice: Team Camila’s Devix and Sasha Hurtado Battle Is “Electric”!

The Battles continued on The Voice Monday night. With battles almost done, steals and saves are dwindling. After Monday’s episode, Blake Shelton’s Save is the only one remaining (Read our Recap).

Team Camila Cabello paired up standouts Devix and Sasha Hurtado. Devix appeared very confident in rehearsal whereas Sasha was second guessing herself, particularly due to not being familiar with the song choice.  Camila and her celebrity advisor Charlie Puth admired both singers, noting how talented they were. Camila advised Sasha to have fun with it in rehearsal, so when the real performance hit she wouldn’t be nervous. She also advised Devix to add cool bits of vibrato to the end of his phrases.

Both artists auditioned for talent shows in the past

Fun fact: Devix first auditioned for The Voice in Season 19, and even made it in front of the coaches, but no one turned around. Sasha is no stranger to talent shows either. At the age of 15, she made the top 70 of American Idol Season 18.

In true Camila fashion, they stripped “Electric Feel” down. This felt similar to Camila’s previous arrangements for “Rocket Man” and “Paparazzi.” If I could nitpick anything about this battle, it would be the arrangement as the original has a really fun sound. This MGMT hit has become a staple on The Voice, and was most memorably performed by Preston Pohl.

This battle was outstanding. I looked at my notes and what I wrote down right at the start was, “Full-body chills from Sasha! Devix is super creative too!” Sasha’s range is surprising and her runs are very nuanced. She had several moments that proved that she can be a powerhouse even if her style screams tasteful indie pop. Devix has a really cool tone that is a bit affected and reminds me of some indie pop and even some alternative R&B voices. As an artist, he is a bit of a chameleon and can take on many genres.

Gwen Stefani appeared to love the battle, exclaiming, “what the hell, that was so beautiful,” as the battle wrapped. She liked Sasha’s “beautiful range” and Devix’s “unique” style. John Legend called it his “favorite performance of the day,” but he preferred Devix. Blake said Devix was “like a musician,” but feels Sasha needs to stay as he thinks she “can mow people down” with more “confidence.” Camila said Devix’s “confidence” excites her and Sasha has so “much potential.”

And there’s a STEAL…

In the end, Camila went with Devix, explaining that she was “creatively inspired by him.” However, Sasha was not eliminated. Gwen stole the young singer, saying that she’s “too good” and just needs a “little love.”

It appears people have been underestimating Sasha, who is one of my favorite singers this season. Her audition is under appreciated and this steal may set her up for a dark horse moment in the Knockouts and possibly deeper in the show. On another note, a brilliant song choice for Devix going forward would be 2022 smash number 1 hit, “Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy. His tone reminds me a bit of Steve’s. Both of them are incredible and deserve to be contenders the rest of the season! This is my favorite battle to date.

Overall, the three best battles were this one, Team Gwen’s angsty pop singer Alyssa Witrado and indie pop singer Ian Harrison as well as soul singing standout Kim Cruse versus Gospel singer David Andrew. It was quite the night as all three of these battles had great moments. It’s a shame that John no longer had a save to use on David.

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