The Voice Season 18 Finale Top 5 Performances (Videos)

THE VOICE -- "Finale Part 1" Episode 1813A -- Pictured in this screen grab: Micah Iverson -- (Photo by: NBC)
Pictured in this screen grab: Micah Iverson — (Photo by: NBC)

The Voice Season 18 FINALE performances air tonight. Each of the Top 5 singers, Micah Iverson, Toneisha Harris, Todd Tilghman, CamWess and Thunderstorm Artis will perform TWO songs–a cover and an original song produced by the Songland panel, Ester Dean, Shane McAnally and Ryan Tedder. Check out song spoilers for tonight and tomorrow:

The Voice 18 Finale Top 5 Song Spoilers – What will the Contestants Sing?

Coaches John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Nick Jonas have a singer in the competition, except Blake Shelton who has two.

The Voice 2020: How To Vote For Your Favorite Contestants – NOTE! iTunes streams DO NOT COUNT as votes!

Host Carson Daly hosts from the empty The Voice studio. The coaches join the show from home. Just a reminder that the performances are taped. Tomorrow’s finale results will be LIVE.

The Top 5 open with a fun music video, singing the classic “Shine” by Collective Soul. It’s the 90’s y’all! The clip is really well produced. Where is all that clapping coming from?

In the cover round, the coaches will review the season with their team member. 

CammWess – Purple Rain by Prince – Team John Legend – Cam reveals the he met John at the Essence Festival. It turns out that Cam is a real stan. He must have been bummed to be given away to Kelly there for a minute. John acts like it’s still hard to get Prince songs cleared. I don’t think his heirs are picky. John calls Cam the best vocalist this season. Hm. Cam is awesome, however, Toneisha is the best vocalist in this group. Dry ice effect! It’s amazing what producers can create in post production. As far as the performance is concerned. I can’t believe this singer almost slipped away. He’s really a special artist. Phrasing a song, he makes really creative choices. OK. Not digging the editors cutting away to a shot of Cam not singing. I get making the visuals interesting, but I prefer that the performances seem as LIVE as possible. Kelly admires his confidence. “You’re so gifted.” Nick compliments the production values, adding “I think you did that song justice.” John calls Cam a soulful gifted singer. 

Todd Tilghman – I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe – Team Blake Shelton – Todd auditioned at an open call. Support from his wife, gives him courage to take risks. So Todd is dedicating the song to her. He’s singing on the stage of his empty church. The stage is decorated with lamps This isn’t nearly as fancy as Cam’s full blown music video. I bet this is a song he’s sung many times. He brings the revival spirit to his performances. John appreciates his heart, enthusiasm and soul. Kelly: “I was crying.” She’s still crying. “I would love to come to your church. You’re very special,” she says. Blake notes his talent and his connection to people. “You sing with so much passion, so much precision.”

Micah Iverson – Butterflies By Micah Iverson – Team Kelly Clarkson – Shane McAnally works with Micah on his original song. Shane loves his tone! Micah chose the song because of the twist in the lyric and the melody. This song has a beautiful melody, the kind that gets stuck in my head. Micah’s bright tone and big range are a perfect fit for the tune. Planets, stars, clouds and…ripped paper. That’s Micah’s music video. Nick says Micah is fun to watch. Kelly and Micah wanted America to get a sense of what his vibe will be like after the show. 

Thunderstorm Artis – Sedona by Thunderstorm Artis – Team Nick Jonas – Thunderstorm is working with Ryan Tedder. The singer penned this song himself.  He references the Arizona town in the titles, but the song reminds him of the mountains in Hawaii. Ryan compares the singer to Ray Lamontagne. It’s a pretty song. But not a great song. He could use some experienced co-writers. I bet during the production session Ryan was thinking about how he’d rewrite it. Heh. But as always, beautiful tone and phrasing from Thunderstorm. His voice is special. John calls his vocal tone “magical.” And his guitar playing “masterful.” Nick is so proud of his performance. “You are a true artist through and through.” 

Toneisha Harris – Faithfully by Journey – Team Blake Shelton – Blake notes that she’s the only female in the finale. She still has her audition pass for season 2! She had to quit after her son’s leukemia diagnosis. “You don’t have any vocal weaknesses!” Blake marvels. Indeed, Toneisha’s ability is almost unreal. There really are no weak spots. She can hit those lows and reach for the highs. She doesn’t need to do anything fancy, either. She imbues her performances with emotion and grit, and it seems effortless. Kelly compares Toneisha to Chaka Khan. Blake says she turned the finale upside down. He calls it her best performance so far. 

Todd Tilghman – Long Way Home by Todd Tilghman – Team Blake Shelton – Shane and Ester are working with Todd on his original song, co-written by Ester. Shane tinkers with the lyrics a little. The song seems tailor-made for Todd. The raspy quality of his voice is his money. His gospel spirit has taught him how to connect to emotion when he sings. He has a very very good shot of winning this thing. Blake says he’s torn about contestants singing original songs. I wonder why.

CammWess – Save it For Tomorrow by CammWess – Team John Legend – Ryan Tedder works with Cam. The singer wrote the song, but John has a credit on it, too. Ryan wants to raise the key. John jokes that he’s been suggesting that all season. This song is decent! Working on it with John probably helped. I’m gonna say it: I would not be mad if Cam won. His vocal choices are always surprising. And that tone is gorgeous. John calls the song “instantly catchy.” and “he’s ready to be an artist.”

Micah Iverson – Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol – Team Kelly Clarkson – He got furloughed from his job as a bartender after Covid 19 hit. He confesses that he really wanted Kelly as his coach from the beginning. Kelly says the song has never been cleared for the show. Aw the family sits round along side a glowing fire. The song’s arrangement has a nice build. It’s almost too slow, but the payoff comes as he opens up on the later choruses. Sometimes Micah oversings a little. But his range is so impressive. OOPS. Nick is having sound issues. Kelly calls Micah “magical” She adds, “You make every song easy.” She can’t wait to work with him after the show. 

Toneisha Harris – Superhero by Toneisha Harris – Team Blake Shelton – Shane works with Toneisha on a song she composed herself. She wrote it for her son, as he struggled to recover from cancer. “We can make this song resonate with everybody,” says Shane. Her tender and heartfelt rendition elevates the song beyond the corny lyrics. It’s obvious the song is very personal. She finishes the performance by taking US ALL to church. Of course, Kelly is dabbing away tears. John says everything happened the way it was supposed to happen. “We’re supposed to be social distancing, but she literally touched millions of people,” says Blake.

Thunderstorm Artis – What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. – Team Nick Jonas – Nick felt in his gut that Thunderstorm would end up on his team. Because Nick stole Thunderstorm during the knockouts, the two never got to work together in person!  The singer talks a little about his father who passed when he was 13. It’s almost cliched to close the show with this oft covered song. But Thunderstorm’s gentle version feels like a balm for this crazy timeline. So I’m cool with it. Nick is so happy that Thunderstorm sang that song, “It brings so much hope to the world.”


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  1. I thought it was really cool of Camila Cabello to shout Zan out on Instagram and repost her performance. I know a lot of you didn’t like her rendition and you’re allowed to feel that way, but it made me happy when I saw it.

  2. Good evening everyone! Still excited over Just Sam’s win last night. I’m hopeful that Team Anybody But Todd can pull out a win over here as well! :)

  3. I hate the song, but Zan made the best out of it and tried to make it her own. I have lots of respect for Zan.

  4. That’s rough buddy, you’ll find something, I’m sure.

  5. Need a wider space til you reach Todd, but point made and agreed with

  6. considering that was Zan’s worst performance that’s pretty impressive haha

  7. Cam sounds amazing but Todd’s voice has a rasp that actually works very well with this song. *dont throw anything at me* lol

  8. WOAH Camm really shined on that performance. I swear he is the male version of Candice Glover reincarnated!

  9. The way they are destroying the planet, sadly and sooner rather than later, that will not be a problem

  10. “Cam let’s talk about your journey! We all tried to buss you hard but you FOUGHT to prove us all wrong!”

  11. Still one of my favorite Idol performances ever. Summertime and House Of The Rising Sun and Lovesong are my Top 3 favorites! :)

  12. YES! she was the best week in and week out and I never got tired of her. Don’t understand the hate

  13. this song is the death sentence for many singers who don’t do it justice

  14. Yep, but I think more because the team was so strong. He always had some intrigue. He has improved.

  15. I’m sure you can pull it off buddy. Happy to see you here again.

  16. I do not like this arrangement. He is not nailing the notes either.

  17. A box of tissues, a bowl of frosted flakes and a 6 pack of diet coke!

  18. Nope. Can not sing. However, I am told, if i began tap dancing when young, I could have had a career.

  19. the fact that Todds recordings are already in the top 200 is triggering (thank god downloads done count as votes)

  20. oh good, I m not the only one Camm didn’t impress. And he’s a fav of mine. Needed that urgency, or something, that John mentioned to him.

  21. I think it was the key choice. He (much like Candice) excels when he is in a higher key and has the ability to go downward with his runs. He can nail the top to bottom runs and when he chose such a low key he didn’t give himself the chance to showcase that.

  22. Not sure if that means much. I mean Maelyn opened and closed the finals. Wow they really wanted her to win.

  23. todd really has become one of the most annoying contestants in any shows history

  24. Todd would literally be the most forgettable winner in voice history, given this abridged season

  25. He’s a man bun away from checking off all the boxes on the annoying things people do list. Ugh!

  26. don’t forget god and family because he is the only one out of the five who has a family boston

  27. The show goes down a lot easier if you assume Todd will win and everyone else is making demo reels for other labels.

  28. So, the last two winners of The Voice will be middle aged white dudes?

  29. The amount of pandering he has done is disgusting because MY GOD HE’S NOT GOOD

  30. Why don’t they make a Christian singing competition? I like to keep religion out of my TV watching and listening ?

  31. I know that plus the singers on there would sing him under the table

  32. Kelly again not commenting on vocal. She wants to hear him speak, pause, oh yah, as well as sing.

  33. at least hoot didn’t pander once.

    todd on the oder hand? PANDER LITERALLY EVERY TIME.

  34. Well was hoping for more – for once – from Todd. Same problem as with Camm, I just didn’t feel it. And I like both those songs. C’mon Thunderstorm and Micah, sell it to me!!!!

  35. Maybe it is about Monsanto killing all the milkweeds so the monarch butterflies had nowhere to reproduce after their 2500 mile journey

  36. UGH! THEY SET HER UP! She would’ve destroyed Brynn if she had a good set

  37. Looked at iTunes. And the top 4 is idol/voice judges and just sam. Wonder how these originals will do

  38. He does but on Songland he seems to be really into non country songs on there lol

  39. Oddly enough, think I like thunderstorm’s original best, which mj had as his own written song

  40. “Even then I need a rocket ship” rocket ship flies into space


  41. Yay! I’m not a big fan of Cross My Mind, which he will most likely sing, but I don’t care as long as he gets promotion.

  42. I’m in the minority here, but I like the song and he’s doing a decent job with it.

  43. Walk my way walk my way walk my way

    That’s all I remember about that damn song, it had no other lines ??

  44. Parts of this I like and parts I don’t. He sang it well. The song just kinda sits there and doesn’t really go anywhere though.

  45. oh, Micah! didn’t make me want to vote for you either. I think maybe just you and your guitar might have been better.

  46. Poor Micah – doubt this is what he would ever produce or perform if he had his own choice.

  47. music has actually been a bit loud to hear the voice, or understand, on a couple of these.

  48. at this point its Todds show and the others are just performing to gain new followers thats it

  49. welp, Toneisha’s cover is first, yeah Thunderstorm’s closing the finale. Predictable af lol

  50. Kelly, you were just ‘crying’ over todd, yet seemed lackadaisical with micah. She’s starting to get Adam-syndrome

  51. Stop it Kelly. Nobody is getting these songs on the radio.

    Even Brynn with her radio ready pop song, got zilch.

  52. Honestly, getting exposure and connections is probably better than winning the contract.

  53. He did not let the song lay there. He shifted from soft to strong effortlessly and made the song dynamically relevant, if that makes any sense? He did what he could with what I do not think was a very good song.

  54. I have a feeling that isn’t Kelly’s first glass of wine tonight.

  55. Who would win the following battles?

    Indie-pop: Micah vs Zan
    Pop: Camm vs Allegra
    Country: Todd vs Megan
    Soul: Joanna vs Toneisha
    Thunderstorm vs a literal lightning bolt

  56. 1) Micah
    2) Camm
    3) Toneisha (and I love Joanna)
    4) Thunderstorm (person)

  57. This season was unforgettable yes Carson. Just… not for good reasons

  58. Originals are hard to pull off – except for Kelly and Fantasia – but I must say Thunderstorm may pull it off! Song sounds lovely and glad he is paired with Ryan Tedder

  59. Other than Tessanne, Maelyn was probably the best technical singer to win the show.

  60. I know the word “buttery” is on the verge of overuse, but this is the epitome of that word.


  62. Does Sedona need a new song to promote tourism?

    Sell it to them, Tstorm.

  63. I feel like Say Something by A Great Big World would be a good song choice for him.

  64. I just wished he would be the winner cause unlike todd, he seems more genuine and committed to being a good artist

  65. oh dear Toneisha singing ROCK? i have mixed feelings about that


  66. So he did write this with production help from tedder….and it shows. Felt like the song actually meant something to him

  67. Why would you want him sent off to a label that won’t release his music and waste a year of his life?

  68. He knows who he is as an artist, and frankly I applaud that. His performances are always solid.

  69. I was not being subtle. They showed him with his children. There was an army

  70. Is Alone by Heart considered an 80’s rock classic? No idea what she is singing, but it came to mind.

  71. TBTH, this was a competitive season. A lot of good singers went home prematurely, while others stayed longer, Todd notwithstanding.

  72. Given all the talent on the show this year, the fans for the abbreviated schedule.

  73. Well Micah and Thunderstorm are see sawing for position – one week I like one and then switch over to the other. Thunderstorm’s original better than Michah’s imo. But def had advantage singing his own song – much more connected and of course it means more to him.

  74. She would have been older than all the S2 finalists back then too.

  75. Chewed it up, split it out, jumped on it and walked away … Absolutely killed it!

  76. This song has a lot of range and gives someone the ability to show of their vocal abilities. Hopefully she does well!

  77. She’s making a lame Journey song sound great. Her video is wonderful.

  78. Hey Kelly, try getting as excited for your own artist as you are with team Blake

  79. I absolutely despise this song, but I have not hit my mute button. In fact, she has me listening intently. She is givng us so much character that we had not heard prior. What a great vocal.

  80. People can hate that song all they want, but that song has what is needed for a competition like this … RANGE! It allows someone to show what their voice can do. Distinguish yourself from the pack. It worked for Brooke (it’s what got her to the finale) and it worked for Toneisha. I loved that!

  81. if todd wasn’t there, toneisha would really give thunder a run for his money

  82. Kelly heard what you said…LOL….She said effortless twice after you lol

  83. Thunderstorm won round 1 for me. Tonesha was a close second. Much better than last week.

  84. Unfortunately it’s a good song. Written by a Voice alum. Already performed on Songland.

  85. I do believe she was singing that to her man….She brought out the passion and it just soared to the heavens and back down to us. Well done, BRAVA

  86. HOnestly, I do not know why. She has rarely hit a bad note, but she had so much more in reserve. She was holding out. She surprised us with having even more talent than we knew.

  87. Song choice has been questionable at times but she’s always been consistent! If she wins, id celebrate

  88. why does it always feel like hes singing the same thing every time

  89. When he’s under control, Todd has a decent tone. However, when he goes over the top, it’s irritating.

  90. I thought the guy who wrote it, performed it really well on Songland.

  91. I’ve always thought he should sing a Kenny Rogers’ song…this kinda sounds like that.

  92. I like Todd’s song! First performance of his I can say I was a bit impressed!! But he shouldn’t win this. But this should bring him votes. (Music still gets a bit too loud)

  93. They don’t bother me anymore. I can’t say what I did….but…they avoid my house now…LOL

  94. Ryan’s audition on the voice is one of my favs of the series he is miles better than todd imo

  95. Toneisha A+ yep raised it.
    T Storm A raised his too
    Micah B-
    CW C
    Todd F and Z give one for cover and one for original. Grades are interchangable.

  96. You could always run screaming out of the house like you’re barking mad….or grab a bible and start reading to them…first would scare em, second they can’t do anything about.

  97. If anyone sings Hallelujah, I am throwing my television out the window.

  98. Minority Report: Micah’s song was super bland – I hate pop, Thunderstorm performance was vg but his enunciation leaves a lot to be desired, Todd doesn’t have a great voice but that song and the lyrics were well delivered and matches current distressing times – he really lucked out or was given advantage.

  99. cam you should be super lucky the format was what it was.

    on ANY other season you (and Micah) would not have made the finale lol

  100. It didn’t count last season either. It’s an indicator of fan reaction.

  101. I really like this song and I think Cam is super talented I actually like his voice better than John Legend’s

  102. I think that song was pretty good, but he did not do anything with it

  103. With thunderstorm closing, maybe I’m not far off about him doing something like hallelujah

  104. I am in the minority. I do not think CW song was horrible. He did nothing at all with it.

  105. People have mentioned that they thought The Voice wanted a Nick J win.

  106. I thought the song was fine – and current.Similar to some of Drake’s songs (and I’m Canadian so that is sacriledge!)

  107. Tonisha cover A+
    TS Or A
    Micah Or C+/B-
    CW cover C
    Cw original C
    Todd Z or F interchangeable.

  108. This is dangerous. I love this song but the song just lays there too. He better change this up a bit or dig into the lyric.

  109. This song has the right dynamics to work for a show like this. Bring it Micah!

  110. Someone shopped at Home Goods … (I’ve seen three of those items for sale at Home Goods) lol.

  111. tha song doesn’t really have a good message if u read the lyrics lol

  112. yeah i know lmaooo


  113. we know that Jael but most dont they hear hallelujah and just think god song lol

  114. Toneisha Cov A+
    T S Original A
    Micah Cover B
    Micah Or C+
    Cw Or and Cov both C
    Todd Z and F interchangeable. However we have a new column Manipulation A+++++++++++

  115. Songs that fit with these times for Thunderstorm? Hmmm, I wonder what that could be … Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer? I have no friggin’ idea!

  116. Maybe they should have had 1 original song so it was fair to all the singers. If I had a choice I would have had Ryan Tedder write my oriiginal

  117. i think there’s a group performance with the top 9 tomorrow


  118. I guess they want to be on a level playing field with Mr. Church.

  119. Wow. That tone is so different than what we have heard but so gorgeous.

  120. I had only heard a couple of their songs then Micah delivered that master class last week. I bought 3 of their cds. First time listener. I am loving them

  121. OMG that was so beautiful and it will resonate with many. I’ve had cancer for half my life and this is what my family and friends have always told me.

  122. Blake: “She just touched millions of people.”

  123. Go get it thunderstorm, don’t let Todd run away with the “inspirational” game

  124. Toneisha both A+
    TS Or A
    Micah Cov B
    Micah Or C+/B-
    CW both C
    Todd Pandering A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Todd vocals Irrelevant

  125. Wow. Sounds like it could have been written for you! Hope you are doing well now.

  126. This has been a solid finale so far. I was expecting the worst after Idol’s terrible performances.

  127. What exactly was NIck’s plan/strategy on how to get Thunderstorm on his team?

  128. now we just need thunderstorm to do great, cry, pray, say how much he loves jesus and say something about country

  129. I wouldn’t give anyone a grade above a B. Sam winning was the only highlight.

  130. this is what adam was TRYING to do with matt in the season 7 final when he gave him somewhere over the rainbow

  131. so…
    top 2 – thunderstorm and Toneisha
    3rd ad 4th – Micah and Cam

    23245643th Todd
    do you guys agree?



  133. Okay everyone, you can all go home now. Congratulations Thunderstorm. That was epic!

  134. I think if you take the whole season into account Camm and Micah also deserves to take it

  135. Toneisha both A+
    Ts Cover A+
    Ts Or A
    Micah Cov B
    Mich Or B-
    CW both C
    Todd Ability to use Church the maximum number of times imaginable A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Vocals AVOID

  136. He has such a beautiful tone. He was my pick from day one. I would not mind if Cam or Toneisha won….but t’would rather it be him

  137. I hope TS or Toneisha win. Please don’t let it be another boring white dude. We need representation on The Voice too!

  138. You know I almost forgot we were in this strange circumstance where people were singing in their homes. Some heartfelt performances.

  139. Well Blake may have a winner. If people vote for a singer, Toneisha has the voice. And then Todd has stayed in. I don’t have a strong favorite to win, fine with whoever (tho Todd is my last choice but did like his original song tonight and his singing it). Gotta decide who to vote for now…

  140. The fans were the losers this season. Think of all the great talent that has been eliminated. We were still left with a super strong top 5, 2 of which killed it tonight and left us with some memorable stuff.

  141. He’s my last choice to win. But I did like his original best, even his singing it.

  142. goodnight guys see you all tommorw off to play some divinity original sin be safe

  143. I didn’t like Todd’s cover song (I’ve heard it sung better), but I did like his original song. It was better than I expected. I like his tone, but that’s about it.

  144. I didn’t. I noticed him way back. And could not believe when John threw him away. John is damn lucky to have CammWess back on his team.

  145. You know, I never did get to see any of the Instant Save performances.

  146. It is a fantastic song. I didn’t think Todd did it justice, though. He was great on the verses (that tone!), but underwhelmed me on the chorus. I actually liked his original song better.

  147. Ester is not underrated. She’s VERY well-known, accomplished, and in-demand.

  148. I’d have to be in the right mood. But frankly, with all the pandemic-related stress right now, I need Thunderstorm’s calming voice.

  149. Wow. That’s the best I’ve ever heard Zan sound. If she’d sounded like that when she sang Camila Cabello (and really, she needed a better song), she would have been in the finale.

  150. She was fantastic. Megan also probably had one of her best moments. The other 3 girls were also pretty good, although both Joanna and Toneisha had better performances. But Zan was sublime.

  151. Wonder how they’ll chart on iTunes tonight, being the first time this season. Will be interesting to see if any of them surpass Just Sam at #4

  152. I agree with what you write. however, he remains entirely ordinary and must be taken down

  153. I was so so so excited! I screamed and ran around the house like a lunatic. It was quite fun! LOL

  154. I actually love Micah. I think that with the right songs and a little vocal coaching he could do some really cool things. I muted both of Todd’s performances and I didn’t enjoy Camm on his songs. I like Thunderstorm a lot and he was neck and neck with Toneisha for me tonight, but I’m frustrated that he didn’t have the need to take a chance during the entire competition because the short season really helped him a lot, probably more than anyone else. If it was up to me I’d give it to Toneisha. I’d vote based just on her beautiful personality . She’s such a wonderful woman and can sing like no other. She won’t win, but she doesn’t need to. She might find more success if she isn’t tied down to the awful recording deal the winner gets.

  155. I just posted below how much she slayed this. LOVED this version. Great minds think alike!

  156. This is uninspiring, was expecting much more from such an iconic song.

  157. I enjoyed his performance – not an easy song to pull off – solid performance.

  158. that was the wrong song for Camm it wasn’t bad it just kinda laid there for me

  159. I can’t believe he picked this song. Say Something or Rainbow would have been so much better and shown more emotion. Sigh.

  160. He sang it very well. What I think people are not liking about it is the key choice he chose to sing the song in. He could’ve gone up an octave or two and it would’ve been more appealing and given him more room to show off his superior vocal ability.

  161. I agree but he usually hits notes to the fullest. That sounded uncomfortable for lack of a better word.

  162. I think it was the key choice. He (much like Candice) excels when he is in a higher key and has the ability to go downward with his runs. He can nail the top to bottom runs and when he chose such a low key he didn’t give himself the chance to showcase that.

  163. Respectfully disagree. I don’t get Micah at all. Only time I liked him was when he sang Death Cab for Cutie. Todd is boring, but I like his tone and his “original” — but I don’t think he actually wrote it? My faves are CammWess, Thunderstorm, and Toneisha — really in any order as long as they are the Top 3. It would be nice for Toneisha to win and vindicate all those who went before her — Janice, Sandy Redd, Rose Short, etc. etc.

  164. This song launched MercyMe’s award winning career. It’s a fantastic song.

  165. Pander pander pander … Imagine something … More pandering … Pander pander pander!

  166. the facebook grandmas win again UGH

    back to back they chose the ONLY FINALISTS I DISLIKE

  167. Really micah, an original called “butterflies” ? He got shafted. Based on the iTunes preview, it’s mediocre

  168. That was a terrible vocal both in execution and intent. A disgrace.

  169. you never knew about this? kyla’s “original” was a plagiarized to the BRIM (the melody and lyrics were the same basically) unreleased GARTH BROOKS SONG.

  170. I wish they would do everyone’s covers, then everyone’s originals…makes comparison so much easier.

  171. She’s been invisible of late. She’s been missed around here!

  172. Unless they pulled back the duets from itunes until tomorrow, Todd’s just disappeared on the charts

  173. Wait, did he just try to push Camm and Thunderstorm under the bus?? Lmaook

  174. I have a feeling that isn’t Kelly’s first glass of wine tonight.

  175. At least if Todd won the show, he might not have another kid, at least for a bit

  176. Thunderstorm and Todd, wow. they should be the top 2, I would be happy if either wins., personally i am kinda rooting for Thunderstorm.

  177. Thunderstorm wrote it…Tedder only added a little bit of instrumental background.

  178. Unfortunately the thing I liked best about the vocal, when he went to falsetto, was when he lost pitch. Still, he got the lyrics and delivered. We heard that gorgeous tone. Shame he did not stay in tune.

  179. “thunderstorm closes with a perfect message”


  180. The coaches love this. Look at Blake smiling like a proud brother-in-law.

  181. Toneisha A
    TStorm A-
    Micah B-
    CW C
    Todd F or Z depending on your grading system.

  182. I loved that – she does it so naturally and effortlessly – and I even like the home video little love story in there .

  183. She sang great. Choosing between her and Tstorm is like choosing between steak and lobster. Depends on my mood.

  184. I totally agree on Tstorm. I felt him tonight. That is not always the case. In small doses, he sings beautifully albeit , as you nailed from day one, repetitively, tonight, not only from song to song but as you note, within the song. Still, it sounded beautiful. I felt it. I gave him the hi grades. I would never go to his concert. I would walk out after I would guess the third song. Toneisha is an amazing talent. Who knew she had all that vocal ability in reserve. There were so many different parts of her voice, that we heard for the first time tonight. Every bit of it was superb. She is far more talented than I realized. I respect that Cam tried to be a bit different tonight as he is another that could sound a bit copycat week to week, but I thought he failed on both songs. His take on Purple Rain was strange, boring and not very well sung. Credit for trying to be different. I guess Micah fooled me with his genius cover of DCFC. His voice is not strong enough to be great, but damn, his tone is gorgeous. I like the musical choices he makes. I would go to his show. The less written about Todd, the better. One could say that his love of the church comes shining through. I might write something a bit different. The singing is all that matters. He has been heard a million times before. He was not at his best tonight. When you are average to start, that leads to disaster.

  185. I love Micah’s musical choices. It would help if he were able to execute them. I agree with Matt. His DCFC was epic. With a bit of coaching and confidence, that could be his norm. I get him more than any one else that is left. Unfortunately, he did not sing well enough tonight.

  186. Really? I stalk him on Instagram daily, how did I not know about that?

  187. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I have enough drool for both of them.

  188. Only one registering, but at like #74. Will get a better read later tonight

  189. Okay, can someone explain to me the point of candles inside of old box TV’s that are at least 20+ years old? I don’t get it!

  190. Thankfully, I have to watch this and can not run our for farm made ice cream

  191. Thank God I don’t have to hear him or see those hideous multi-colored wall panels again the rest of the night! YAY!!

  192. Double Yay. I am shocked that the film they were showing did not end with them all attending church.

  193. Todd went 2/2 on pandering
    Micah’s original was zzzzz
    Cam’s cover was pitchy
    Thunderstorm and Toneisha killed

  194. Hope thunderstorm goes hallelujah or amazing grace, be like ‘I can pander too, hahaha’

  195. I truly love Toneisha. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.
    But I don’t like this song. It sounds dated and out of style.
    Sorry, my queen!

  196. Watch First Reformed this morning. Very disturbing and very good film

  197. ohhh Camm’s cover should have been ordinary people I think he could have killed that