The Voice Season 16 Top 8 Song Spoilers – What Will the Contestants Sing?

The Voice Season 16 Top 8 Pictured: (l-r) Dexter Roberts, Gyth Rigdon, Rob Stokes, Madelyn Jarmon, Kim Cherry, Shawn Sounds, Carter Lloyd Horne, Andrew Sevener
Pictured: (l-r) Dexter Roberts, Gyth Rigdon, Rob Stokes, Madelyn Jarmon, Kim Cherry, Shawn Sounds, Carter Lloyd Horne, Andrew Sevener — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Here are your Top 8 The Voice iTunes studio recordings.  Tonight the Top 8 will perform solos and pair up for Beatles’ duets.

Apple streams WILL count as votes tonight. Check out all The Voice season 16 Top 8 song spoilers right here.

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Dayna live blogs The Voice Top 8 performances tonight (May 13) at 8 PM ET. Join us!

The Voice Season 16 Top 8 Song Spoilers

Rod Stokes – Team Kelly Clarkson – Go Rest High on That Mountain by Vince Gill – AUDIO – Kelly pulls the God card. She wants her only remaining artist in the finale
Maelyn Jarmon – Team John Legend – Stay by Rihanna – AUDIO – No doubt it will be another impeccable performance from MaeLynn who SHOULD sail into the finals.
Shawn Sounds – Team John Legend – A Song For You by Donny Hathaway/Leon Russell  – AUDIO – This studio performance is gorgeous. Shawn could have a moment tonight.
Andrew Sevener – Team Blake Shelton – Long Haired Country Boy by Charlie Daniels  – AUDIO – Eh. Did Blake suggest this song? If he did it’s sabotage.
Carter Lloyd Horne – Team Blake Shelton – Take Me To Church by Hozier – AUDIO – Carter is taking a big risk here by performing a pop song. It’s a little out of his wheelhouse
Dexter Roberts – Team Blake Shelton – Here Without You by 3 Doors Down – AUDIO – If Blake made this song pick, it’s definitely sabotage. 3 Doors Down? Really?
Gyth Rigdon – Team Blake Shelton – God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood – AUDIO – I’m dying here. I predicted Gyth would be pandering soon, but he picks the granddaddy of them all. Pulling the God and Country card.
Kim Cherry – Team Blake Shelton – Together Again by Janet Jackson – AUDIO – The song is Janet Jackson’s tribute to her late brother. A very sentimental song choice. She needed to sing a ballad at this point, so smart choice.

Beatles Duets (Not seeing the Beatles duets on iTunes)

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  1. I thought they said this was supposed to be Beatles week? I must have misunderstood.

  2. Andrew – Zzzzz
    Carter – Good song choice but the studio felt kinda… boring?
    Dexter – I thought he was a lock but maybe not.
    Gyth – Well, SOMEONE is desperate. The sad thing is that it’ll work and Gyth will win.
    Kim – I’m glad she finally stopped the rapping for this but it won’t do her any favors, she’ll be bottom 2 for sure.
    Rod – Welp, he’ll sail to the top 3 with this.
    Maelyn – This should be good. Studio is gorgeous, kind of an overdone choice but it’s a great song for her, I think she’ll be fine.
    Shawn – Overdone af, I think he’s cooked.
    Can’t see anything but a Gyth/Maelyn/Rod top 3.

  3. Rod: Kelly knows what she’s doing. He’ll most likely be in the finals thanks to this choice. He actually sounds good.
    Maelyn: John should’ve picked Down To The River To Pray for her. I’m very biased to Amber Carrington’s rendition so I’m going to need to see the full performance. But based on the snippet it’s easy to assume she’ll be safe.
    Shawn: Fantastic song. This is the best I heard from him so far. We’ll see how he does live.
    Andrew: Meh.
    Carter: Oh boy… I like him, but I didn’t enjoy that, he’s in trouble.
    Dexter: Solid. Not much singing in the snippet anyways.
    Gyth: It works for me. For sure will get the pimp slot.
    Kim: A little late to focus on just singing. She sounds pretty good here. But this won’t save her from the bottom 2.

  4. 1 Maelyn — Wow. Just wow. Simply stellar. Should be a real ‘moment’ for her.
    2 Gyth — This of course is wildly manipulative but he sings it well and it’ll do the trick for him
    3 Rod — Couldn’t be more perfect for him. He’s finally doing country and it also sounds vaguely religious.
    4 Shawn — A bit too predictable but he’s a great singer
    5 Dexter — He’s very reliable, very dependable, not that exciting but solid as a rock
    6 Andrew — See Dexter above, but from here on down has no shot at the finale
    7 Carter — I don’t think this kid knows who he is. Bye bye.
    8 Kim — Kelly said she wanted to hear Kim really sing. A Janet Jackson song is not the way to display that.

  5. Gyth and Maelyn have both gotten the pimp slot before. They’ll give it to someone else this week. Probably Shawn or Rod.

  6. Maelyn is really the only person Im looking forward too at this point. Her recording was perfection

  7. Just listened, it is absolutely perfect, damn she sounds so good.

  8. When did he get it? My memories from the season are blurry. I only remember Maelyn and Dexter closing.

  9. Gyth was the last pairing of cross battles but so was Maelyn and she closed T13 so I don’t think it really matters.

  10. Not happening buddy. At least not with this underwhelming group of singers. Let’s pray Maelyn sings those fouls into oblivion.

  11. You really thought I was being serious with that? There’s no way Gyth isn’t winning this thing.
    He’ll probably end up #1 on iTunes before the show ends.

  12. I know, don’t worry, lol. I still think that Maelyn can take crown, it’s not over yet. We all thought that Adam Wakefield had it in the bag and look what happened.

  13. Sorry, Dexter and Gyth are kind of interchangeable in my brain but you are absolutely right! With that being said, Gyth or Shawn will likely get the pimp slot tonight.

  14. Sorry, Dexter and Gyth are kind of interchangeable in my brain but you are absolutely right! With that being said, Gyth or Shawn will likely get the pimp slot tonight.

  15. They are interchangeable, don’t worry. I had to look it up because I wasn’t completely sure. I think that Shawn has a great song and he sounds really good in here so that’s a good guess. But it’s a toss up between him and Gyth.Ijust don’t really expect for the producers to push Shawn to the finals.

  16. I’m not counting out the possibility of her throwing some random rap in the middle of the song yet. It will be hilarious if she rapped on The Beatles.

  17. I doubt the show producers want ANOTHER country winner or ANOTHER Blake winner. They’d be happier with a John Legend win. I suspect Shawn will get the pimp slot.

  18. Yeah, I think you are right. Thought Carter had a chance but I guess not. Oh well.. It is what it is

  19. God Bless The USA..are you effing kidding me..Pandering taking on a whole new meaning..
    Just listened to Maelyn, again I’m not prone to hyperbole but she is just miles better than anyone else this season, she is Sasha Allen, Amanda Brown good. Which might not bode well considering what happened to both of them.

  20. Real subtle Blake.

    There’s not much you can do but laugh.

    It seems like a waste though. I don’t think Gyth needs the desperate pandering song by any stretch.

  21. Imagine if the core audience thinks he took pandering too far, and then it could backfire! #wishfulthinking

  22. In Kim’s defense I do think she sounds really good here. But like you said, this isn’t a song you should pick if you want to show that you can actually sing. She’s done.

  23. She should’ve done Down To The River To Pray. Fits her style like a ring and it’s the type of pandering expected on the semifinals.

  24. Carter Lloyd Horne still has a very country voice but his last few songs, including this one, have been blues/rock.

  25. Yeah, Kim is toast and so is Carter.
    I predict the 3 that will compete for the Twitter save are Shawn, Dexter, and Andrew.
    Either Shawn or Dexter will win, joining Maelyn, Gyth, and Rod for the finale.

  26. It would be easier for Maelyn to win if she’s in the T4 with 3 country singers. Pushing Shawn to the finale will make a Gyth victory easier.

  27. Blake has his own following, choosing 3 doors down and lee greenwood from the Trump pre-inauguration stellar event is brilliant, it tells me he has chosen his finalists. Carter doing rock is brilliant, he can handle this and he has his own following. The Leon Russel version of Shawn Sounds performance tonight is one of my personal favorites. Rod Stokes is an amazing entertainer whether you like him or not, and Team Kelly voters sure love, but I guarantee you he is getting Team Blake votes.

  28. Last season’s finale was Kennedy Holmes and 3 country singers, and yet Kennedy still came in fourth place. I’m not convinced of the “split the vote” theory.

  29. Okay I just listened to all the music. Maelyn sounds good but it has zero spin on it, it is karoake, very good, karoake. Shawn Sounds is amazing and all the black vote may just go his way from John and his wife’s twitter account (since last week they tried to rally the troops toward Mari over Kim, which was kind of classless), Dexter Roberts is amazing on this song, and 3 doors down continues to have a huge following of dedicated fans. Rod Stokes is a pleasure to listen to, an absolute pleasure, and Gyth Rigdon… this guy just has it, he is so skilled at performing that even if someone else is technically a better singer, he is going to,outperform them. When Blake pitted Rod Stokes against Gyth Rigdon, I thought he was crazy turns out he knows talent and performing skills.

  30. Okay Maelyn and Gyth are Locks. I think Andrew is underestimated so I’m going to say that he will make it (he’s never been in trouble) but could be up to his duet. Also I think Rod will make it.

    My finale consists of Maelyn, gyth, Rod, and Andrew but don’t count out Shawn or Dexter.

    Kim is toast although her studio sounds great

  31. Rod, to get Kelly into the finale. I am sure they don’t want Maelynn and 3 dudes from team blake

  32. It’s sad because he had so much potential as a country singer, his audition was great!

    I think he is a kid who is still exploring his talent and is finding out who he is. I think I heard him say he has barely performed in front of people before The Voice. So he is finding himself.

    It will probably take him some years to find his true direction but when he gets there he might be a force to reckon with.

    Probably didn’t help either that Blake veer him outside of country music to diversify his team. Too bad Carter was not ready yet, at least he had a good run. Hope he has other opportunities in the future.

  33. That isn’t any difference than Rod pandering with a massive weepy hit by Vince Gill

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