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THE VOICE -- Blind Auditions Episode 1505 -- Pictured: Erika Zade -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice season 15 Blind Auditions continued on Monday. Standouts for the night for me were soulful pop singer Erika Zade, country soul singer Kirk Jay and  70’s throwback Kayley Hill.  

The Voice season 15 Recap – Blind Auditions 5 Live Blog and Videos

Honorable mention goes to the versative pop/rock and country singer Joey Green. Blake Shelton had a good night, adding both Joey and Kirk to his team. But Kelly nabbed the radio ready Erika, who could go far into the competition. Jennifer found compatible souls in two one chair turns with the soulful Mike Parker and colorful crooner Colton Smith.

The big block of the night was delivered by Jennifer to Kelly, but seemed less outrageous than usual, as the sooth singer Zaxai and Jennifer are a much better fit. No harm, no foul. 

Country singer Hannah Blaylock deserved a spot on a team. She has such a classic sound. The choice of an unremarkable song is probably what did her in. I always feel bad when experienced singers trying to make a comeback fail to turn a chair. A singer in their mid 30’s running out of opportunities being told no ONE MORE TIME in front of millions of people–that’s gotta sting. She and Blake would have been a good team. 

Which singer from last night’s show was your favorite? Vote in our poll below.

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  1. This was the first time since I started to watch this show live, that I was so disinterested and bored that I stopped watching halfway through. I did catch up with the performances later, but I can barely remember most of them. I do remember Kirk. He picked a beautiful song and delivered it in a very sincere way. He managed to bring something new to a song that I’ve heard a hundred times and brought something fresh to it. He is excellent, I loved him. And then I don’t know… I guess I liked the girl who did ‘Gold Dust Woman’? Or maybe I just love F. Mac that much. I wouldn’t know since we only got to hear less than a minute of her singing. I guess that’s still better than being montaged so… baby steps. And while a hate that Dua Lipa song, I liked that girl’s voice. And the rest? Either I don’t remember or I didn’t care for them.

  2. Honestly Really liked Natalie and liked Kayley. Otherwise the night was kinda lackluster tbh

  3. I’m not watching The Voice any longer. The show lost me two seasons ago. But I did check out the videos of Erika and Kirk. She has a nice voice but she didn’t have the edge that that Dua Lipa song needs. (I’m biased, though, I love Dua Lipa). Kirk gave a worn out song a pretty gospel/soul rendition…I can’t say I heard much country in his version.

    I do think both of these artists have potential but I wasn’t blown away with either performance. Good performanes but not great.

  4. Can you imagine that he did that to a Jim Croce song? He has over 200 gigs a year? Mind boggling.

  5. Is that even possible? I had no idea they have the comeback performances on youtube. I shall NOT be checking his out.

  6. Possibly the worst group of singers ever in any 2 hour show that is not named X F US.

  7. agree 100% on the comeback artist. WTF? Picked the wrong person. His song on the app was better, but still way too lackluster. His pitch is horrible.

  8. I don’t think she did it “justice” either, but in her defense, how can you make a song that’s five minutes long work on fifty seconds? Yes, she got fifty seconds. I didn’t love her, but I do think that she did a nice job with the very little they showed us.

  9. and I was excited because Jim Croce isn’t covered very often so I thought this performance might pull me out of the doldrums, instead my wife had to step in and snatch away the razor blade that was perilously close to my wrist.

  10. Glad your wife is prepared for the worst of the Voice. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with not suiting ones ear, but that rendition was numbing. I mean that in the worst way possible. The kid can not sing. Thankfully, he did not tackle Harry Chapin. I have no one in my house to protect me.

  11. I did not think Kirk Jay’s performance was worthy of a 4-chair turn however Blake will not be unloading him. (Remember Spensha Baker?) Unfortunately, this means one of Blake’s other talented (male) team members will now probably get eliminated if they aren’t stolen. Kirk’s back story was gut-wrenching.

  12. I’m not watching The Voice any longer. The show lost me two seasons ago. But I did check out the videos of Erika and Kirk. She has a nice voice but she didn’t have the edge that that Dua Lipa song needs. (I’m biased, though, I love Dua Lipa). Kirk gave a worn out song a pretty gospel/soul rendition…I can’t say I heard much country in his version.

    I do think both of these artists have potential but I wasn’t blown away with either performance. Good performanes but not great.

  13. I understand that there is a certain amount of manipulation taking place behind the scenes on these shows, so I am not sure how the decision is made on who gets to appear in front of the mentors to get a chair to turn. I do know that three friends of mine, very talented musicians, have sent in audition videos in an attempt to get that opportunity and none were chosen, one in particular surprisingly so. I only mention this because last night, the young man who sang Time in a Bottle managed to deliver what I thought was the worse audition in the history of this show and I’m wondering who made the decision to even afford him that opportunity. I get that he seemed a little nervous, but I don’t think nerves was the issue. He just wasn’t very good, and to make matters worse he gets the slot as comeback artist instead of the more deserving Hannah Blaylock. Pretty boring night all around, IMO, the girl whop sang Heart was just bad karaoke, and Zaxai was totally forgettable. My favorite of the night was Erika, surprised she only turned one chair.

  14. Kirk was the only one I added to my team yesterday. I still don’t have a favorite that I would love to win.

  15. Not familiar with John Prine. Rock and Roll HOF is a joke anyway. I mean Deep Purple just made it. Yes and Procol Harum among others are not even in? It is ridiculous.

  16. Harry Chapin, another great singer/songwriter who is never covered on these shows, amazing that no one ever steps outside the box and gives something different a try. On a more positive note though, I just read that John Prine made the list of nominees for this years Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Be shocked if he makes it, I’m pretty shocked he was even nominated.

  17. Agree. Kirk goes to the lives barring a horrible performance. I think he also takes Kameron. He is the top male country artist at this point. What he doesn’t have is a strong female country artist. 2 more spots to fill.

  18. John Prine wrote Angel From Montgomery and also the song Hello in There among many others, just a sublime songwriter and also has a vocal style that I think you would find appealing, a little off the beaten path so to speak.And you’re right about the Hall of Fame, is it a joke, the amount of deserving groups not inducted is ridiculous.He also wrote that great ode to reefer “Illegal Smile”

  19. I have heard the name. My music listening was almost exclusively jazz for many many years. Yes. I had to be different. A friend in Vegas asked me to attend Robin Trower. That changed my life. I would not listen to rock as a kid as I figured if everyone likes it, how can it be good, but in Trower, I heard possibly the greatest guitarist of all time but in Trower I heard one so nuanced and who cared about each and every note. I have not missed him play since. Somehow, he is even better now. When he hits a note, I melt.
    Trower opened up my world. I am still catching up on classic rock and subsequent music. Recently i was turned on to the band UK. That cost me an entire afternoon. Interestingly, it is the singer songwriters or folk singers or whatever, that I enjoy most, Joni Mitchell, Janic Ian, Judy Collins and the great and unappreciated Laura Nyro among many others. I look forward to checking out John Prine. Hopefully that opens up another wave of new singers to listen to. Thanks.

  20. I just listened to it. I did not make it to the end. Man, he needs to find a different vocation.

  21. You saw Laura Nyro? and if I recall Tom Waits at Tanglewood? Amazing memories! Even if the comparison is minor, having the name Tom Waits mentioned in the same sentence is about as high a praise as you can give. If the word “genius” is tossed around far too much, I would write with certainty that Mr Waits fits that word to a t. I do hope he tours one more time. I would borrow money to get where ever he performs.

  22. p.s. I shall attempt to listen to Hello In There although it will be difficult as my best friends leave, I am battling the subject matter as I type.

  23. Laura Nyro was by choice because I loved her records, played them endlessly, as I’m sure you can tell my favorite musical genre is now and always has been female singer/songwriters so for me, Laura Nyro was the epitome of what I desired from music. Tom Waits I lucked into, Stephen Stills was the featured performer at Tanglewood and I had no idea who Tom Waits was and full disclosure, for the first couple of songs I thought he might be some kind of comedy act posing as a musician, by the end of the hour set I would have been happy with Stephen Stills never making an appearance.And finally my friend, if you are struggling with the subject matter of Hello In There, don’t listen, I have heard the song countless times and it can still move me to tears. Funny thing is the first version I ever heard was by a young Bette Midler, before I knew who John Prine was.

  24. All the more reason to listen. Wow, I forget how great and how wide ranging in song choice, Bette Midler is. She did close The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. No worries, I balled my eyes out that episode.

  25. He’s definitely off the beaten path for sure, hard to place into any particular genre really, but a true poet with kind of a Tom Waits style of using his unique voice as an instrument to interpret his lyrics. Not gravelly, but certainly not traditional either. Check out the song Hello in There, it’s been covered often and is just a beautiful and sad lament to the loneliness of growing old. As far as Laura Nyro goes, sometimes the word genius gets tossed around a little too freely, in her case it’s a perfect fit. I was lucky enough to get to see her live, she didn’t tour often. It is one of those concerts where the feeling I had inside my body as she played is still crystal clear every time I listen to one of her songs.

  26. luckily for me I was peeling some onions during that last Carson so I’m sure that’s why my eyes were watering…

  27. Ah. A chef too. Talented. I am off to Ridgefield Playhouse 2 weeks from tonight to see The Rascals with guest drummer, Carmine Appice. I can not wait.

  28. I have to make my way up to Ridgefield at some point they certainly do have some very good shows there. I believe Felix Cavaliere is a Connecticut resident if I’m not mistaken, and from your neck of the woods. And I don’t remember if I asked you what you thought about the show you attended at The Kate, in my neck of the woods.

  29. So if you live near The Kate, you must be familiar with Chamard Farms Vineyard and Bistro. If you have never been, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It is an order. J.k. However, you get the message. I hate to use the word, but it is a beautiful, calming and yes, “quaint” restaurant, built in a vineyard. The wine they make is amazing. The food is even better. The prices are incredibly fair. It is in Clinton. It is mandatory. I now live in North Stonington, but travel to Ridgefield to go to the Playhouse as often as I can. There are many shows that I miss as time and money are now relevant, but I am not missing the Rascals. I may have to miss Art Garfunkel though. They are also showing the movie Spirited Away and now Blazing Saddles complete with a Q and A from one of the stars of the movie. I attended a Q and A with Christopher Plummer at Ridgefield. There are benefits to being driving distance to wealth.
    The show at The Kate was disappointing. It was Friends of Rory Gallagher tour. Rory is my all time favorite guitar player. His longtime bass player and drummer toured with an excellent guitar player. However, the magic of Rory can not be replicated and the bass player was into it just a bit too much, to the point that it did not feel real. The Kate has a very creative booker. It is also a very cool venue. However, it could not match Chamard Farms, although I must say, the there are not many things that could.

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