The Voice Season 14 Semi Final Predictions, Poll Results, iTunes Charts

THE VOICE -- "Live Semi Finals" Episode 1418A -- Pictured: (l-r) Jackie Foster, Rayshun Lamarr -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice Season 14 Top 8 performed LIVE last night for your votes. That means it’s time to make some predictions. In addition, we’ll take a look at the iTunes charts at close of the voting window and the results of the post-show polls.

The Voice Season 14 Top 8 Semi Final – Vote in the Polls
The Voice Season 14 Recap: Top 8 Semi Final Live Blog (VIDEO)

Finally, the contestants make major inroads on the iTunes chart this week. Six contestants charted on the iTunes Top 10 meaning they all receive the 5x voting bonus. Dang, Childish Gambino stubbornly kept the top spot, denying Kyla Jade the Top spot. Kaleb Lee picked the right song for sure. Generally, his chart numbers are middling, but the religious hymn he performed resonate with viewers, sending him to the Top 10. Nevertheless, he’s still going to have to sing for the save.

iTunes Rankings at 12 pm

2. Kyla Jade – Let it Be
3. Britton Buchanan – The Rising
4. Brynn Cartelli – What the World Needs Now is Love
6. Kaleb Lee – It Is Well With My Soul
7. Pryor Baird – Change the World
10. Spensha Baker – My Church
31. Rayshun LaMarr – Imagine
47. Jackie Foster – Here I Go Again

Favorite Top 8 Solo

Kyla Jade and Britton Buchanan were your clear favorites, with Kyla topping the poll by about 5%. A fav may have depended on preferred genre. Being a rock/indie type myself, Britton’s The Rising was my personal fav. However, I do not begrudge Kyla that top spot. She was tremendous last night.

  1. Kyla Jade – Team Blake – Let it Be  35.69%
  2. Britton Buchanan – Team Alicia – The Rising  30.8%
  3. Brynn Cartelli – Team Kelly – What the World Needs Now is Love 15.74%
  4. Spensha Baker – Team Blake – My Church  5.97%
  5. Pryor Baird – Team Blake – Change the World  3.26%
  6. Jackie Foster – Team Alicia – Here I Go Again  3.12%
  7. Kaleb Lee – Team Kelly – It Is Well With My Soul  2.71%
  8. Rayshun Lamarr – Team Adam – Imagine  2.71%

Favorite Top 8 Duet

Kyla and Spensha together? It was like magic! 

  1. Kyla Jade & Spensha Baker – What’s Going On/Rise Up 48.47%
  2. Brynn Cartelli & Britton Buchanan – FourFiveSeconds/You Can’t Always Get What You Want 37.16%
  3. Jackie Foster & Rayshun Lamarr – Believer/Radioactive 7.72%
  4. Kaleb Lee & Pryor Baird – Hillbilly Bone/Hillbilly Deluxe 6.64%

Who WILL Be Eliminated?

The should be and will be polls are identical. I’m down with the SHOULD be eliminated results. However, I think Pryor Baird will make the final in one way or another.  I’ll be very surprised if Rayshun Lamarr and Jackie Foster are not eliminated outright.

  1. Rayshun Lamarr – Team Adam  26.57%
  2. Jackie Foster – Team Alicia  24.11%
  3. Kaleb Lee – Team Kelly  20.36%
  4. Spensha Baker – Team Blake  16.67%
  5. Pryor Baird – Team Blake  7.61%
  6. Brynn Cartelli – Team Kelly  2.57%
  7. Kyla Jade – Team Blake  1.51%
  8. Britton Buchanan – Team Alicia  0.62%

Who SHOULD Be Eliminated?

  1. Rayshun Lamarr – Team Adam 24.81%
  2. Jackie Foster – Team Alicia 20.48%
  3. Kaleb Lee – Team Kelly 19.92%
  4. Pryor Baird – Team Blake 15.7%
  5. Spensha Baker – Team Blake 8.44%
  6. Brynn Cartelli – Team Kelly 5.92%
  7. Kyla Jade – Team Blake 2.62%
  8. Britton Buchanan – Team Alicia 2.11%

Grade the Episode

  • B   48.61%
  • A  33.89%
  • C  13.33%
  • D  2.22%
  • F  1.94%

Prediction: Previous to this week, I had Kyla Jade possibly singing for the save. But after two triumphant weeks of performances, I think she’s a lock for the finale. So: Kyla Jade, Britton Buchanan, Brynn Cartelli advance to the Final Four. Rayshun Lamarr and Jackie Foster are eliminated outright. Spensha Baker, Pryor Baird, Kaleb Lee sing for the Instant Save. Pryor wins the save and moves on to the final.  Of course, this is the BLOOD BATH which is often full of surprises. Anything can happen tonight, so buckle up.


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