The Voice Season 14 Recap: Top 11 Results Live Blog (VIDEO)

THE VOICE -- "Live Top 11" Episode 1416B -- Pictured: (l-r) Sharane Calister, Christiana Danielle, Carson Daly -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice season 14 Top 10 will be revealed tonight. Will the eliminated contestant be  from  Team Adam Levine, Team Blake Shelton, Team Alicia Keys or Team Kelly Clarkson?  Carson Daly returns as host. We are live blogging every performance. The bottom two singers will perform for your instant vote. The winner lives to sing another week. The loser heads home.

Also Janelle Monáe will perform her new single “Make Me Feel” from her third solo album project, Dirty Computer.

The Voice Season 14 Top 11 Predictions, Poll Results, iTunes Charts
The Voice Season 14 Recap: Top 11 Performance Live Blog (VIDEO)

As the Top 11 take center stage host Carson Daly announces that Brynn Cartelli from Team Kelly was the most streamed artist of the week. Hm. Interesting they aren’t touting the two artists who hit the Top 10, Britton Buchanan and Pryor Baird.

Kaleb Lee. He waxes poetic about his coach, Kelly Clarkson. Rayshun Lamarr shares thoughts about how to deal with tough times. And America saved…from Team Blake…Pryor Baird! Always the obvious ones first. America also saved…from Team Alicia…Britton Buchanan. Duh.

Next, Janelle Monae takes the stage to perform her new song “Make Me Feel.” The song harkens back to 80’s era Prince. Good stuff.

Next, a video clip features the contestants describing each other’s best qualities. 

And now more results with the remaining nine artists. MORE DUMB QUESTIONS. Zzzz. Jackie Foster calls her coach Alicia “monumental.” Brynn says the contestants are like “one big family.” And the next two saved artists are…America saved…from Team Adam…Rayshun Lamarr! Welp. There goes my prediction. AGAIN. Rayshun was saved from the bottom two last week. America also saved…from Team Kelly…Brynn Cartelli.

Next, Adam Levine joins his team, Jackie Verna, Rayshun Lamarr and Sharane Callistar to perform “The Scientist” by Coldplay. Best vocals in this performance are Jackie’s. I’m not kidding.

The remaining seven artists take the stage! Carson continues to interrogate: It means everything to Spensha Baker to have country fans embrace her music. It means everything to Christiana Danielle to have her arrangements featured on the show. America saved…from Team Blake…Spensha Baker! America also saved…from Team Adam…Jackie Verna.

Pink haired Nick Roach from Team Adam won The Voice Snapchat. It’s Team Adam’s fourth win. Huh. Anybody watching that?

Now, Alicia Keys and her team, Britton Buchanan, Jackie Foster and Christiana Danielle sing the Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter.” Britton is playing electric guitar.  Listen to Alicia wailing away. She’s kinda stealing the show.

The remaining five artists return to the stage. Family support has been so important to Sharane Calister. She’s grateful her twin sister could experience the journey with her. Kyla Jade nods to her fellow background singers. America saved…from Team Alicia…Jackie Foster! America also saved…Kyla Jade from Team Blake! Team Blake remains intact. America also saved Kaleb Lee from Team Kelly! She’s jumping up and down.

Christiana Danielle and Sharane Calister hit the bottom two and will sing for the Instant Save!

Sharane Calister – If I Were a Boy by Beyonce – The performance is…a little pitchy and has too many runs. But much better than last night. Adam is “mad and sad” that she’s in the bottom 2. He knows that Sharane has had big moments. She could have more!

Christiana Danielle – A Thousand Years by Christina Perri – Christina’s trembly vibrato has the tendency to go off pitch, and she’s VERY off pitch here. This is not very good. My instinct is to vote for her. She’s the more interesting singer of the two. But Sharane sang better in the moment. Alicia thinks something is wrong if you didn’t get goosebumps right there. Resorting to gaslighting coach? She calls Christina an “original” and a “work of art.”

TIME TO VOTE. #VoiceSaveSharane #VoiceSaveChristiana. Five minutes! One tweet, keep retweeting. Start now!

Dang, the vote chyron isn’t working (It was up for a few seconds with 0%). I want to see! No way to know who is ahead for sure. I’m guessing Sharane will be saved. 

Back from break, Sharane thanks Adam for saving her, and giving her the opportunity once again to fulfill her dream. “Alicia I love you,” says Christiana. “You have encouraged me so much. You have pushed me to be bold and to really love who I am as an artist. ”

When Carson asks Alicia for “final words” for Christiana, she does Adam’s shtick from last week. “Absolutely not!” she insists. “There aren’t going to be any final words!’ Alicia adds, “Both of these women standing on this stage are so special and so unique.”  To Christiana she says, “I’m so taken and I’m so moved by you. I’m watching you grow, I’m watching your trajectory. There’s nobody like you. You will never be able to be duplicated. Look at the bliss and the light that you live in. That performance was stunning.”

For Sharane, Adam is frustrated, because the essence of music is that it’s “not a competition.” He says, “It’s hard for me to see you two stand up there together knowing the sisterhood you have on the show…” He tells Sharane that she deserves to be here. “I think that you haven’t had that magical breakthrough that Rayshun had last week. I feel like you’re next! You do deserve a spot in that top 10.”

Carson assures viewers that despite the lack of on screen vote totals, the numbers are “indeed correct.” It’s time to reveal the results!

And America instantly saved…Christiana Danielle. Sharane Calister is eliminated. My prediction track record tonight stinks!

Top 10

Pryor Baird – Team Blake
Britton Buchanan – Team Alicia
Rayshun Lamarr – Team Adam
Brynn Cartelli – Team Kelly
Spensha Baker – Team Blake
Jackie Verna – Team Adam
Jackie Foster – Team Alicia
Kyla Jade – Team Blake
Kaleb Lee – Team Kelly
Christiana Danielle – Team Alicia – Instant Save Winner


Sharane Calister – Team Adam

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