The Voice Season 14 Recap: Live Playoffs 1 Live Blog (VIDEO)

THE VOICE -- "Live Playoffs" Episode 1414A -- Pictured: (l-r) Austin Giorgio, Pryor Baird, Kyla Jade, Gary Edwards, Spensha Baker, Wilkes -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice season 14 LIVE SHOWS begin tonight with coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys and American Idol OG winner and newbie Kelly Clarkson.  Carson Daly returns as host.  Join us as we LIVE BLOG the results and every performance.

The Voice Season 14 Song Spoilers – Playoffs 1

Tonight, the Live Playoffs kick off with performances from the entire Top 24.  Real time votes via The Voice app and twitter will determine the four top vote getters–one from each team–advancing to the Top 12. The remaining Top 20 will perform again on Tuesday (Team Alicia, Team Blake)  and Wednesday (Team Adam, Team Kelly). For voting rules and contestant hashtags, CLICK THIS LINK. Viewers on the west coast can also vote.  The Voice official twitter account and the official app will announce voting windows and instructions.

Ladies and Gentlemen we are LIVE!

All 24 artists will perform and you can vote live in real time!  The artists with the most votes from each team will advance to the top 12!  Two ways to vote:  download the official Voice app or tweet/retweet to vote for your favorite.

Team Kelly Clarkson Starts!

Kelly’s team is everything she wanted, strong voices that move you.  She says all the coaches are scared of her team!  Brynn is wide eyed and ready to learn, she’s become a Mom to Brynn.  Dylan is the kind of artist who isn’t fearful of branching out, she thinks he’s cute and can sing.  Kaleb is her country guy, fell in love with him and his family.  He is what country music represents.  Alexa has a sick range.  She’s fearless and always trying to be better.  D.R.  is incredible.  She feels like she’s his cheerleader, not his coach.  Tish is an incredible singer with an amazing personality.  It is incredibly hard knowing she’s going to lose half her team.

Voting is open for Team Kelly for the next twenty minutes!  No coaches comments… just performances.

Alexa Cappelli is up first singing It Hurt So Bad…  This is a jazzed up number and she sounds good!  The song is a little fast but she is showing off her range, Kelly on her feet.  Ends on big note…  Kelly standing Ovation….  #VoicePlayoffsAlexa

Kaleb Lee singing You Don’t Even Know who I Am.  This is a classic country song, Kaleb at mic with his guitar.   He has a smooth country voice… doing a nice job with this.  Country fans will like.   Kelly on her feet.   #VoicePlayoffsKaleb

Tish Haynes Keys singing Nothing Less for You.  She is starting off tender and in her lower register.  She kicks into the bigger notes towards the middle, her voice is so powerful.  Ends quietly as well, not as big of a song as we are used to from her.  Kelly is on her feet.  #VoicePlayoffsTish

(So far the staging and lighting is about the same and each artist is just singing with no coaches comments, it doesn’t appear that there is any difference in band, etc.  This is how they are going to get 24 performances in)…

Brynn Cartelli is next singing I’m Unstoppable.  She is sitting at the keyboard to start, then moves to the front of the stage.  Big moments in the song.. she is doing a nice job with this.  She’s very comfortable on stage.  Kelly standing ovation #VoicePlayoffsBrynn

Dylan Hartigan sings Come Pick Me Up.  He is sitting on a stool to start off.  Slow, smooth song nice choice for his range.  Moving towards the front of the stage, sounds a little off key but a good performer.  Kelly on her feet.  #VoicePlayoffsDylan

D.R. King closes out singing Home.  This song is a bit of an odd choice, as it doesn’t start off showing his range.  He kicks it up a bit after the verse.  Now there’s the D.R. we are used to, energy and range.  Big note at end Kelly standing ovation.    #VoicePlayoffsDRKing

That does it for Team Kelly!  Voting closes after the commercial.  (My prediction is Brynn advances, girl has peeps).

Team Adam Levine up next!

Team Adam is awesome!  Adam says Rayshun is one of his favorite humans. He has a soulful, unpredictable gift.  Drew does what he does better than anyone else in the competition, modern and classic voice.  Mia is who everyone talks about.  She had one of the best knockout performances, unbelievable soulful voice.  Reid is a solid artist, and you don’t expect that voice to come out.  Sharane is a bombastic over the top soul beauty.  Jackie is the best female country singer in the competition, extraordinary talent.  His team is eclectic with a level of class and sophistication.

Voting is open for Team Adam only on the app and Twitter.

Drew Cole is singing Man in the Mirror.  Wow he has singing without his guitar, seems a little awkward.  Interesting song choice.  Eh this is just okay, not what I expected from Drew.  Adam on his feet. #VoicePlayoffsDrew

Mia Boostrom is up next with Baby I Love You.  An uptempo song that still shows her range, a little bit of a boring song.  She’s comfortable on stage, and is doing a good job with this song.  Her lower range is a little weak, but her upper range is money.  Adam on his feet cheering and so are Alicia and Kelly.  #VoicePlayoffsMia

Jackie Verva is up singing Tim McGraw.  A more modern country song, good fit for her range.  She’s doing a good job can tell she’s a little nervous.  She’s doing some interesting things with her voice, pretty good.  Adam and Kelly standing ovation. #VoicePlayoffsJackieV

Rayshun LaMarr is singing Overjoyed.  His voice is so soulful, this song is a bit over done and you can tell he’s a bit nervous.  He’s trying a bit too hard, but is doing a decent job on this.  No one is standing. Eh. #VoicePlayoffsRayshun

Sharane Calister is singing Never Enough.  She’s a little off key in the opening, she is so good at emoting and that is true with this performance as well.  She kicks it up and starts belting towards the middle and hits some big notes.  Huge note at the end. Nice job overall.    All four coaches on their feet.  Really good! #VoicePlayoffsSharane

Closing is Reid Umstattd singing Still Haven’t Found what I’m looking for.  Reid has a huge voice, and it shows from first note.  He is doing a good job with this, he has a solid range.  Delivered that nicely.  Adam and Kelly standing ovation.  #VoicePlayoffsReid

No instruments from Team Adam tonight, they all just stood and sang.

Team Kelly Results!

Kelly says she’s excited and they are all different.  They’ve all done remarkably well.    She loves them all!

Moving on to the top 12 from Team Kelly is Brynn!   (No big shock there at all!)

The rest of Team Kelly performs on Wednesday for the last two spots.

Team Adam voting closes after commercial.  (My prediction Drew but Sharane and Mia were really good so one of them might sneak in there ).

Team Blake Shelton is next!

Blake’s team is shaping up to be diverse.  Pryor has a rattly, bluesy voice.  He loves working with Kyla, who is just now discovering her own voice.  Wilkes comes to life when he gets in front of a microphone.  He has range and thoughtful as a songwriter.  He loves Gary’s confidence and the tone of his voice.  Austin has a passion for entertaining and a great work ethic.  No one else like him in the competition.  Spensha comes from a gospecl background with a contemporary country sound.  He loves her as a human being.  Team Blake has the season 14 winner!

Voting is open for Team Blake on app and Twitter.

Austin Giorgio is up first with Ain’t that a Kick in the Head.  Very unsurprising song choice from him.  Crooner styling in costume and stage presence.  Predictable performance from him, he’s doing okay with it.  When he moves his voice breaks up and becomes breathy. Blake standing. #VoicePlayoffsAustin

Pryor performing I was Wrong.  He is singing with his guitar, picked a blues rock song.  He sounds good on this, grit and power to his voice.  Big notes at the end, big range!  This is really good.  Blake and Kelly standing ovation.  #VoicePlayoffsPryor

Kyla Jade singing How Great Thou Art.  She’s smiling as she sings, and beautiful, tender opening.  We’ve heard this before but she’s doing some different things with it.  She restrains for the first chorus, and then starts on the glory notes.  She’s in tears at the end.  She sounded kind of off at the end but overall a strong performance!  All four coaches on their feet, and a hug from Blake! #VoicePlayoffsKyla

Gary Edwards up next singing Finesse.  He’s dancing around the stage while he’s singing.  This song is not a great choice for his range.  He’s doing a respectable job with it.  This performance is full of energy. Eh that was just okay. Blake and Kelly up and Kelly’s dancing.  #VoicePlayoffsGary

Spensha Baker singing I Still Believe in You.  She sounds a little nervous in the beginning.  The key could be a bit higher for her range. She gets a little better towards the middle but she sounds off key. Must just be me,  all four coaches up and Blake yelling yes.  #VoicePlayoffsSpensha

WILKES ends Team Blake performances singing Brother.  Good country rock song choice from Wilkes.  He has a grit to his voice, he sounds good on this.   Big notes showing off his range at the end.  Good job!  All four coaches on their feet.  #VoicePlayoffsWilkes

Voting for Team Blake closes after the commercial. (My prediction is Pryor but Kyla might take it too).

Team Adam Results! 

Adam tells his team he’s proud of them, this is tough and this is where it gets difficult.  It’s impossible to judge talent.  They all impressed everyone on the panel tonight.

Advancing to the top 12 on Team Adam is…………. Sharane Calister!   (She definitely earned that!).  Team Adam performs Wednesday night for the other two slots int he top 12 on his team.

Team Alicia Keys closes the night!

Voting is now open for Team Alicia on the app and Twitter.

Alicia says her team is super powerful, they are artists.  Britton stands out from the pack as soon as he opens his mouth.  Christiana is special, she is one of the most talented.  Kelsea is spectacular and has an effortless about her.  Terrence is brilliant with music and making it his own.  Jackie F was her steal because she turned for her blinds (was that a compliment?).  Johnny is amazing and when he sings in Spanish you are transported.  Her team is monstrous and they are all so unique!

Up first is Johnny Bliss with America, America.  Starts off in Spanish, moves quickly to show off his big range.  He is wearing a bow tie, and is singing the whole song in Spanish.  Big note finish.  Alicia and Kelly on their feet.  #VoicePlayoffsJohnny

Kelsea Johnson sings You Know I’m no Good.  She has a unique grit to her voice.  Good song choice, but she is hard to understand in the middle a bit.  She has really improved her confidence and is doing a nice job on this.  She performed that song as opposed to just singing.  Alicia and Kelly both on their feet.  #VoicePlayoffsKelsea

Terrence Cunningham singing How Come You Don’t call me Anymore.  As expected, he is on the piano.  He is using his falsetto and staying at the piano for the whole song.  He ad-libs some runs.  This song is not great, but he’s doing some interesting things with it. Alicia on her feet screaming, Kelly also standing O.  #VoicePlayoffsTerrence

Jackie Foster  singing Never Tear us Apart.  She hits some bum notes at the beginning.  She is in her own lane being a rock female.  She is really tearing this song up, on her knees at the end, and hits a huge note at the end.  Really good!  She slayed that! All four coaches on their feet.  (First person to give me chills tonight!) #VoicePlayoffsJackieF

Christiana Danielle singing Hey Ya.  Interesting song selection for her.  She doses some unique interpretation and phrasing.  Her lower register is killer.  She moves effortlessly from lower to higher register.  The end is a little messy, but overall strong. Kelly, Alicia, and Blake on their feet.  #VoicePlayoffsChristiana

Closing out the show is Britton Buchanan signing Some Kind of Wonderful.  He is at the microphone with a guitar. This sounds like a Billy Joel/Elvis cross. He is really appealing to the ladies here, charming stage presence.  He is a good performer and a good singer.  Nice job!  Four coach standing ovation. #VoicePlayoffsBritton

Team Blake Results!

Blake says he thought he had  good team but he didn’t realize that they were all that freaking good.  He found out what they were made of in these live rounds, they all stepped up to the plate.  Great job all!

Moving onto the top 12 for Team Blake is………  Kyla Jade!  (Not undeserved though a little surprising).  The rest of Team Blake performs tomorrow night.

Voting for Team Alicia will close after this commercial break.  My prediction is Britton but I think Jackie Foster deserves it the most.  Last results up next!

Team Alicia Results!

Alicia tells them they are spectacular and special.  They are all extremely talented and beautiful.  It comes from inside.  They were all authentic and genuine tonight.  She is super proud of all of them!

Joining the top 12 on Team Alicia is…………….  Britton!  (Not surprising he was leading in Tweets before he even sang!  He has peeps too).

Team Alicia’s remaining contestants sing tomorrow night.

Advancing to the Top 12:

  • Brynn Cartelli (Team Kelly)
  • Sharane Calister (Team Adam)
  • Kyla Jade (Team Blake)
  • Britton Buchanan (Team Alicia)

Performing tomorrow night for 2 spots in the top 12 for each team are the remaining contestants on Team Blake and Team Alicia.

Performing Wednesday night for 2 spots in the top 12 for each team are the remaining contestants on  Team Adam and Team Kelly.

Closing thoughts… Brynn and Britton were so far ahead of everyone on Twitter that I don’t see anyone else taking the win this season.  But I guess we’ll see.  Britton was way ahead before he even sang, and Brynn was pretty far ahead too.

Thanks for joining me tonight!  MJ back tomorrow night for more live playoff performances!

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