The Voice Season 14 Recap: Blind Auditions 5 Live Blog (VIDEO)

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" -- Pictured: Hannah Goebel -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice Season 14 Blind Auditions continue tonight with coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys and American Idol OG winner and newbie Kelly Clarkson.  Carson Daly returns as host.  Join us as we LIVE BLOG every performance.

The Voice Season 14 Song Spoilers – Blind Auditions 5

It’s the final week of the blind auditions!  Kelly only has 3 openings, Adam has 6 spots left, while Alicia and Blake also have just 3 spaces left!

It’s the biggest season of The Voice and it continues right now!

Blake invites Alicia into the Winners Club and Adam/Blake help Alicia hang her photo the Voice coach winners wall for her Season 12 victory.  Alicia predicts she will hang one for Season 14 too while Kelly is left outside knocking on the door.  Further proof that this show is really about the coaches.

The first artist of the night is Stephanie Skipper- 33- Nashville, TN- “Piece by Piece,” Kelly Clarkson.

She is grateful for her husband Tim, they were on the same small label and were in a band together.  They toured the country together, but her husband got a great job so they quit the band.  She is picking it back up as a solo artist.  Her husband is proud of her and is restoring her belief in herself.  Stephanie says she was shy growing up and was raised by a single Mom.  She’s a total introvert, functioned out of abandonment place.  Stephanie is singing “Piece by Piece” by Kelly Clarkson.  This song is about Kelly’s Dad not being in her life and Stephanie says it’s her story too.  Kelly freaks out when she realizes it’s her song…  This is a pretty emotional performance, she puts her own runs in places.  She has a lot of vibrato and is a little mumbly in places, but she has an obvious connection to the song.  Adam and Blake both turn towards the end.  Blake gives her standing ovation.  Kelly is in tears.  Kelly tells her that she is crying because she picked that song.  Blake gets excited when she says she’s from Nashville.  Stephanie tells Kelly thank you for writing the song, Kelly hugs her.  Adam tells her that she drew his attention to the song and the story, and that’s the place where he wants to sing.  Alicia tells her she likes the quiver/lilt in her voice.  Blake applauds her for laying out a passionate performance that connected to all of us.  Stephanie chooses….  Team Adam!Download at iTunes

Tish Haynes Keys- 37- Saint Louis, MO- “Chain of Fools,” Aretha Franklin.

Her father was a Pastor and her Mom was a gospel singer.  She looked up to her Mom and wanted to be like that.  Tish started singing in the church, pregnant at 14 and had her daughter at 15.  It was hard because she couldn’t always buy her clothes and shoes.  She couldn’t go to the sleepovers.  It’s been a lesson and a blessing because her daughter made her grow up.  She works at United Way and sings on the side.  She has a band called One Booty One Sound.  She loves singing locally but she wants to take this to the next level.  She sings Chain of Fools..  this song has been done so many times before on these shows.  She has a powerful, belty voice.  She’s good but we have heard this song sung like this before.  As she gets to the chorus Adam and Kelly turn.  Kelly is on her feet dancing.  Adam and Kelly stand up.  Audience LOVED it.  Kelly hugs her, Kelly hugging the contestants is a theme tonight.  Blake said his team is almost full but she is not going home.  Kelly said I’m sitting here with almost a full team but I don’t give a damn because no one sings like that but Aretha Franklin.  Kelly says she’s sweating, she’s going to let her fly if she’s on her team, and if she doesn’t win she can come out on tour with her anytime.  Alicia says she didn’t turn because she already has a few soulful voices on her team.  Tish gives Blake a hard time for not turning and Adam hugs her. Adam says it would be disrespectful to the art of singing to not push his button for her voice.  He encourages her to push herself.  Tish tells Kelly that she respects her but what Adam said to her about growing spoke to her.  Tish chooses…..  Team Adam!Download at iTunes

Up next is Bransen Ireland- 27- Fairview, Tennesse- “Tulsa Time,” Don Williams.

He is a genius at the Apple store.  He has a cute little boy in his opening package too.  He works on weekends to allow himself a couple of days off during week to pursue music.  He has two little boys, and his wife has her own cleaning business.  His wife, Jessica keeps him on track to pursue his musical dreams.  WGWG alert!  He sings Tulsa Time… he has a recognizable country twang.  The target demo will eat this up.  Somewhat flat, but overall good range.  Not surprisingly, Blake and Adam both turn.  Adam tells him if he has a large scheme plan to shock the world he should pick him.  Alicia said Adam was the first person to turn for you.  Adam says for him not to be a PC about this, haha nice play on the Apple genius thing.  Kelly says Blake does work with his artists after the show, but with Adam you won’t have much competition.  Blake says if he picks him he will have to work hard and it will make him better at the end of the day.  Bransen chooses….  Team Blake!  No surprise there at all. – Download at iTunes


Teddy Chipouras- “Ophelia”- no turns

Arlo Montengro- “Attention”- no turns

Daniel Garcia- “Perfect”- no turns

Kelly is being really picky.

Teana Boston- 16- Stockton, California- “Unfaithful,” Rhianna.

Her genre is R&B.  She has 4.0 GPA in High School.  Alicia Keys is one of her biggest motivations and she sang I Ain’t Got You at her school talent show.  From the talent show she got the opportunities to sing at ballparks and fairs.  Now she is movtiated to get the good grades and be a good singer.  She sings Unfaithful.  She has a good voice, she is a little hard to understand in places.  She goes a little off key… but the runs at the end get Kelly to turn.  Kelly tells her the end was smart, and Kelly says she’s going to win the show!  Alicia tells her she’s brave.  Kelly says it’s sad that Alicia didn’t get her.  Adam says she will be one to watch.  Blake says they will all regret not hitting their buttons.  Teana is Team Kelly!Download at iTunes

Miya Bass- 28- Jamaica, Queens, NY- “Issues,” Julia Michaels.

A contestant says the coaches are who you want to be.  She wants to develop her artistry, and one day b e a coach.  She can tell they are sincere about growth.  She wants to make sure today is the best gig of her life.  Maya Bays, Southside Jamaica… Queens New York.  Her parents work for NYPD and she was working as a police cadet but she turned down being a police officer to be an artist.  There are ups and downs of being an artist in New York City.  Her family is supportive.  She sings Issues.  She’s a strong performer, Adam turns pretty quickly, and she loses control a bit. She really belts at the end and brings it home soft.  Blake tells her congrats for being on the show.  So does Alicia.  Adam said if she pulled him over he would not mess with her.  Adam said it’s a great song and she got inside her head a little bit after he turned.  Miya is Team Adam!Download at iTunes

Livia Faith- 17- Stanton, Kentucky- “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” Doris Day.  

She has a uekele named Henry.  Stanton is a very small town.  She has been singing since she has been talking.  She performs at the Corn Festival since the age of 9.   Her Mom is her best friend and they have always been there for each other.  Livia is a senior in High School, and a coach turning would change everything for her.  She’s singing Dream a Little Dream of Me.  She might squeal if Blake turns around.  She has an interesting texture to her voice, it’s a little syrupy.  She gets more relaxed at the chorus and Kelly and Blake both turn.  Amy Vaschal still owns this song but she’s doing a respectable job.  Alicia turns at the very end.  Kelly said she’s different like everyone else, and it would be cool to see her voice on a contemporary song.  Alicia says she should integrate her instrument into her performances, and they could take over the voice.  Blake says there was no question he should hit his button.  He thinks with the right coach and they could take songs and twist them.  Alicia suggest a song that she could sing and then Alicia & Kelly both sing trying to get her to choose them.  Livia chooses… after the commercial …. Team Alicia!  They rarely go with who they say they want to in the pre show.  Livia says Alicia connected to her. – Download at iTunes

Jordan Kirkdorffer- 28- Nashville, Tennesse- “In Case You Don’t Know,” Brett Young.

He’s an accountant who wears cowboy boots to work.  He loves working with spreadsheets.  Music is his passion.  He grew up in a small little town called New Paris, Indiana.  (Hoosiers represent!)  He used to sing to the pigs, and his parents used to put him not he stage when he was a kid.  He went to Belmont in college and sings in church but he wants a big outlet.  He sings “In Case You Don’t Know.”  His blinking/squinting while he’s singing is a little distracting.  He gives an average performance but both Blake and Adam turn.  Adam asks if he has a chance once he says he lives in Nashville, TN.  Adam says it was multi-faceted and he wasn’t just country but also soulful.  He was touched by it.  Blake said his voice hung up on him a little bit, but he was different and special.  Kelly said it was intimate, sweet and vulnerable.  Jordan chooses…. Team Blake!  Big shock there NOT! – In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young – Download at iTunes

(Writers note:  I hope that we get some better singers tonight, I’m pretty underwhelmed by all of these.)

Shana Halligan- 44- Los Angeles, California- “Bang, Bang My Baby Shot Me Down,” Nancy Sinatra.

PUPPY ALERT;  So sorry my new little puppy stepped on the remote and I missed most of her pre- audition package.  Good thing she’s cute!

Her Dad was one of the founding members of Blood, Sweat and Tears.  She’s ready to be a solo artist and the voice is the perfect platform for that.  She sings “Bang, Bang My Baby Shot me Down.”  Obscure song choice. She’s got a very deep textured voice, unique.  She’s doing some weird things to this song but Alicia likes it and turns her chair.  It sounds like a mixture of jazz and opera.  Um, this is different.  Alicia said she felt that there was something unique about it.  Adam says she’s so different, glad she’s on the show.  Blake said she looked like a goddess.  Shana is Team Alicia!Download at iTunes

Gary Edwards- 26- Dallas, Texas- “What’s Going On,” Marvin Gaye.  

He’s a choir director at a church.  Awe cute little kids saying he’s a good teacher and an inspiration.  He’s inspired by his Grandmother, who got him to sing at church.  Gary is an IT assistant and sings with two cover bands as well as sings in church.  He performs “What’s Going On”.  He’s got a smooth, silky voice.  He adds some unique runs and Adam turns.  Big note towards the end gets Blake to turn.  I enjoyed this performance better than most tonight.  It’s Blake vs. Adam again.  Adam runs up and hugs Gary.  Adam says thank you for singing a song that he needed to hear right now.  Gary brings out Grandma.  Adam tells Grandma to advise Gary to choose him.  Blake says he lives just North of Dallas.  Blake says his voice is soft but there’s moments where it punches in the face.  Alicia liked the way he made it his own.  Kelly said his voice was beautiful.  Gary chooses… Team Adam!  I am not surprised at that. – Download at iTunes

Mercedes Ferreira- Dias- 16- Miami, Florida- “All I Ask,” Adele.

She was raised in Hispanic culture with their moral and values.  Her parents left everything in Venezuela  to come to the US.  Mercedes teaches art academy.  It would be her parents American dream for her to be successful on the show.  She struggles with confidence and insecurities in other things, but she is confident in singing.  She perform “All I Ask” for her blind audition.  It starts off really pitchy.  This is not very good.  She’s trying too hard I think.  Kelly almost presses but changes her mind.  Adam and Kelly both say they were close to pushing.  Adam tells her to come back next season.  Kelly says she did the song justice, but she was looking for something specific.  Adam hugs her… No chairs.

Kelly hasn’t used her block yet and the last singer is coming up…

Hannah Goebel- 20- Nashville, Tennessee- “If I Ain’t Got You,” Alicia Keys.   

She’s inspired by R&B soul, BB king, Aretha Franklin, Etta James are some of the artists she listens to.  It’s difficult being a soul R&B singer in Nashville.  She had a learning disability and wasn’t able to read notes, but listens by ear.  She’s a black sheep of her family for choosing not to go to college.  Her family is still supportive.  She is singing a song by Alicia Keys, “If I Ain’t Got You.”  This is not the first time an artist has auditioned with this song when Alicia was a coach!  She’s really good and gets Adam and Kelly immediately to turn.  Blake also turns.  She is really tearing up this song… powerful rendition.  Alicia is singing along and presses and she’s blocked!  Me thinks Hannah might be upset she can’t choose Alicia being an R&B artist and all.  The crowd is booing.  Adam says he’s one of the options and he’s a really good coach.  Alicia said she loves it, and she hopes that Hannah would have chosen her.  Kelly says it’s about strategy and that she could help her with longevity in her career.  Kelly says she should choose her because she used her block and lives in Nashville.  Blake tells her that she should feel speial that Kelly used her block to crush her vision.  Kelly is singing to her now.  Blake says I love you…  and he will go down bleeding to get her on his team.   Hannah chooses…  Team Kelly!  Kelly’s strategy of blocking actually worked!  She’s the only coach that the block didn’t backfire on. – Download at iTunes

Overall this episode was pretty underwhelming.  I didn’t get super excited about anyone but Hannah was the best of the night IMO.  A few fodders added to teams and a couple of potential favorites with the demo.  Thanks for hanging with me during my first live blog!  See you next Monday!  MJ back with you tomorrow night.

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