The Voice Season 14 Recap: Battle Rounds 1 Live Blog (VIDEO)

THE VOICE -- "Battle Rounds" -- Pictured: (l-r) Jackie Foster, D.R. King -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice Season 14 Battle Rounds begin tonight with coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys and American Idol OG winner and newbie Kelly Clarkson.  Carson Daly returns as host.  Join us as we LIVE BLOG every performance.

The Voice Season 14 Song Spoilers – Battle Rounds 1

Each of the coaches will enlist the help of celebrity mentors to ready their teams for battle. Team Adam enlists the help of Julia Michaels, Team Blake joins forces with Trace Adkins, Shawn Mendes lends a hand to Team Alicia and Hailee Steinfeld helps Team Kelly.  The winner of the battle moves on to the Knockouts. The loser is eliminated…or stolen by another coach. Each coach will round out their team with two steals.

Who’s ready for the Battle Rounds?   They are like you have never seen before!  The craziest ever!

Team Alicia:  Jamai from Chester, PA vs.  Sharane Calister from Des Moines, IA “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes

Clips from Jamai’s blind audition.  He has a lot of respect for Sharane when he finds out she is his battle partner. Reminder that Sharane grew up in foster care. She was separated from her sister for many years and she was Alicia’s last pick.  They freak out when they realize they are battling each other. Alicia’s advisor is Shawn Mendes.  Alicia says they both have soulful voices but she wants to see a new element.  Shawn says make it their record. Alicia says they blow the roof off the place during rehearsal.  Sean says Sharane is flawless and Jamai can shred his voice and come back. Says they slayed.  Alicia says remember the tenderness and get the audience invested. They are also showing clips of stage rehearsals…  Alicia says this battle is going to steal the show.

Kelly says they look cool as the battle starts. They start off quiet and the lights are down. This is very tender and emotional.  Jamai has a better range, but Sharane has a bigger voice. They are giving a very emotional performance and each putting their own spin on it. This is pretty good. It ends slow and tender again. Nicely done. Kelly and Alicia on their feet.  

Adam says some of Jamai’s runs and control were cool, said Sharane has a fullness in her voice- he says it’s a dead heat.  Blake tells Jamai that he couldn’t do the acrobatics that he just did and tells Sharane she doesn’t even need a microphone.  Blake says he would pick Jamai.  Kelly says they complemented each other, but were both forces.  Jamai has sick runs, and Sharane has an ache to her voice.  Kelly says she would choose Sharane and they were both flawless.  Alicia says she is proud of them.  Jamai is a shocker to her, and has grown.  Sharane has 11 lives to her voice and is only 24.  The winner of this battle is…………………    Sharane!  Sharane is moving on to knockouts!  Jamai thanks Alicia for being genuine and thanks her for what he has learned from her.  No Steal, Jamai goes home.

Team Kelly:  Brynn Cartelli from Long Meadow, MA vs. Dylan Hartigan from Wyckoff, NJ “Ready for It” by Taylor Swift

Kelly tells her advisor Hailee Steinfeld that Brynn is the youngest at only 14.  How many times are we going to hear that this season? Kelly says that Dylan has a cool tone, indie folk.  Clips of Brynn’s audition while Dylan watches, Dylan says she is captivating.  Brynn freaks out when she finds out she is going against Dylan and says she is nervous because he has a lot more experience than she does. Kelly says her favorite thing to do is take a pop song and make it something different so she wants to put a dark edge on this song.  Kelly says they both have indie/rock singer/songwriter vibes so she paired them together.  Hailee comments that Brynn is the real deal and has an infectious energy.  Says she would sign Brynn to a record label if she had one.  Kelly says  that Dylan has a swag and this song really shows her his range.  Hailee likes the melodies that Dylan brought to the song and they work on the performance element.  Kelly says during stage rehearsals that she has the best team and they nail it, and who can control their nerves will win.  

Let the battle begin!!  Brynn has a great stage presence and she starts off really strong.  Dylan has a boy band singer vibe, they are both really getting into it.  Adam says Wow!  Brynn’s voice is very powerful and she is overpowering Dylan. Brynn is winning this for sure…  she is killing the high notes.  Dylan’s getting into it but his voice isn’t as strong.  Not sure which way Kelly will go.  They end quiet.  

Kelly is on her feet!  Adam tells Alicia Brynn is ridiculous.  Alicia says Brynn’s voice is crazy, and Dylan has swag/energy.  Adam comments on Brynn’s age and says she’s a star, and Dylan’s energy is infectious.  Adam says Brynn won that.  Blake says Dylan is a dude from Grease, says both singers are young.  Blake says Brynn doesn’t sound like anybody else and has power/energy.  Kelly tells Dylan that people forget to listen to his solid voice because they are watching him on stage.  Tells Brynn that she has an old soul/cool vibe.  The winner of this battle is……………………..  Brynn!  Brynn moves out to the Knockouts!  Dylan tells Kelly that it’s been a pleasure to work with her, and hang out with her. Right as Dylan leaves the stage BLAKE pushes his button for a steal.  Blake says it was hard to deny his energy and stage presence.  Dylan is now TEAM BLAKE!  That could be a problem!  Not sure I would have used a steal, but Blake knows how to pick em so he will probably make the finale.

Team Blake:  Jesslee Stuart, FL vs Kyla Jade Topeka, KS “One Last Time” by Ariana Grande

Jesslee used to be a body builder.  She wants to focus on music so she’s taking a break.  Kyla watches Jesslee’s audition and says she’s a country twang singer with rock power.  Kyla is a background singer.  Jesslee says Kyla can belt like no other.  This is an interesting song choice, in neither one of their genres.  Blake chose it for that reason.  Jesslee has a powerful rock edge, and Kyla has an incredible huge voice.  Blake wants to push them and see what they can do.  Blake tells Kyla to come out of the background.  Kyla says Blake is pushing her to be more aggressive.  Trace says Kyla can sing things that she hears in her head that most people can’t do.  He comments that he likes female singers like Jesslee that are just powerful.  Blake says whoever can blow the roof off the place will be the winner of this battle.  

Kyla and Jesslee take the stage.  Jesslee starts off a little stronger.  They are both holding back a bit at first. For two powerful singers I expected this to be a little more energetic.  Kyla starts to come out of her shell toward the end, Kelly is up on her feet dancing.  That was a little meh to me.  Kelly says she loved that and Kyla has an effortless voice.  Adam tells Kyla that she makes him bashful.  Kelly says Jesslee is amazing, but she would give it to Kyla.  Alicia says it was a beautiful testament to Jesslee’s versatility.  Alicia says Kyla needs to work on not closing down her greatness.  Alicia tells them they both shined.  Blake reminds the audience that Kyla has been a background singer, and that Jesslee has a grip/attack on the song that Kyla needs to figure out.  The winner of this battle is………………..  Kyla!  A little surprising since Jesslee is more down Blake’s alley.  Jesslee goes home.  Blake says there is a lot more to discover in Kyla.  Kyla advances to the Knockouts for Team Blake.

Team Adam:  Rayshun Lamarr Fort Washington, MD vs.  Tish Haynes Keys St. Louis, MO “Sweet Thing” by Shaka Khan

Rayshun talks about his health issues and how much getting an opportunity to do what he loves means to him. Rayshun gets nervous to see that his battle partner is Tish, he says she is one of the best vocalists on his team. Tish had her daughter at 15 and the Voice has given her an opportunity that she’s grateful for.  Tish says she was scared to be paired against Rayshun because they both go for it.  Tish is very excited to meet Julia Michaels!  Tish points to her and Rayshun and asks Adam what made him do this (as in pair them together)?  Adam says they both perform songs like this often–like a soul/funk record.  Julia says when Rayshun sings she can tell he’s been through so much.  Julia comments that Rayshun and Tish are both incredible.  Adam came to the rehearsals which he normally doesn’t do.  Adam says it’s the worst and best decision he’s ever made and that they will blow everyone’s minds.  

The battle starts now!   They are pretty evenly matched.  Powerful job and in sync dance moves.  This is coming across like a duet.  They wait till the second verse to break it open a bit and then they turn on the power that is in both of their voices.  Adam is on his feet.  This is the best battle of the night so far… really good!  Alicia, Kelly, Adam and the crowd on their feet.  

Kelly says Adam should feel stupid and that the duo are insane, Rayshun’s range is so good.  Kelly says she might pick Tish–she reminds her of Aretha. She would like them both on her team.  Blake tells them they are equal.  He says to Rayshun that he had a bit more stepping up to do to match Tish. Alicia says this sucks. Rayshun has a special, fresh voice. Tells Tish she had some tender moments. Adam states that they could argue that this song was more in Tish’s lane, and that Rayshun could keep up with her show him who he is.  The winner of this battle is…………………. Rayshun!  Hm…. I feel a steal coming on!  Rayshun moves on to Knockouts.  Tish tells Adam thank you for believing in her and as predicted Kelly steals Tish from Adam. Kelly tells Tish she should have picked her the in the first place and someone as talented as Tish should not go home.  Tish is now Team Kelly!  I think Adam may have picked Rayshun because he knew Tish was going to be a steal after that performance.

Team Alicia:  Shana Halligan Los Angeles, CA vs Christiana Danielle Fort Wayne, IN “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon

Christiana says her Mom was a Christian rapper and singing on stage in front of the entire world is a testament.  Shana says Christiana is so good and she is a bit scared. Shana used to have a band and she gave it up when she had her son.  Christiana says Shana is crazy.  Alicia tells them she paired them together because they have distinctly, unique style.  Says she chose the song because they can maintain their own originality within the song.  Alicia says Christiana’s voice is unique. Shana’s voice has an indie vibe.  The song has a different arrangement from the original.  Sean says he can feel the connection. He couldn’t look away from Christiana and Shana has one of the most unique voices he’s ever heard.  He says that they have tapped into the emotion. Alicia says that they need to take chances and try things.  She tells us it’s going to be a really hard choice.  

The battle begins right now! Christiana starts off, she has a little trouble with the low notes but she’s a captivating singer.  Shana has such a distinct voice, maybe too distinct.  They are both being subdued but emotional… it’s a moving performance.  Shana is on her knees..  quiet, tender ending.  Haven’t seen the song sung like that before. Alicia gives them a standing ovation.  

Adam tells Christiana that there is something that draws him into what she does.  She has a special vocal delivery.  Shana is also a unique singer.. he would give it to Christiana. Kelly says that Shana has a mythological thing about her and tells Christiana that  she is like Nefertiti.  Blake says they were equal but different in their approach.  He says that there is something unique about Christiana but that Shana literally cast a spell on him, tips it to Shana.  Alicia loves the version of the song and that they took it to another place.  Congratulates them both.  The winner of this battle is……………. Christiana!  Shana says she is honored to have had this moment in her life.  Shana is eliminated.  Christiana moves to the Knockouts.

The final pairing of the night is Team Kelly.

Team Kelly:  Jackie Foster Boston, MA vs D.R. King Harlem, NY “Sign of the Times” by Harry Stiles

Jackie gets excited to see her battle partner.  She says D.R. is a power house  and she’s really nervous.  Jackie and D.R. hug and D.R. tells us that Jackie is an amazing talent. Kelly gave them this song because they are incredibly big singers and can handle it. Hailee says she loved the song before they came in the room and she fell in love with it ten times more.  This one will be especially tough for Kelly.  Kelly says D.R. has an amazing incredible range and Jackie took her by surprise. They are so good and they got even better.  It’s a toss up.  (writers note man there are a lot of commercials tonight!)  

Welcome back to the battles!  Kelly is really nervous for this one.  Jackie has a strong opening, man she is really good.  D.R.’s falsetto is unreal.  They are playing off each other and they are both slaying… Four coach standing ovation, audience LOVES it. That was amazing.  Good Luck with your choice Kelly.  

I would give this to Jackie because she slayed that song.  Alicia says it was her favorite battle to date.  D.R. is a total stunner and in control. Jackie has a gorgeous, roundness and a warmth that is hard to find. Says it sucks for Kelly. Kelly states she couldn’t fairly pair them with anyone else.  Adam tells them it was special and they were astonishing.  Adam says he couldn’t take his eyes off Jackie.  She was his real revelation.  Blake states there is a lot of pressure in the battle and the confidence that they both have goes a long way.  Jackie was the discovery for him as well.  Kelly says she loves them both.  D.R. hits effortless, crazy notes.  And then Jackie hit them too.  Kelly before she announces it tells  her fellow coaches not to let her down.  The winner of this battle is…………. D.R.!  Wow!  She must feel pretty confident that Jackie will be stolen.  TRIPLE STEAL!!  Yep, didn’t see that coming.  They are all on their feet.  Adam tells Jackie she doesn’t realize what she just did but she could win this thing, this is a definitive moment. He knows how to win this show and she was up there alone today as far as he was concerned.  Alicia says you didn’t compete with D.R. you stood on your own.  Reminds her that she turned in the blinds too and now is Jackie’s chance to make it right. Blake says he loves Jackie. He tells her about this point in the show last year a young lady named Chloe a rocking female singer took a chance and they won the show! He says he wants to get her to the finale and he knows she can do it.  Audience is cheering!  Jackie picks ADAM!  I thought she would go with Blake after that pitch about Chloe. Adam says she could win this whole thing. D.R. advances to the Knockouts and Jackie advances as well!  Kelly may have well made a rookie coach mistake and handed Adam a finalist.

Advancing to the KnockOuts:

Team Adam:

Rayshun Lamarr

Jackie Foster (STEAL)

Team Alicia:

Sharane Calister

Christiana Danielle

Team Blake:

Kyla Jade

Dylan Hartigan (STEAL)

Team Kelly:

Brynn Cartelli

Tish Haynes Keys (STEAL)

D.R. King


Jamai (Team Alicia)

Jesslee (Team Blake)

Shana Halligan (Team Alicia)

Thanks for hanging with me tonight.  Overall, this was a decent Battle episode and we may have seen a couple of front runners tonight.

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