The Voice – Quarterfinals Pt 1 – Recap and Video

Christina is sending home: Jesse Campbell

Blake is sending home: Jordis Unga

The Voice quarterfinals begin! Eight contestants from Team Blake and Team Christina compete. In a surprising twist, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera will send home one member from their respective teams before the night is done.

Blake and Christina will also perform with the four artists on their respective teams, and coach Adam Levine and his band, Maroon 5, will perform their new single, “Payphone” featuring Wiz Khalifa.

On Tuesday, two singers–one from each team–who received he highest votes will advance to the next round.  The bottom two artists on both teams will have to perform a last chance song for the coaches.  Christina and Blake will each save a team member, sending the other finalist home.

There are several ways to vote. Call on a landline, phone test, online at and via Facebook. Also YOUR iTUNES DOWNLOADS COUNT AS VOTES!

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Geez. Fans accuse Idol of being super manipulative, but COME ON. Tonight was ridiculous.  Eliminating people before America even gets a chance to vote? And the coaches will eliminate one more person each tomorrow? As if I’d waste even a second voting for my favorite contestant on this show.  Oh, but I can’t tonight. Because my favorite was Jordis, and she was inexplicably eliminated by Blake, despite having the best performance on his team.

Some of you have pointed out that Blake is perhaps holding on to some weaker players so they don’t threaten his pets. In this case, his favorites are the tone deaf and annoying RaeLynn (I dare you to bully me on twitter, Blake, like you did the blogger. Believe me.  I’m used to it.) and secondarily, Jermaine Paul (who has yet to really impress me).

At least Christina’s pick to go home, Jesse Campbell, had an off performance (No help from Christina, his song pick was horrible)  this week, but he’s been otherwise stellar. Remember when Adam told his team to be afraid of Jesse and his mega talent? Chris Mann was atrocious tonight, singing a pop song in his weird faux operatic style.

And what Christina is doing to Lindsey Paveo–tuning an interesting, quirky singer into a bad Katy Perry knockoff–is a crime. Worst. Coach. Ever.  From here on out, I may just snark my way through these recaps.  It’s becoming more and more apparent that this show is not to be taken seriously.  At least not as a competition that will produce alums that have the potential to be serious music artists once the confetti falls.


Christina says she is super upset about the instant elimination. Blake got his 11th #1 today. None of the judges care for the instant elimination. Adam, the control freak, loves it. He likes to control who stays and who goes.

RaelynnTeam Blake – “She’s Country” by Jason Aldean – Blake loves Raelynn because she ain’t no poser. Raelynn does not have a boyfriend. She’s a “heartbreaker.” He warns her not to make it all about the growl.  Not a huge trainwreck like last week’s performance, but she still swallows all of her words and clomps around the stage like a crazy person. Christina: I’m a fan.You are a little badass. You get the job done: Cee Lo: Best performance that you’ve done. Like AC DC did a country song. Adam: The song was perfect amazing. Blake: This is the most proud moment I’ve had for anyone on my team. You prove that country can kick ass. – 1-866-856-8301 Text 1 to 97979

Jesse CampbellTeam Christina –  “Halo” by Beyonce – He’s singing for his daughter.  Something is off with this performance.  It’s not really the right song for him. I think Jesse needs to stick to R&B rather than going for pop tunes.   He goes for some major runs, but he’s all over the place vocally. Way pitchy in spots. Cee-Lo: Wonderful. I loved the staging. You sung the hell out of that record. Adam: I wasn’t feeling the song choice until it kicked in. Blake: It was great. Christina: On an emotional level, you brought it today. Really well put together. Wonderful job. – 1-866-856-8302 Text 2 to 97979

Jordis UngaTeam Blake  – “Little Bit Stronger” by Sara Evans – Jordis swears she feels more confident this week. Blake says we’ll be seeing a new Jordis. Right before The Voice, Jordis lost a deal and was ready to head back to Minnesota. The song is obviously meaningful for her.  She does a beautiful, nuanced performance of this country song.  I’m so happy she’s back on track! She’s her own worst enemy, hopefully the nerves and self doubt are behind her, because she truly is a gifted vocalist.  Christina: I like when you show your vulnerable side. Cee-Lo: Very touching. Great choice of song. Adam: You’re so emotional up there. You did an amazing job. Blake: I’m so proud of you for doing that. You did perfect. – 1-866-856-8303 Text 3 to 97979

Team Christina performs  –  Christina meets with her team to talk about the charity she’s involved in. They head to Crenshaw high school to check out the gospel choir there.  The choir is going to sing with Christina and her team.   They kick off with country just to tease Blake and sail into “Fighter”.  Christina has a teeny weeny outfit on, and looks kinda crazy. The Gospel choir joins in. This is big and messy.  But did you expect anything less?

Back stage with Jordis and her dad. Alright dad…calm down! Heh.

Ashley De LaRosa –  Team Christina – “Foolish Games” by Jewell  – Ashley talks about the experience of being in the bottom 3.  The song is arranged with a “rock edge” to fit Ashley’s style.  Although it’s off pitch in parts, there are some lovely moments in this performance. Ashley is young, but she’s got a ton of potential  – Cee Lo:  It started out kind of low. Adam: I think you are the biggest surprise to me. You’re really amazing. Blake:  Smartest decision was Christina saving you. Christina: You truly made that song your own. You nailed it. You’re growing by leaps and bounds. – 1-866-856-8304 Text 4 to 97979

Maroon 5 take the stage to sing their new single “Payphone” feat Wiz Khalifa – Well, Adam may have a hit on his hands.

Erin WillettTeam Blake – Set Fire to The Rain by Adele –  Blake and Erin lost their dad’s at around the same time. To illustrate that Erin looks just the way she’s supposed to look, Blake flashes up a photo of himself wearing a mullet. EEP.  Erin isn’t sure she belongs in the competition.  I’m not sure it was wise to give her an Adele song to sing.  She’s so hard to cover.  Erin’s doing a decent job, but I can’t help but compare them.  Adele’s phrasing is exquisite and Erin comes up short. Christina: You sang your heart out. Big shoes to fill. You made it your own. Cee Lo: I think you did the song a great justice. Adam: Fire scares him. Tells her to focus on the phrasing. (I agree with him). Adam can barely spit out the words. He says “piss” instead of “pitch”. Oops.  Blake: I was excited for you. That was amazing. – 1-866-856-8305 Text 5 to 97979

Lindsey PavaoTeam Christina – “Part of Me” by Katy Perry  –  – Christina says Lindsey should not be afraid to go big with her voice. She was originally going to sing a medley of “S&M/We Found Love” by Rihanna, but that didn’t work out (That would have been interesting). Attempts to transform the coffee shop girl into a Katy-like pop star? Ugh. NO. Everything that makes Lindsey interesting–her unique phrasing, for instance–has been excised out of that performance. Forcing her to sing pop with dancers gyrating behind her turns her into another generic pop bimbo. Way to go, Christina!  Cee Lo:  The staging is becoming more elaborate, I appreciate it. (He never heard the song before!) Adam: A couple of big powerful notes that got away from you. Blake: I’m already a fan. I buy you music. She gets a pass no matter what.  Christina: I think we had a good combo going. I see you grow each and ever week. (Neither Blake  nor Christina wanted to come right out and criticize her performance. Also, weird that Cee Lo and Christina weren’t familiar with that song.) – 1-866-856-8306 Text 6 to 97979

We’re back in the Spring lounge. Zzzz. Team Christina are all feeling AWESOME. It’s Ashley’s birthday.

Team Blake take the stage – to sing “Heartache Tonight” by The Eagles.   Everyone seems to be having fun.  I can only describe RaeLynn’s singing style as Cray Cray. Everybody else is solid. I’d give Team Blake the edge tonight.

Jermaine PaulTeam Blake – “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins –   Blake thinks he’ll have a moment. Blake? Really? This song? Ugh. Jermaine cries during rehearsal thinking about his family.  He’ll bring that emotion to his performance, but I wouldn’t call it a moment even if he got a standing O from the audience.  An automatic barrier goes up for me anytime anyone sings this song.  Maybe too many bad versions on Idol. Christina: I think your a phenomenal singer. You’re very connected with what you sing. Cee Lo: Phil is one of my favorites. Phil’s got an awful lot of soul for a white guy. I love the conviction and character you sing with . Adam: You really did your own thing with it.  You over-embellished a tiny bit. Blake: Someday you’re going to look back and see this performance as a turning point. – 1-866-856-8307 Text 7 to 97979

Chris MannTeam Christina – “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay – Chris says he feels like he’s stripping on stage singing this song.  He feels naked on stage, but if feels good. The Pop Opera version of Viva La Vida? NO THANKS! That was neither pop nor opera. Chris trilling through this performance with dancers behind him was just silly.  This got the pimp spot? Seriously? Adam: I wanted to be moved. It was a little odd. I want to see you sing opera. Christina: You stepped out of your comfort zone. You really made it your own. 1-866-856-8308 Text 8 to 97979


Christina is sending home: Jesse Campbell

I thought Christina WOULD NEVER SHUT UP. She went on and on about her team before finally revealing who she would send home. Jesse had an off-night (not that Christina’s terrible song pick helped), but Chris Mann was worse, and should have been sent packing (actually, his song pick was awful too, but he was still worse.)

Blake is sending home: Jordis Unga

WOW. So, Blake didn’t have the balls to actually make a decision, so he sent home the person who was eliminated last week?  Jordis sang RINGS AROUND HIS TEAM TONIGHT.  RaeLynn is HORRIBLE.  She’s his pet, so I didn’t expect her to go home. But Erin really was not that good. She only advanced because of her dead dad backstory. Ugh.

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