The Voice: Niall Horan Nabs Harry Styles Fan After Kelly Clarkson Block Fail

Laura Littleton The Voice 23
Pictured: Laura Littleton — (Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC)

The Voice: Kelly Clarkson Blocks Blake Shelton, but Niall Horan Wins Laura Littleton on a Harry Styles’ Cover

The Voice season 23 continued it’s theme on night 3 of pitting the vets (Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton) vs the new blood (Chance The Rapper, Niall Horan). This time, the newbies won over some strong talent, and the Kelly vs Blake rivalry is as strong as ever. (Read our Recap)

For instance, a singer’s unique take on fellow One Direction member, Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times” led Niall Horan to win over a singer even after Kelly blocked Blake. This sure was a fun TV-worthy moment!

Laura Littleton, a 26-year-old singer from Dickson, Tennessee, says her “tight-knit” hometown made her who she is. The singer has always been around music, as her dad performed in a bluegrass band. His shop where the band plays music has been featured in music videos. Even Blake Shelton has been there. Laura calls it “one of the wonders of the world.”

She started performing on stage as a sophomore in high school. When her friends left to go to college, she felt a loneliness. “I remember sitting down one night and googling why do I feel this way and why do I feel this way, and there were 16 different things that pointed back to depression,” the singer shared, adding, “music was a friend when I needed one.” She wants to inspire and help others through her music.

Laura decided to put a slow, bluegrass twist, to Harry Styles‘ pop ballad, “Sign of the Times.” The twist is subtle, with bluegrass type strings on it and a slightly twangy tone with a lilt on her vocal. But the melody is still very much the same. Laura uses a slow vibrato when she stretches notes out, making it a bit trembly. The end gave me chills, and showed her full potential as she showcased her full power, with a little bit of rasp. Although she has a bit of twang, her intriguing voice is reminiscent of pop-rock styles.

Kelly Blocks Blake

Early in the song, Kelly, Niall, and Blake turn. Kelly blocks Blake just a split-second before he hits his button, upsetting him. Kelly is thrilled throughout the performance, yelling, “yes” and standing up. Niall shows his appreciation as well.

Kelly and Niall joke about, “Block Shelton.” Blake interjects, saying, “she’s not necessarily a country artist, but she’s a country girl.” Blake jokes about buying an Arby’s sandwich for himself and his dog as he drove between Nashville and Centerville. He wishes he hadn’t been blocked. Laura thanks him anyways and the other coaches too, saying “whether someone gets a chair turn or not, you walk away from this a better person and more confident.” Kelly feels bad she stole the chance from Blake. She calls him “the king of The Voice.”

“I should have blocked Niall!”

Blake campaigns for Niall, reminding Laura who took the opportunity away stating that Niall could be the new king. Kelly reminds her she used her only block and says, “I’m so stoked about your song selection. She describes Laura as “Dolly meets Florence the Machine.” Niall loves the “natural shakes” in her voice and calls the song a bit “alt” and out of the box. Kelly quietly mutters, “I should have blocked Niall,” realizing his connection to the song. Chance wishes he could have seen her stage presence as she seems like a strong personality.

Laura says, “I want to learn from all of you,” calling Chance’s “passion” without “being confined by a certain genre” inspiring. Chance gets up and gives her a hug. The judges seem to love Laura’s kind and warm personality. After a lot of pitching for Laura, the singer ultimately chooses Niall to be her coach. He calls her “incredible,” comparing her to Joni Mitchell. Kelly laughs off not getting Laura, even if frustrated. Blake jokes, “if I don’t win. The next best thing is not letting Kelly get what she wants,” realizing Kelly is his biggest competition.

Other than Laura, some other strong auditions poured in. Ryley Tate Wilson, a 15-year-old singer, wowed with his tone on “Dancing On My Own.” Allie Keck’s rockin’ audition also intrigued, as we don’t see many rock auditions on the show these days.

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