The Voice Live Blog- Battle Rounds #2

The Voice - Season 7

Last night’s show gave us a glimpse at the contestants for this season and what they’re capable of. Tonight brings the second night of the battles. Who will stay? Who will go home? Who will the coaches use their steal on? It all goes down in less than 10 minutes!

The coach’s advisors:
Team Adam –> Stevie Nicks
Team Pharrell –> Alicia Keys
Team Blake –> Little Big Town
Team Gwen –> Gavin Rossdale

The first battle pairing of the night is Team Pharrell’s Jordy Searcy versus Taylor Phelan. Taylor has been a fan favorite so I’m curious to see if he will dominate this battle. They will be performing The Scripts “Break Even.” Excellent song choice!! Pharrell wants more power from Jordy and less rasp from Taylor. Alicia wants them to separate the verses because they are sounding too alike when they sing together.

In rehearsals, Pharrell and Alicia aren’t believing what they’re selling. They need to connect to the song and to fix that, they decide to slow the tempo down.

I don’t remember Jordy’s blind audition (was he montaged?) I like his voice. Taylor is already getting cheers from the crowd. Hmmm they both sound pretty evenly matched. I guess it depends on who’s going to take more chances.Taylor reminds me a bit of Will Champlin, with his beautiful wife and adorable daughter in the audience.

Gwen thought it was beautiful, Adam liked how well Jordy did but admires Taylor stage presence. Blake says there is just something about Taylor. Pharrell is conflicted about who to choose.

The winner of this battle is… Taylor Phelan!! – Download From iTunes

Next is Team Adam’s Alessandra Castronovo versus Joe Kirk. Alessandra is another montaged contestant. Poor girl. They are singing “Stay” by Rihanna. Both have really soulful voices.

In rehearsals, Adam wants Alessandra to change the way she sings some of the notes. Joe is really nervous but Adam knows he can coach him through it. He wants him to “milk every moment.”

Ooooh I am already invested in this battle. They have good chemistry. Alessandra’s voice is gorgeous. Joe’s runs are beautiful. I’m hoping one of them will get stolen regardless of the outcome.

Blake said he doesn’t know what Alessandra could do better, but he said that Joe has the most perfect vocals he had ever heard. Pharrell said Joe has a career ahead for sure, and that Alessandra’s voice was beautiful. Gwen said she had tears in her eyes and that she has no idea who Adam will pick. Adam loved how confident Joe was. He also liked how much Alessandra sings with ease.

The winner of this battle is…Alessandra Castronovo!!! – Download From iTunes

Okay coaches, do your thing and steal Joe. Please? Pretty please?


Awww Pharrell went to comfort him. And yes Adam you let him down.

And here come the montaged battles.

Team Blake battle – Grant Ganzer & John MartinGrant Wins! – Download from iTunes
Team Adam battle – Rebekah Samarin & Clara HongRebekah Wins! – Download from iTunes
Team Blake
battle – Tanner Linford & Justin JohnesTanner wins! – Download from iTunes

Last battle of the night is Team Gwen’s Menlik Zergabachew versus Troy Ritchie. They will be singing “Maneater” by Hall & Oates (good song!). She paired them because of their character and uniqueness.

During rehearsals, Gwen wants them to add some adlibs to the song. She wants them to sound a little more tough/dark on the song too.

Alright guys, be prepared for a steal, since they already spoiled that already lol.

I love Hall & Oates, I am not ashamed. Heeeeee. <3

I like Menlik on this! Troy was an early favorite of mine, this song suits his voice well but Menlik might steal his thunder. Oooh listen to that reggae, hell yeah!

Gwen is on her feet for her team! Blake and Pharrell are too!

Adam said it’s so hard to look cool singing that song, but they made it look great. Adam admits he’s a moron for not turning for Troy in the blinds. Blake loves that song, and says it was the best battle of the day. Pharrell says Ethiopia will be very very proud of him. Gwen says Menlik showed his personality tonight.

The winner of this battle is…Troy Ritchie!! – Download From iTunes

Okay, who is stealing Menlik?

There goes Adam and Pharrell!!!

Adam thinks they can do great things together. Pharrell says he will be hurt if he goes with Adam, but will still love him lol.

Menlik chooses Team Pharrell!! Oh god Adam, you are NO match for Pharrell. I am dying of laughter right now lolllll. Awesome!

Here are the teams as of right now:

Team Adam:
Beth Spangler
Matt McAndrew
Damien Lawson
Joe Kirk
Kelli Douglas
Mia Pfirrman
Alessandra Castronovo
Ethan Butler
Chris Jamison
Rebekah Samarin

Team Blake:
Fernanda Bosch
James David Carter
Allison Bray
Taylor Brashears
Reagan James
Kensington Moore
Bree Fondacaro
Tanner Linford
Grant Ganzer

Team Gwen:
Craig Wayne Boyd
Mayra Alvarez
Ryan Sill
Bryana Salaz
Taylor John Williams
Sugar Joans
Jessie Pitts
Troy Ritchie
Anita Antoinette
Gianna Salvato

Team Pharrell:
Brittany Butler
Luke Wade
Elyjuh Rene
Danica Shirey
Jean Kelley
Menlik Zergabachew
Taylor Phelan
Ricky Manning
Blessing Offor
Katriz Trinidad
Toia Jones

Thank you so much for joining me. I will see you next Monday, same bat time, same bat place. Have a good one guys!

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