The Voice Josh Kaufman Stars in Pippin – First Look Photo!

Josh Kaufman - Pippin

Josh Kaufman - Pippin

Josh Kaufman - Pippin

Holy Crap! He’s barely recognizable! Here’s The Voice season 6 winner, Josh Kaufman made over for his lead role in the Broadway musical Pippin!

HANDSOME! And rather dashing, I dare say! He’s ditched the beard, glasses and ubiquitous porkpie hat. A supershort haircut completes the look.

The singer makes his Broadway debut, succeeding current headliner Dean Massey, on November 4 at the Music Box Theatre in New York City.  Check out a full gallery of photos at

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  1. he still looks to old for the part :( But he’ll definitely be great in the songs. I wonder how good his acting will be.

  2. not only did he sound a little like Robin Thicke, now he even looks like him a little

  3. Great Makeover for the part – that will probably read very well past the third row – which is the standard stage test.

  4. He looks completely age appropriate compared to the woman playing the love interest.

  5. I’m trying to imagine him on the Voice looking like this and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

  6. I met Josh last July on The Voice Tour and if I saw him now just randomly walking down the street, I probably wouldn’t recognize him…

  7. Weren’t most of actors playing kids in “Newsies” actually in their 30s? Also, there are adults playing very young schoolchildren in “Madeline.” Josh looks great for PIppin.

  8. When Constantine first got the lead in Rock of Ages it was said he would come off as too old for the kind of part it seemed to be. In fact the guy that they cast in the movie version was 16 years younger than Constantine and Con wasnt hired because of his age. His age didnt stop the Lead Actor Tony nomination that came his way though. Josh will be fine as long as he has the skill..and to land this kind of part I bet he does.

  9. well the show is already a success…i’s been running for awhile now :) The question is really more about how the role changes, if at all, with Josh taking over the part, and how he will be received by the public and the critics.

  10. great look, great here’s hoping he can act. it could open even more doors for him.

  11. He’ll sing well. And he has kind of the Pippin-y look on his face in the promo shots … to me, anyway.

    Anyway, it may not matter if he’s riveting. I remember seeing the DC tryout of Pippin before it went to Broadway, and I barely even noticed John Rubinstein as Pippin. I thought it was a play about The Leading Player, as played by Ben Vereen. Think everybody else in the audience did, too. And I gather that he’s not the only person who’s completely taken over the production in that role. (Geez, I’m old.)

  12. He looks great! I always knew he could sing but now I can picture him in the part.

  13. She’s supposed to look older. It’s part of a joke in the show that she is too old to play the part. Pippin is supposed to be a young prince.

  14. He looks like the love child between Donny Osmond and John Michael Higgins.

  15. He looks great!! And I am sure he will be outstanding! This part really suits him.

  16. For some reason, in my mind, that look kind of suits Pippin. Don’t know why ….

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