The Voice – Battle Rounds Part 4 – Recap and Videos

Live blogging the 4th and final battle round on The Voice!

I was completely at odds with the judges this week. In every instance, I would have chosen the losing contestant.  Well, except the Xenia vs. Sarah battle–I would have sent them both home!

While compiling the Top 16 list, I could not remember half the contestants. Four weeks is too long for these battle rounds. More singing and less reality in each episode would condense the round and make it more interesting. I have a feeling the round will be majorly tweaked before the show comes back this winter.

The live shows begin next Tuesday. Two-hour shows begin at 9/8 et pt.

Adam Levine is first!

Jeff Jenkins vs  Casey Desmond – They sing “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” – Only Adam turned around for red-headed pop singer, Casey. ALL the judges turned around for Jeff, a country singer who performed “God Bless the Broken Road” for his audition.  His mother died a year before. Adam Blackstone helps them rehearse.  Jeff is afraid Casey will send him packing. Adam B. tells Jeff he’s got to unlearn some stuff.  Casey, on the other hand, feels confident she can win. Adam tells Jeff to dial back the vibrato a bit.  Not really on board with Jeff’s hooded tone and heavy vibrato. Casey has a nice, clean tone. I would pick Casey to win this round.  Jeff has a more powerful voice, Casey’s is more pleasing. “Incredible” says Reba about Jeff.  Blake: “Reba said she could not take her eyes off of Jeff, but I couldn’t take my eyes of Casey the whole time.” Cee lo:  Jeff, you blew me away again. I got to give it to Jeff.  Adam:  Casey, you have a tremendous voice…there’s something about….mindblowing about you Jeff. I got to take you Jeff.

Jeff Jenkins wins the Round.

Jeff & Casey prepare for Battle

Jeff & Casey Battle

Blake Shelton is next!

Sarah Oromchi vs. Xenia – They sing “I’ll Stand By You” by the Pretenders. 16 year old Xenia sang “Break Even” for her audition, choosing Blake over Cee Lo. Sarah sang “Imagine”. She’s young too. Reba comes along to help the kids rehearse. Xenia’s strength is her tone, but Sarah can hit the high notes. They are both very shy performers and need pep talks from Blake and Reba. When Blake tells Xenia she’s a great singer, she begins to cry. That’s not a good sign. In fact, they are both tentative, obviously nervous and off key. I’d send them both home based on this performance. Christina: Xenia cool tone to your voice, I felt you had more confidence Sarah, but your voice was shaky. Cee lo: I was equally impressed with both of you. Adam: Pitchy, nerves flying around, not the right song for you. Blake: Picks Xenia. By default, probably. She sucked, but she was slightly more interesting than Sarah.

Xenia wins the Round

Xenia & Sarah prepare for Battle

Xenia & Sara Battle

Christina is next!

Cherie Oakley vs Lilly Elise – They sing “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson – Christina picked the song because it had some tough notes to his, and is a pop song–out of both of the contestants’ comfort zones. Cherie sang “Gunpowder and Lead” for her audition, Lilly sang “If I Ain’t Got You.” Sia arrives at rehearsal to help the duo. Wow. Lilly screeches out an off-key line, and Christina tells her that she nailed it. Uhm. Christina…put the girls away! Ha. Christina is impressed by Cherie’s confidence. I like the country singer better. She’s got confidence, good phrasing SHE’S HITTING THE NOTES. Can’t really say that for Lilly. Adam: You guys were fantastic. Reba: I can’t believe Cherie…you sent a song to me…the song “Turn on the Radio went #1. Congratulations.” Cherie co-wrote Reba’s hit song, and THEY ARE JUST MEETING NOW! Cee lo: Lilly, I thought you had a lot of attitude under pressure which is an accomplishment, but Cherie, you had a lot of control while under pressure which is an even greater feature to accomplish. Sia: Lilly that high note you hit was pretty spectacular. Christina picks Lilly. I’m not surprised, she went for all the big notes.

Lilly Elise wins the round.

Cherie & Lilly prepare for Battle

Cherie & Lilly Battle

Cee Lo is next!

Curtis Grimes vs Emily Valentine (former Idol contestant!) They’ll sing “I Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum – Emily and Curtis have become very good friends. Emily says she’s got a little crush on Curtis, while Curtis appears to want no part of her. I smell some reality show scripting! Curtis is a cute country cowboy. Emily is a tattooed pop singer. Think the pick favors Curtis just an eensy weensy bit? Curtis gave up baseball when he got engaged–it ruined his professional baseball career.  He performed Blake’s song “Hillbilly Bone”  for his audition. (Blake didn’t turn around). Emily sang “Sober” and chose Cee Lo over Blake. Emily says she’s going to have to step up hardcore to beat the country boy at his own game. Cee lo tells the duo they have to really play the character in the song. They are both solid in different ways. She belts the song convincingly, but he’s got a nice deep tone. I’d pick Emily. She’s impressive. Ohhhh BIG KISS AT THE END! Also scripted, I’m sure. Blake: Cee lo probably told you all to duet not DO IT! Adam: You have a distinct voice, he tells Curtis. Christina: You were a little shaky in your vocal performance: Monica can’t choose. Cee Lo: Emily is out of her comfort zone, Curtis is in his lane but…he gives it to Curtis.

Curtis Grimes wins the round

Curtis & Emily Prepare for Battle

Curtis & Emily Battle

The Teams:

Christina Augilera

Frenchie Davis
Beverly McClellan
Raquel Castro
Lilly Elise

Cee Lo Green

Vicci Martinez
Tori & Taylor
Curtis Grimes

Adam Levine

Casey Weston
Devon Barley
Javier Colon
Jeff Jenkins

Blake Shelton

Patrick Thomas
Jared Blake
Dia Frampton

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